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Paton, James, commercial traveller, 24 Dunlop st. ;
house, 158 Hospital street.
Paton, James, provision merchant, 328 High street;
house, 326 do.
Paton, James R., merchant (of Sclanders & Paton),
residence, Gaylield, Queen's drive, Crosshill.
Paton, James, ham-curer and wholesale provision
merchant, 130 Sauchiehall street; ho 1 Hill st.
Paton, John P., marine insurance broker, Royal
Exchange builds. ; ho. 2 Billhead <:ard.. Billhead.
Paton, John, wholesale stationer, 43 Candleriggs ;
house, 11 Hill street, Garnethill.
Paton, John, druggist, 19 Stevenson street; house,
130 Great Hamilton street.
Paton, John, cork manufacturer, 87 Stockwell st.
PatoD, John, tobacconist and c'gar merchant, 57
London street ; house, 133 Hospital street.
Paton, John, dairymar;, 5 Duke street; house, 10
Duke street.
Paton, John (at D. Cowan & Co.'s, 54 Brcomielaw),
house, 74 Eglinton street.
Paton, John, eating house, 83 Saltmarket.
Paton, John, & Co., engineers, valuators, and com-
mission merchants, 20 Dixon street.
Paton, J. & D., & Co., woollen manufacturers, Tilli-
coultr}', and 69 St. Vincent street.
Paton, Mathew, jun. (at John Elder & Co.'s, 12
Centre street), house, 34 Dundas street, city.
Paton & Moultrie, oil clothing manufacturers, 21
Argyle street.
Paton, Robert, bootmaker, 12 Plantation buildings,
Paisley road.
Paton, liobt., measurer (at H. Herbertson's, 154 St.
Vincent street), house, 14 Gardner street.
Paton, Robert, & Co., lard, oil, tallow, and waste
merchants, 91, 93, 95 Clyde street, Auderston;
house, 190 Bellfield street.
Paton, Robert, potato merchant. Queen street goods
station ; house, 6 Morrison street.
Paton, Robert (manager to Sutton & Co., carriers,
87 Mitchell street), house, 95 St. George's road.
Paton, Robert, 70 Canning street, Calton.
Paton, Robt. P., clerk (at Anderson & Henderson's),
house, 46 Shamrock street.
Paton, Robert, tea dealer and tobacconist, 422 Par-
liamentary road ; house, do.
Paton, Robert T., M.D., surgeon, 193 Upper Main
street, Gorbuls ; house, 35 Abbotsford place.
Paton, Rev. Robert, D.D., minister of St. David's
Parish, 6 Newton place.
Faton, Robert, commission agent for paper mills and
cotton, 16 8. Hanover St.; ho. 74 Eglinton st.
Paton, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 87 In-
gram street; house, 31 M'Aslin street.
Paton, Thomas W., surgeon, M.D., 10| Eglinton
street ; house, 35 Abbotsford place.
Paton, William, tea merchant and commission agent,
80 South Portland street.
Paton, William, Roj'al Albert Hotel and Restaurant,
63 and 65 Wilson street.
Paton, W. & J., hosiers, glovers, shirtmakers, and
ladies' outfitters, 133 Buchanan street.
Paton, William (of W. & J. Paton), house. Queen's
drive, Crosshill,
Paton, Miss Agnes, brush and wooden dish shop, 21
High street.
Paton, Miss Jane, hair cutter, 181 Trongate.
Paton, Christina, dressmaker, 51 West Campbell st.
Paton, Christina, dairy, 28 Taylor street.
PATRICK, Alexander (of H. J. H. King & Co.),
house, 8 Walmer crescent.
Patrick, D., hatter, 73 Trongate ; house, 5 Allanton
terrace, Crosshill.
Patrick, George (at Jas. Couper's, 53 Candleriggs),
house, 84 Great Hamilton street.
Patrick, James, 65 St. Vincent crescent.
Patrick, John, clothier and draper, 5 Charlotte st.
Patrick, John, tailor and clothier, 44 Hutcheson st.
Patrick, John Gibson, wholesale wine and spirit
merchant, 228, 297, and 299 Hope street ; house,
Swiss villa, PoUokshields.
Patrick, Joseph (of Alexander Kay & Co., Royal
Exchange ijuildings), insurance broker.
Patrick, William, M.D., surgeon; consulting rooms,
148 New Dalmarnock rd. ; ho. 143 Greenheadst.
Patrick, William, wholesale and retail warehouseman,
18 Clyde terrace; house, Rhoda villa, Ibrox pk.
Patrick, Miss J., teacher of music, 7 Walworth ter.
Patrick, Miss Jane, teacher, St. John's Female
School, 13 Young street.
Patrick, Miss, teacher of drawing and painting.
School of Art, and Baldane Academy, Corporation
buildings ; house, 7 Walworth terrace.
PATTINSON, B. L., & Co., Felling Chemical
Works, Newcastle-on-Tyne ; 4 West Regent st.,
B. & JI. Galloway, agents.
PATTISON, Alexander, writer (of Morrisons &
Anderson, 115 St. Vincent St.), ho, 10 Corunna St.
Pattison, James (of J. Pattison & Co.), house, 1
Park quadrant.
Pattison, James, agent for Liverpool, London, and
Globe Insurance Co., 137 West George street.
Pattison, J., & Co., drysalters and commission mer-
chants, 137 West George street.
Pattison, John, remnant merchant, 43, 45, and 47
South Albion street; house, 41 do.
Pattison, Walter G., agent in Scotland for the fol-
lowing houses: Joseph Crosfield & Sons, soap
makers, Warrington; Bills & Underwood, vinegar
makers, &c., London and Norwich; James Dole
(late Lewis & Dole), bacon curer, Laurence hill,
Bristol; Marshall & Co. (Limited), chemical
light manufacturers, Aberdeen, for east and weso
of Scotland.
Pattison, Walter G., commission agent and mer-
chant, 44 Hutcheson street.
Pattison, Mrs., milliner, 134 South Portland street:
house, 132 do.
PAUL, Alexander-, & Co , manufacturers, 14 George
square; weaving factories, Crownpoint, and Fielden
street. Mile end ; goods entrance, 144 Queen's st.
Paul, Alex, (of A. Paul & Co.), ho. 14 Grosvenor
terrace, Gieat Western road.
Paul, Andrew, writer, 107 West Regent street; ho.
637 Duke street.
Paul, Daniel, commissioner for Scotland to adminis-
ter oaths in English Courts of Chancery, Probate,
and Bankruptcy in England, 20 Buchanan street.
Paul, Daniel, stock and sharebroker, 20 Buchanan st.
Paul, Daniel, house factor, 64 Eglinton street; ho.
9 Caledonia road. The most certain hours to see
Mr. Paul in his office are lO a.m. and 2.30 p.m.
Paul, Dugald (at Crawhall & Campbell's), house, 24
M'Leau street. Plantation.
Paul, James (of John Innes Wright & Co., 115 St.
Vincent street), house, 6 Park quadrant.
Paul, James (at John Glenn's, 15 Cochran street),
house, 79 Naburn street.

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