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Cunningham, James, 36 Eonald street.
Cunuinghame, Jas., bird merchant, 30 King street,
Tradeston ; house, 32 do.
Cunningham, James, & Sons, bleachers and finishers.
West Arthurlie, Barrhead ; house of call, Kerr &
Richardson's, 89 Queen st.
Cunninghams, James B., die and seal engraver, 40
Buchanan street; ho. 7 Grange terrace, Cathcart.
Cunningham, James (of James Cunuingliam& Sons),
house, West Arthurlie cottage, Barrhead.
Cunningham, J. M., refreshment rooms, 20O Parlia-
mentary road.
Cunningham, John, fruiterer, 107 Crown street.
Cunningham, John, hairdresser, 52 Bedford street;
house, 91 Cumberland street.
Cunningham, John K., commission merchant and
agent for the General Life & Fire Assurance Co.,
65 Great Clyde street; ho. 2 Nithsdale place.
Cunningham, John, wright, 10 George street; house,
194 Duke street.
Cunningham, John, & Co., paint manufacturers, oil
and colour merchants, and home and foreign glass
dealers, 39 St. James' street, Kingston.
Cunningham, John (of J. Cunningham & Co.), ho.
119 Shields road.
Cunningham, John, dairyman, 11 Richard street.
Cunningham, John, stationer, bookbinder, bookseller,
and account book manufacturer, 42 Adelphi street.
Cunninghame, John (of Merry & Cunninghame),
residence, Redburn, Kilwinning.
Cunningham & M'Haffie, Orchard cement manufac-
turers ; works. Orchard ; office, 4 Cook street.
Cunninghann, Mark, boot and shoemaker, 60 Caven-
dish street.
Cunningham, Peter G., lieutenant of police, Central
Police Chambers; house, 129 Cambridge street.
Cunningham, Robert, coal agent, 135 Sydney st.
Cunningham, Thomas Stewart, clothier, 1 Bridge-
gate and 152 Saltmarket ; house, 160 Saltmarket.
Cunningham, Thomas S. (at Miller & Keyden's),
house, 402 Parliamentury road.
Cunningham, William, grain weigher, 14 York st. ;
house, 257 St. Vincent st.
Cunningham, William, wine and spirit merchant,
166, 168 Stobcross st., Anderston; house, 12
Anderston quay.
Cunningham, William, provision merchant, 59
Glebe street, 127 St. James' road, and 2 M'Aslin
street ; house, 12 do.
CUNNION; JMichael, flesher, 82 King st; ho. 64 do.
Cunnion, Patrick, spirit dealer, 72 King street, city,
and 171 Gallowgate; house, 7 Park place. Stock-
well street.
CUPvLE, Fyfe, & Robertson, bolt and rivet makers,
Kingston Bolt and Rivet Works, Dundas street,
Curie, John (of M'Symon & Potter), house, 276
Paisley road.
Curie, Robert (of Barclay, Curie, & Co.), house, 12
Crown gardens.
CURRER, Robert (Caledonian Railway), house, 30
Florence place.
CUREIE, Alexander, baker and confectioner, 28
Westminster terrace; ho. 20 Kelvingrove street.
Currie, Alex., milk dealer, 76 Clyde St., Anderston.
Currie, Andrew, 7 Radnor terrace.
Currie, Archibald, coalmaster, Alma vale, Airdrie.
Currie, Charles, agent fur manufacturers, 166 Hos-
pital street.
Currie, Daniel, plane, edge tool, and saw maker, 61
Hope street; house, 71 Waterloo street.
Currie, David, boot maker, 3 Albion ct., N. Albion st.
Currie, David (at Malcolm Ross <3i Co.'s ), house, 121
North Montrose street.
Currie, Donald, wine and spirit merchant, 190 Pol-
lokshaws road; bouse, 163 do.
Currie, D., & Co., grocers, 12 M'Alpine street ; ho.
86 Macfarlane street, do.
Currie, Hugh, grocer, 727, 779 Gallowg. ; ho. 696 do.
Currie, James, tailor and clothier, 33 John street.
Currie, James, grocer, 12 M'Alpine st. ; ho. 86 do.
Currie, J., & Co.. general drapers, 250 Paisley road.
Currie, J. F. (at P. & W. Magellan's), house, 116
North Frederick street.
Currie, John, manager, 22 East Nelson street ; ho.
49 Whitevale street.
Currie, John P. (at John Orr Ewing & Co.'s) 46
West George street.
Currie, John, chemist & druggist, 311 Sauchiehall
street ; house, 199 Renfrew street.
Currie, John, chemist and druggist, 64 Crown st.
and 70 Eglinton street ; house, 68 do.
Currie, Malcolm M. (of Scoular & Currie), house, 4
Carnarvon street.
Currie, Robert (of Craig & Son), house, 78 Cumber-
land street, south.
Currie, Robert, grocer, 122 Thistle street.
Currie, R. I. (agent for S. Allsopp vS; Sons) 145
W. Geo. St. ; ho. 32 Windsor ten, St. George's rd.
Currie, Samuel, flesher, 43 Malta street; house, 82
Thistle street.
Currie, Thomas, broker, 24 Duke street and 744
Havannah; house, 26 Duke street.
Currie, Walter, grocer and spirit merchant, 78 Wt.
Scotland street; house, 82 do.
Currie, Wm., shoemaker, 120 Saltmarket ; ho. 122 do.
Currie, William, church officer. Free College Church;
house, Woodside terrace lane.
Currie, William, grocer and provision merchant, 263
Stirling road and 116 St. James' road; house,
149 Hospital street.
Currie, William, flesher, 118, 120 Canning street,
Calton ; house, 1 Landressy street.
Currie, William, draper, 136 Duke street; house,
197 Hunter street.
Currie, William, & Co., Caledonian Rubber Works,
Dairy road, Edinburgh.
Currie, Wra. C, coal agent, and register for ser-
vants, 62 Sandgate St., Ayr ; house, Viewfield, do.
Currie, Mrs. Hamilton, wine and spirit dealer, SSrV
Elderslie street ; bouse, 17 Cleveland street.
Currie, Mrs Johu, 70 West Cumberland street.
Currie, Mrs P., 27 Lansdowne crescent.
Currie, Miss J., dressmaker, 12 Kinning place,
Paisley road.
Currie, Mary, outfitter, 62 Clyde place ; ho. 63 do.
CURTISS & Harvey, gunpowder manufacturers,
London; John Gray, jun., agent for Scotland, 12
St. Vincent place.
Cdstom-House, 94 Great Cl3'de street.
Custom-House wine vaults and luncheon rooms, 100
Great Clyde street.
CUTHBERT, Rev. Alexander, M.A., minister of
the U.P. Church ; house, 296 Bath crescent.
Cuthbert, Alex. A. (of Cuthbert, Eonaldson, & Co.),
house, 296 Bath crescent.
Cuthbert, A. & T., outfitters, 38 Main street, Ander-
ston; house, 18 Elderslie street.

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