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Dunn, Andrew, wine and spirit merchant, 57 Eglin-
ton street; house, 137 Shields road.
Dunn, Andrew, iron merchant. 135 Buchanan street ;
residence, MiI!brookevilla,GuiIdfordrd., London, S.
Dunn, Andrew Landale, merchant, 19 Waterloo St.
Dunn, A. S., telegraph superintendent, Caledonian
Railway, 3 Germiston street; house, 5 Westbank
terrace, Hillhead.
Dunn Brothers, coal masters, 72 Great Clyde street.
Dunn & Co., agricultural implement agents, 13
Graham square.
Dunn, David (of David Dunn & Son), residence,
Dunn, David, letter-carrier. Post Office ; house, 122
North Frederick street.
Dunn, David, & Sons, fish and provision merchants,
64 Robertson street.
Dunn, D. G. (of Dunn Brothers), resid., Hamilton.
Dunn, George, cooper, 8 Dunn street ; house, 4 do.
Dunn, George, minister, 387 Duke street.
Dunn, Henry, coal agent, 34 Kent street; house, 8
William street, Calton.
Dunn, Hugh, writer and notarj' public, 59 St. Vin-
cent street ; house, 191 Renfrew street.
Dunn, James, house factor, 7 King street, Tradeston;
house, Bothwell.
Dunn, James E. (of Singleton, Dunn, & Co.), house,
7 Victoria crescent, Dowanhill.
Dunn, James, & Sons, brokers and commission mer-
chants, 62 Jamaica street.
Dunn, James, house factor, 34 Kent street.
Dunn, James, pastry baker, 147 George street;
house, 41 North Albion street,
Dunn, James, produce broker and commission mer-
chant, 33 Virginia St. ; house, 191 Renfrew st.,
Dunn, James, Hawaiian consul, 33 Virginia street.
Dunn, James (of David Dunn & Son), house, 19
Sandyford place.
Dunn, James, 34 Burnbank gardens.
Dunn, John, cabinetmaker and furniture dealer, 112
Kelson St., Tradeston; ho. Barterholm, near Paisley.
Dunn, John (of J. Berger, Spence, & Co.), house,
Royal crescent. Crossbill.
Dunn, John (of Dunn Brothers), residence, Ferndean,
Dunn, John, accountant, property valuator, and in-
surance agent, 39 Maxwell street.
Dun, John, tea and coffee merchant and general
grocer, 136 Canning street, Calton, and 621 Duke
street; house, 617 Duke street.
Dunn, John, teller (City Bank, 174 Argyle street),
house, 12 Meadowpark street, Dennistoun.
Dunn, John (of Hunter & Dunn), house, CliflFord
street. Paisley road.
Dunn, John S. (of Brownlie, Dunn, & Co.), house,
10 Windsor terrace.
Dunn, Joseph B., 8 Pembroke street.
Dunn, Patrick Smith, 70 Grant St., St. George's rd.
Dunn, Robert Hunter, 70 Grant st., St. George's rd.
Dun, Robert T., chemist and druggist, 288 Argyle
street ; house, 25G do.
Dunn, S. (of Dunn & Wright), house. Laurel bant,
Dunn, Thomas, 10 Windsor terrace, St. George's rd.
Dunn, Thos., agent. Commercial Bank of Scotland,
and Royal Insurance Co., Bridgeton branch, 136
Canning street ; house, Claremont villa, Burnside,
Dunn, Thos. W. (of Brownlie, Dunn, & Co), house,
10 Windsor terrace.
Dunn, Wm. L. (of Dunn Brothers) residence. Oak
park, Mount Vernon, Tollcross.
Dunn. William, brassfounder, 15 Duncan street (off
Abercromby street), house, Greenvale house, 53
East Rose street.
Dunn, William, flesher, 193 High street ; house, 8
Sommerville place.
Dunn, Wm , tailor and clothier, 24 Hutcheson st.
Dunn & Wright, printers, stationers, and dealers in
stamps, 47 West Nile street and 100 Stirling rd.
Dunn, Mrs., 461 St. Vincent street.
Dunn, Mrs., dressmaker, 197 South Cumberland st.
DUNNACHIE, James (of the Glenboig Fire Clay
Co.) Glenboig cottage, near Coatbridge.
Dunnachie, Robert (at Alexander Tolmie's, 165
Buchanan street), house, 90 North Frederick st.
Dunnachie, Thomas, agent of Scottish Temperance
Lpa;i;ue; house, 90 North Frederick street.
DUNS HIE, William, agent, 40 Mackintosh street.
DUNSMORE, James, mesmerist, and conductor of
clairvoyant consultations, 35 Robertson street.
DUPASQUIER, Louis, Macon ; Symington & Ste-
wart, agents, 119 St. Vincent street.
DURIE, Charles (at 12 Buchanan street), house, 38
Hill street, Garnethill.
Durie, David, distiller, Fettercairn; Robertson &
Baxter, agents.
DURNAN, Patrick, boot and shoemaker, 21 Cam-
bridge street.
DUTHIE, James, grocer, wine and spirit merchant,
Main street, corner of Arthurlie st., Barrhead.
Duthie, Andrew, photographic publisher and fancy
stationer, 56 Gordon street ; ho. 12 Dalhousie st.
Duthie, James, wine and spirit merchant, 67 London
street and 76 Gallowgate; ho. 38 Bellgrove st.
Duthie, J., house painter, 134 Sauchiehall street;
house, 95 North Hanover street.
DUTOIT, J. F. F., Professor of French, University
French Institute, St Bernard's place, Gt. George
street, Hillhead.
DUVOISIN, A. (at Reichman & Co.'s), house, 7
Walworth terrace, Kent road.
Duvoisin. Mademoiselle, teacher of French, 7 Wal-
worth terrace, Kent road.
DUXBURY, Mrs., 18 Warwick street.
DWYER, Rev. John, Catholic clergyman, 11 Oak
street, Anderston.
DYER, James, warehouseman, 70 Gt. Hamilton st.
Dyer, William, dairyman, 32 John Knox street.
Dykehead Colliery Office, 172 West George street.
DYKES, Andrew, drugget and wool shirting manu-
facturer, 12 Howard st. ; ho. 9 Franklin terrace.
Dykes, H., greengrocer, 12 Main St., Anderston.
Dykes, Jas., contractor, 31 S. Shamrock st. ; ho. do.
Dykes, James (of Dykes & Morton), house, 95
Douglas street.
Dykes, John, wright, 12 Canning street; house, 202
London road.
Dykes, J. & J., provision merchants, 128 Garngad
road ; house, 153 do.
Dykes, John, jun., accountant and share-broker, 79
St. Vincent street.
Dykes & Morton, linen & woollen drapers, 198
Argyle street.
Dykes, Robert (at John E. Watson's, 33 Renfield st.).
Dykes, Samuel, grocer and provision merchsnt, 64
Cowcaddens ; house, 34 do.

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