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-Moir, John M., lieutenant of police. Central Police
chambers; house, 141 Dumbarton road.
Moir, John, commercial traveller, 15 Rose street,
Moir, John, wine and spirit merchant, 54 George st.
Moir, Peter (at Walter Crum & Co.'s), 1 Dowanvale
terrace, Partick.
Moir, P. M., agent, 83 Jamaica street ; ho. Lenzie
iloir, R. & J., plane makers, .53 Stockwell street.
3Ioir, Thomas, registrar of the University ; house,
13 Rupert street.
Moir, Mrs. G., 143 St. George's road ; house, 48
Dundas st.
MOLLISON, G. B., Caledonian Railway Co., 3
Germiston street; house, 19 Ronald street.
MoUison, George, cattle salesman, 510 Gallowgate.
Mollison, John, merchant, 69 St. Vincent street;
house, 5 Rosslyn terrace, Victoria park.
Mollison, William, sen., dyer, 70 Queen street; ho.
5 Windsor street.
Mollison, William, jun., dyer, 70 Queen street; ho.
7 Wcstbank terrace, Billhead.
Mollison, Miss, dressmaker, 300 Garsoube road.
MOLONEY, Thomas, dealer in second hand clothes,
5 West Milton street; house, 1 do.
MONAGIT, Misses J. & A., milliners, 32 Kent st. ;
house, 9 Suffolk street.
MONAGHAN, Patrick, boot and shoemaker, 7
South Mungo street ; house, 9 do.
Monaghan, William, boot and shoe maker, 15 Char-
lotte street; house, 17 do.
MONAIR, James, umbrella maker, 120 St. George's
road; house, 406 New City road.
MONCRIEFF, James, foreign produce broker and
drysalter, 42 Bath street ; house, Erskine villa,
Partick hill.
Moncriefi", Paterson, Forbes, & Barr, writers, 45
West George street.
MONCUR, John, wood turner, 23, 25 Soho street ;
house, 9 Bellgrove street.
MONEY, John C, factor, 64 Bothwell street;
house, 140 Mains street.
Money, John, mason and oven builder, 64 Bothwell
street; house, 140 Mains street.
Money, William, produce broker, 19 Waterloo st. ;
house, 8 Derby terrace.
MoNKLAND Iron and Steel Co. ; ironworks, near
Airdrie. Letters to be left at M'Clelland, M'Kin-
non, & Blyth's, 140 St. Vincent street.
Monkland Iron and Steel Co.'s Trustees, manu-
facturers of pig and malleable iron, 140 St. Vin-
cent street.
Monkland Oil and Coal Go. (Limited), 11 Union st.
MONNEY, Thomas, spirit merchant, 64 Kirk St.,
Calton ; house, 66 do.
MONRO, James G., writer. Corporation Gas Office,
42 Virginia street ; house, 235 Gt. Western road.
Monro, James M., architect, 33 Bath street , house,
196 St. George's road.
MONTAGUE, Thos,, clerk (at W. & M. Paterson's,
Hopetoun place, Stirling rd.), ho. 128 Stirling rd.
Monte Videan or Uruguayan consulate, 160 Bu-
chanan street ; Graham Gilmour, consul ; house,
4 St. .James' terrace.
Monte Video Steamship office; Langlands & Wil-
son, 88 Great Clyde street.
Monte Video Steamship office, Donaldson Brothers,
agents, 67 Great Clyde street.
Monte Video and Buenos Ayres Steamship office, 70
Great Clyde street ; J. & A. Allan, agents.
MONTEITH, Adam, & Earston, writers, 69 St.
Vincent street.
Monteith, Alexander, general draper and outfitter, 2
and 4 Main street and James street, Bridgeton :;
house, do.
Monteith, Andrew, contractor, 187 and 189 New
Dalmarnock road; house, 187 do.
Monteith, Cunninghame, writer, 161 Hope street.
Monteith, Henry, & Co., Turkey red dyers and calico-
printers ; works, at Blantyre and Barrowfield ;
warehouse, 11 George square and 134 Queen st.
Monteith, James (Wilson & Mathiesbn's), house,
6 Allanton terrace. Crossbill.
Monteith, James, coachbuilder (at J. Buchanan &
Co.'s), house, 54 William street, Anderston.
Monteith, J., wine merchant, 387 Argyle street;
house, 391 do.
Monteith & Mitchell, manufacturers, 40 Miller st. ,■
store, 48 Green street, Calton.
Monteith, Peter, auctioneer & valuator, 8 Rentield
Monteith, Robert (at Thomas G. Hill & Co.'s), 26
Renfield street.
Monteith, Rev. Robert Knox, of Hutchesontowri
Established Church, 94 Hospital street ; house, 21
Abbotsford place.
Monteith, Robert, 391 Argyle street.
Monteith, William (of Monteith & Mitchell, manu-
facturers, 40 Miller street), house, 338 Duke st-
Monteith, Mrs., draper, 50 Green street, Calton; ho.
290 Duke street.
MONTFORT, F. R., B.A., English, French, classical,
mathematical, and commercial academy (Estab-
lished 1855), Blythswood Academy, 423 St.
Vincent street.
Montfort, Francis R., B.A., professor of languages,
principal of Blythswood Academy, 423 St. Vin-
cent street.
Montfort, Mrs., professor of pianoforte and singing,
423 St. Vincent street.
MONTGOMERY, Alex., grocer and provision mer-
chant, 60 King street, Calton, and 27 Wesleyan
street; house, 3 do.
Montgomerie, Arch., LL.D., teacher of English and
mathematics, of the Glasgow Ladies' College; ho.
49 Great Western road.
Montgomery, Daniel (of Montgomery & Turnbull),
house. Excelsior cottage, Cambuslang.
Montgomery, Dan., cork manufacturer, 41 Adelphi
street; house, 20 South Apsley place.
Montgomery, David (at James Huie & Co., 39
Cavendish street), house, 331 S. Wellington st.
Montgomery & Flemings, writers, 158 St. Vincent st.
Montgomery & Gilchrist, brickmakers,NewlandsfieId,,
London road.
Montgomery, Hugh (of Montgomery & Gilchrist),
house, 70 Fordneuk street.
Montgomery, Hugh, wine and spirit merchant, 2G
Bedford street; house, 102 Hospital street.
Montgomery, James, bootmaker, 95 North street.
Montgomerie, James D. (at A. & W. Smith & Co.'s),
house, 9 Gloucester street. Park grove.
Montgomery, John (of John Montgomery & Co.),
house, 92 Bath street.
Montgomery, John, & Co., manufacturing chemists ;
works, 20, 24 Bishop Street, Port-Dundas ; house,
92 Bath street.

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