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Spence, Thomas, & Son, live stock agents, 194
Spence, Walter, confectioner, 104 Main street, An-
derston ; house, 1 Hope street, Anderston.
Spence, William, grocer and provision merchant,
125 Shamrock street ; house, 8 Gardner street.
Spence, William, I. A., architect, 52 Renfield street;
residence, Ardlui, Helensburgh.
Spence, Wm. Blair (of Thos. Spence & Son), house,
12 Monteith row.
Spence, William, ironmonger, 65 Trongate ; house,
8 Osborn terrace, Govan.
Spence, William, greengrocer, 57 Albert street.
Spence, William, stationer and tobacconist, 4-1 West
Milton street.
SPENCELEY, H. E., sorting clerk, G.P.O. ; house,
140 Annfield street.
SPENCER, Andrew, coalmaster, 13 Dixon street;
Shawsburn, Auidton, and Ashgill collieries, Lark-
hall; house, Millburn house by Carluke.
Spencer, Andrew, Shawsburn Oil Works, Larkhall ;
office, 13 Dixon street.
Spencer, Henrj', clothier and hosier, 284 Buchanan
street ; house, 148 West Nile street.
Spencer, James, ironmonger, 34 London street;
residence, Victoria place, Airdrie.
Spencer, James, stevedore, 14 Springfield place;
house, 492 Paisley road.
Spencer, John, & Sons, Newburn Steel Works,
Newcastle-on-Tyne ; agents, Hendry Brothers, 8
Dixon street.
Spencer, John, merchant, 44 Bath street, and Mon-
treal ; house, 2 Eosslyn terrace, Victoria park.
Spencer, William, ironmonger, 34 London street;
residence, Ascog, Bute.
SPENS, John A. (of Maclay, Murray, & Spens),
writer; house, 3 Granby terrace.
Spens, Nathaniel, C.A. (of A. H. & J. Graharae &
Spens), house, 3 Granby terrace.
SPINK, Alexander, commission agent, 23 St. Enoch
square ; house, Edinburgh.
SPITTAL, Andrew, & Sons, clothiers and hatters,
40 Union street.
Spittal, James, clothier, 7 Royal Exchange square;
house, 3 Scotia street.
Spittal, Mrs. James, grocer and provision merchant,
43 Findlay street; house, 27 do.
SPITZHITEL, Julius (of Stuparich, Vassallo, &
Co.), house, 61 St. James' street, Kingston.
SPOOR, Misses, teachers, Grove college, 40 Kelvin-
grove street.
SPOTTEN, Wm., & Co., linen manufacturers, 118
Queen street ; warehouse, Belfast.
SPREULL, James, 182 Trongate.
Spreull, Miss, 268 Bath street.
Speingbank Chemical Co., manufacturing chemists;
works, Belllield, Kirkintilloch. Place of call, 77
Hutcheson street.
Springbank Smithy Coal Co., 1 St. Eollox depot.
SPROTT, Eev. Wm., Queen's Park Church; house,
1 Queen Mary's terrace, Queen's park.
SPRODLE, Andrew, grocer and provision merchant,
235 Gallowgate; house, 79 Great Hamilton st.
Sproul, James, spirit merchant, 88 Main street.
Sproull, James, draper, 75 Glebe street.
Sproul & Marshall, plumbers and lead-burners, 33
Hutcheson street.
Sproul, M. (of Sprcul & Marshall), house, 48 Dundas
street, s.s.
SPRUNT, Thomas, &Co., muslin manufacturers, 45
Cochran street and 17 John street.
SQUIRES, Mrs. John, Victoria Temperance Hotel,
235 Buchanan street.
Staffordshire Bolt, Nut, and Fencing Co. (Li-
mited), 160 Buchanan st.; D. S. MacGibbon, agt.
Staffordshire Fire Office, Robert Muir, manager, 43
West Nile street ; house, 6 Prince Edward street.
STALKER, A. B., 12 Dixon street.
Stalker, Isaac, wine and spirit merchant, 350 St.
Vincent street, 103 North street; house, 352 St.
Vincent street.
Stalker, Robert, bookseller, stationer, and book-
binder, 9 West George street and 48 Cowcaddens;
house, 79 Scott street, Garnethill.
Stalker, Misses, millinery and dressmaking, 109
Dumbarton road.
STAMM, Mrs P., midwife and ladies' nurse, 86 Ren-
frew street.
Stamp Office, 13 Queen street.
STANDEN, Thomas, agent for H. H. & S. Budgett
& Co., London, fruit and tea dealer, 23 St. Enoch
Standard Life Assurance Co, Board of Directors
in Glasgow — Sir James Campbell of Stracathro,
chairman; Wm. Davie, Esq., merchant; James
Koberton, Esq., LL.D., professor of Conveyancing
in the University of Glasgow ; Jas. Kichard Mac-
Arthur, Esq., merchant, 41 West George street;
John Harvey, Esq., distiller, of Messrs. J. & R.
Harvey & Co., Dundas Hill Distillery; Archibald
Robertson, Esq., Royal Bank of Scotland, Glas-
gow; Jas. Aitken, jun., Esq., shipbuilder. Agent
and secretary to the board, Alex. Sloan, C.A.,
106 St. Vincent street.
Agents in Glasgow —
L. & R. H. Robertson, 58 St. Vincent street.
A. Waddel, Royal Bk., 44 Canning st. Calton.
W. Denham, Roy. Bk. Branch, 130 Cowcaddens.
Henry Dallachy, Royal Bank, 27 Crown street.
Jas, Hamilton, Royal Bank, 105 Eglinton st.
James Waddel, Royal Bank, 419 Gallowgate.
Robert Strang, stockbroker, 83 St. George's pi.
Galbraith & Macpherson, writers, 116 St. Vin-
cent street.
Miller & Keyden, accountants and stockbrokers,
98 West George street.
John Miller, accountant, 71 Queen street.
H. Wyse, Royal Bk., 107 Castle St., St. Rollos.
Robt. M'Gowan, writer, 63 St. Vincent street.
John Laing, house agent, 66 So. Portland St.,
R. H. Fraser, stockbroker, 110 Buchanan st.
Francis G. Dougall, Clydesdale Bank, Canning
street, Bridgeten.
Matthew T. Thomson, 300 Bath street.
William Hume, Royal Bank, Partick.
T. J. Smiilie, writer, 156 St.Vincent street.
J. Graham, City of Glasgow Bank, 66 Trongate.
John N. Parker, Roj'al Bank, 104 Trongate.
D. G. Hoey, accountant, 119 St.Vincent street.
Standard Marine Insurance Co. (Limited) of Liver-
pool, 23 Exchange square ; R. S. Cree, agent.
STANFORD, Edward C. C, manager, British Sea
Weed Co. (Limited), and Nitro Carbon Co.
(Limited), 154 West Regent street; house, Ediu-
barnet, near Duntocher.
Stanrigg Oil Co., Airdrie; office, 65 Jamaica st. ;
William Black & Son.

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