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Knox, Jas, W. writer, 22 Hatnilt.
drive, off St. James' st
Knox, John, 14 Billhead gardens
Kqox, Thos. 20 Gt. George st
Knox, Robt, jun. (of Rainey,Knos,
& Co.), ho. 14 Belhaven ter
Kummer, Mrs. Von, 5 West Bank
Laidlaw, David (of R. Laidlaw &
Son), Richmond house, Dowan-
hill gardens
Laird, John, upholsterer, cabinet,
and Venetian blind maker, 9
Bothwell pi
Lamb, Geo. 2 St. James' st
Lamont, C. 7 Rosslyn ter
Lamond, Henry, 69 Hamilton
drive, off St. James' st
Lamond, Robt. P. 6 Rosslyn ter
Lamond, Mrs. 1 Ashton ter
Lancaster, George, 7 Ashton ter
Landles, James, church officer,
Kelvinside Free Church
Lang, Robt. tailor and clothier,
1 Buckingham buildings
Lang, Stewart, A. 1 St. James' st
Lang, Louisa Mary, 1 St James' st
Langlands, John, 3 Hamilton dr.
Langlands, Mrs. Edward, 2 View-
field ter
Langlands, Misses, Ladies' Day
and Boarding School, 8 St.
James' st
Launhlen, Andrew, 1 Victoria ter.
Laughlen, Robt. 27 Hamilton dr
Lauchlan, Robt. ironmonger, tin-
smith, and gasfitter, 10 Ash-
field ter.; ho. 14 do.
Laurie, Rev. Thos. M. 4 Ashton
ter. Dowanhill
Law, Robt. 13 Belmont ores
Lecky, F. B. merchant, 10 S.
Park ter
Leipmann, Gustav (of Leipmann,
Lehmann, & Co.), 5 Grosv. ter
Leisk, David D. 15 Belmont ores
Leisk, Robert, 21 Oakfield ter
Leitcb, James, 21 Oakfield ter
Lietke, J. 0. 4 Janefield ter
Lochhead, Wm. 7 Belmont cres
Logan, Robert H. 5 Bothwell ter
Logan, Mrs. David, 5 Bothwell ter.
Low, David P. 13 Bothwell ter
Lucas, Wra. writer, 13 Hamilton
drive, oflf St. James' st
Lyall, Wm. green grocer, 54 Ha-
milton pi
Lyon, Mrs. George, 3 Oakvale,
Gibson st
Macallister, Alex, fishmonger, 50
Hamilton pi.; ho. 2 S. Portland
St. Glasgow
M'Arthur,Angus,12 St. James' ter
M'Arthur, D. 12 St. James' ter
M 'Arthur, Jas. 2 St. John's ter
M'Arthur, Mrs. 2 St. John's ter
Macarthur, James R. 16 St. James'
M'Arthur, John, wright, Bloom-
field ; ho. Gt. George st.
M'Aslan, Wm. teller, City of
Glasgow Bank; ho. 66 Hamil-
ton pi
M'Aulay, John, 35 Ashfield ter
MacBrayne, Miss, St. Bernard's pi
MacCall, James, 6 St. John's ter
M'Callum, Mungo, 10 Victoria cr
M'Caw, W. J. 5 Bloomfield pi
M'Caw, Mrs. 5 Bloomfield pi
M'Clelland, Andrew S. 10 Bel-
mont cres
M'Clelland, Mrs. James, 10 Bel-
mont cres
Maconechy, Robt. 20 Eton pi
M'Cormick, A. G. 46 St. James' st
M'Cowan, Mrs. H. 1 Hillhead gar
M'Culloch, Andw. 3 St. James' pi
MacCulloch, W. M'G. 4 Bucking-
ham st
M'Donald, Dr. J. 7 Nelson ter
M'Donald, D. (of D. & J. M'Don-
ald), 7 Nelson ter
M'Donald, Daniel, letter carrier,
Post Office
M'Donald, Malcolm, 14 Granby
ter. Hillbead street
M'Ewan, Rev. David, of John
Street U.P. Church, 7 Hamilton
drive, off St. James' st
M'Ewan, Jas. Thorncliffe, Dowan-
hill gardens
M'Farlane, Robt. R. 1 Sardinia pi.
