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Urquhart Brothers, merchants, 29 St. Vincent pi.
Urquhart, Henry R., accountant and house factor,
5 Dunrobin place, Paisley road ; house, do.
Urquhart, John (of George C. Dick & Co.), house,
11 Winton terrace, Victoria road.
Urquhart, Robert (of Urquhart Brothers), house, 54
St. Vincent crescent.
Urquhart, William (of Urquhart Brothers), house,
15 Woodlands terrace.
USHER, Andrew, & Co., distillers and rectifiers,
Edinburgh ; agent, Duncan Walker, 48 North
Hanover street.
Usher, James & Thomas, brewers, Park Brewery,
Edinburgh; Jas. Menzies, 28, 32 Miller st., agent.
USHEKWOOD, John, spirit dealer and grocer, 441
Garscube road.
USMAK, George S. (at Johnston, Watt, & Co.'s),
house, 9 Hamilton terrace, Partick.
Val de Travers Paving Co. (Limited), Scottish
works, Firhill road, Sprinobank; office, 88 Hope
street, James Elder, C.E., manager.
Vale of Clyde Lodge of Oddfellows', Oddfellows'
Hall. 175 Buchanan street.
Valencia Steam Packet OiBce; Handyside & Hen-
derson, agents, 47 Union street.
Valencia Steam Packet OiBce; J. & P. Hutchison,
69 Great Clyde street.
Valencia Steam Packet Office; Burrell & M'Laren,
141 Buchanan street.
VALLANCE, Alexander, beamer, 12 James' street,
Calton ; house, 24 Stevenson street.
Vallance, Alexander (of Vallance & Co.), residence,
Battlefield, Langside.
Vallance, Alexander (of Vallance & Co., 77 Green
street), house, 24 Stevenson street.
Vallance & Co., shawl manufacturers and printers,
Queen court, 62 Queen street.
Vallance & Co., money loan office, 77 Green street,
Vallance, Mrs. Wm., midwife, 63 Stevenson street.
Van, Hoytema, & Co., Geneva distillers, Culem-
burg ; agents, Wyllie & Campbell, 80 Gordon st.
Van, Mrs., house factor, 80 Bridgegate.
VANNAN, A. & R., tea, wine, and spirit merchants,
75 Argyle street.
Vannan, J. & A., distillers from malt only, Bo'ness;
John Garven & Co., 84 Oswald street, agents.
Vannan, Robert (of A. & R. Vannan), house, 135
Wellington street.
Vakna Steam Packets, 30 Jamaica street.
VASSALLO, Luigi (of Stuparich, VassaDo, & Co.),
shipbroker and agent for Italian Register, 83
Jamaica street ; house, 7 Eldon street, Greenock.
VAUGHAN, Thomas, iron master, Middlesbro'-on-
Tees ; Armstrong, Muller, & Co., agents, 3 Royal
Exchange court.
Vadxhall Distillery, Liverpool ; ofiice, 4 Muir-
head street.
VEGAS, Joae J. de v., wine shipper, Cadiz; Wright
& Muir, agents, 46 and 48 Bath street.
VEITCH, Ales., cattle saleman, 221 Gallowgate.
Veitch, Alexander (of Veitch, Bolden, & Co), house,
Brownsdale, Rutlierglen.
Veitch, Bolden, & Co., ham curers, butter and cheese
merchants, Campbell arcade, 74 Trongate and 34
Veitch, James, clerk. Pension Office, 2nd Glasgow
District, Barracks, Gallowgate; ho. 10 Newhallter.
Veitch, James (of Glen, Veitch, & Co.), house, 321
Eglinton street.
Veitch, John, M.A., professor of logic, the College,
and Loanside lodge, Peebles.
Veitch, J. D., commercial traveller (C. Tennant &
Co., St. Rollox), house, East Kilbride.
Veitch & Spence, fleshers, 57, 59 Bell street; house,
194 Gallowgate.
Veitch, Mrs. J. W., milliner and straw hat maker,
4 St. Ann's place, Duke street.
Veneer Saw Mills, J. & A. Stewart, 35 Washing-
ton street.
Venice Steam Packet Office; Handyside & Hen-
derson, agents, 47 Union street.
VEREL, William, A. (at Tharsis Sulphur & Copper
Co. (Limited), 136 \Vest George street), house, the
Linn, Cathcart.
VERHAGAN, Rev. Martin, R.C. priest, St. Francis'
Church, Cumberland street, south.
VERKADE, E. G., oil rtflner, Zaandam ; agents,
Remmers & Meldruni, Corn Exchange place, 19
Waterloo street.
ViGE-Consulate of the Republic of New Granada, 62
Robertson street ; M. M'Leod.
VIGKERS, Joseph John, & Co., distillers and wine
importers, Victoria Street Distillery, Westminster,
London, S.W. ; agent for Scotland, Thos. M. Hen-
derson, 6 Dixon street.
Vickers, Sons, & Co., crucible steel manufacturers,
Sheffield; D. L. Gibson, agent, Royal Exchange
Victoria Assembly Rooms, 335 Buchanan street;
J. B. M'Ewan, dancing master.
Victoria Carrying Company, contractors, 11 Oswald
street ; stables, 269 Hope street.
Victoria Free Church, top of Eglinton street; Rev.-
A. Gumming, 40 Elmbank crescent.
Victoria Foundrj', Canal Bank, Old Basin ; G. B.
Victoria Hotel, 15 West George street; Jas. Steel.
Victoria Park Feuing Co. (Limited), 116 St. Vincent
street; A. Carrick Robertson, secretary.
Victoria Patent Saw Mills Co, veneer and board
cutting; saw mills, 103 St. James' road.
Victoria Saw Mills, James street, Port-Dundas ;
Archibald Brownlie & Son.
Victoria Street Foundry, Port-Eglinton ; Findlay
& David.son.
Victoria Temperance Hotel, Mrs. John Squires, pro-
prietres?, 235 Buchanan street.
Victoria Works, 16 Buchan street.
ViEiLLE Montague Zinc Company; Thomas B.
Campbell & Sons, 29 Wellington street, agents.
VIRTUE & Co., publishers, 67 Buchanan street;
Walter Watson, agent.
Virtue, John (of Virtue, M'Callum, & Ramsay), ho.
57 St, Vincent crescent.
Virtue, M'Callum, & Ramsay, hat and cap manu-
facturers, 76 Howard street.
Virtue, M'Callum, & Ramsay, Scotch bonnet manu-
facturers, 76 West Howard street.
VIVIAN & Sons, copper smelters, 88 Ingram st.
Vivian & Sons, chemical manufacturers, Hafod
Phosphate Works, Swansea; William Simpson,
agent, 170 Hope street.
VOGHT, A., watch and clock maker and jeweller,
282 Argyle street ; house, 315 do.

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