Cecil st
Macfie, Arch. 9 West Bank ter
M'Geoch, A. J. 6 Albion st
MacGibbon, Miss, 15 Bothwell pi
M'Gill, J. W. 16 Hamilton drive,
off St. James' st
M'Gregor, Walker James, 4 Great
Western ter
M'Grouther, Miss, 1 Bloomfield pi
M'Haffie, Geo. G, 12 Crown cir
M'Haffie, Mrs. 12 Crown cir
M'Innes, Hugh, 3 Bothwell pi
M'Intyre, A. C. Kildowan, Dow-
M'lutyre, Peter, Kildowan, Dow-
Mackay, Rev. J. M.A. College
Parish, 1 Granby ter. Hillhd, st
M'Kay, John, jun. 12 Nelson ter
Mackay, Robt. 53 Hamilton drive,
off St. James' st
Mackay, Miss, 10 Belgrave ter
M'Kechnie, Robt. 43 Hamilton
drive, off St. James' st
M'Kellar, Robert, 6 Buckingham
M'Kenzie, Alex. 8 Belhaven ter
Mackenzie, J. F. C. (Capt. Koyal
Navy), 12 Hillhead gardens
M'Kenzie, Mrs. 1 Oakfield ter
M'Kenzie, Mrs. 11 Westbank ter
Mackie, Wm. 2 St. James' pi
Mackiliop, Jn. (of Jn. Mackillop &
Co.), 15 Buckingham ter
il'Kinlay, David, 6 G. Western ter
Mackinlay, Mrs. Wm. St. Bern, pi
M'Laren, John, 5 Belhaven ter
Maclae, A. Crura, 20 St. James' st
Maclean, A. H. 13 Grosvenor ter
Maclean, Donald, 10 Belgrave ter
Maclean, Thomas, 4 Westbourne
gardens, Cecil st
Maclean, Mrs. A. 1 Sardinia pi
M'Lean, Mrs. Archd. 1 Sardinia
terrace, Cecil st
Maclehose, Jas. 18 Victoria cres
MacLeish, John Meiklem, 10 Ham-
ilton drive, off St. James' st
M'Lelland, John, 2 Hillhead pi
M'Leod, D. Brodie, 3 St. James' st
M'Leod, F. H. 15 Belhaven ter
MacLure, Alex. 5 Janefield ter
Maclure, David, 6 Florentine ter
Macmillan, Rev. Hugh, LL.D. (of
Free St. Peter's;, house, 80 St.
James' street
Macnair, J. S. 2 Bloomfield pi
M'Naughton, P. 3 Belhaven ter
M'Pherson, John, joiner, Wilson
st. ; ho. 2 Otago st
M'Roberts, Joseph, letter-carrier,
North Park cottage
Mactaggart, R. W. 23 Ashton ter
Magan, Mrs. 11 Bothwell pi
JIarshall, James, 1 Granby ter
Marshall, John (of Chapelton), 63
Hamilton drive, off St. James' st
Marshall, M. 5 West Bank ter
Marshall, Wm. jun. 1 Sardinia pi
Martin, H. 4 Prince's ter. Dowan.
Martin, Wm. (of Wm. Martin &
Co.), 12 Sardinia ter. Cecil st
MathesoD, Angus, 7 Granby ter
Mathie, Wm. 15 South Park ter
Mathieson, John A. merchant, 25
Sardinia ter. Cecil st
Mathieson, Thomas A. 3 Gros-
venor ter
Maxton, John, writer, 6 Belgrave
Maxwell, And. 8 St. James' ter
Maxwell, Henry, 4 Kew ter.
Maxwell, Mrs. I5arbara, 1 Both-
well terrace
Maxwell, Mrs. 8 St. James' ter
Meikle, Wm. Dowanhill gardens
Meikleham, Wm. 6 St. James' ter
Meio, Alex. 12 Buckingham ter
Mein, Alex. jun. 12 Bucking-
ham terrace
Melville, Rev. Andrew (of Free St.
Enoch's), 6 Janefield ter
Melville, Mrs. R. H. 1^ Kelvin ter
Mellish, Andrew, 18 Wilson st
Merrylees, James, St. Bernard's pi
Merrylees, John, jun. St. Ber-
nard's pi
Merrylees, Mrs. John
Miller, Alex. 14 Oakfield ter
Miller, Gavin, 10 Wmdsor ter-
race, west
Miller, George, 14 Oakfield ter
Miller, J. fruiterer, 45 Bothwell
pi. ; house, 43 do.

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