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Burt, Henry, missionary, 14 Mains street.
Burt, John, tanner, currier, leather merchant, ma-
chinery belt and hose pipe maker, Pleasance Works,
143 Great Hamilton street; ho. Greenlodge ter.,
145 Greenhead street.
Burt, Joseph, smith and machine maker, 73, 75
Clj'de street, Calton ; house, 90 Bellgrove street.
Burt, Peter (at Wright & Gray's), house, 52 Ard-
gowan street.
Burt, William, church officer, St. Mark's; house, 522
St. Vincent street.
Burt, William, tailor and clothier, 36 Gallowgate.
BURTON, Alex., earthenware painter, Glasgow Pot-
tery ; house, 19 Ronald street.
Burton, And. H., merchant and commission agent,
69 Ingram street; house, 43 Regent Park square.
Burton & Henderson, general grocers and makers of
the Napierian crystal coffee pots, 192 Sauchiehall
street ; house, 129 Cambridge street.
Burton, Henry, & Co., hosiers, glovers, shirtmakers,
and outfitters, 111 Buchanan street.
Burton, T. G., teacher of dancing, Athensum ; ho.
11 Sauchiehall street.
Burton, Mrs. M., 28 St. George's road.
Burton Brewery Co. (Limited), brewers, Burton-
on-Trent; Wra. Hillcoat, 119 St. Vincent St. agt.
BUSBY, E. S. (at M. Muir & Sons', 6 Commerce
street), house, 2 Lendel terrace, Paisley road.
Busby Railway Co., John Graham, C.A., secretary
and treasurer, 71 West Nile street.
BUTCHART & Don, carpet and matting manufac-
turers, Dundee, 53 Wilson street.
BUTLER, Dugald (of Bridgeton Victualling Society)
house, 12 Newhall terrace, Bridgeton.
Butler, John, boot and shoemaker, 20 Houston st. ;
house, 22 do.
BuTTEELEY, The, Iron Co., Alfreton ; bulb, deck,
beam, girder iron, &c. ; James Henderson, 97
Buchanan street, agent.
BUTTERS, Archibald (of Butters Brothers), house,
122 South Portland street.
Butters Brothers, contractors and builders' engineers,
Havelock buildings, 85 Maxwell street; always
in stock all kinds of new and second-hand ma-
chiner}', cranes, hand and steam power crab
winches, chains, engines, boilers, and mortar
mills; also, all kinds of railway contractors',
quarriers', and builders' plant, new and second
hand, for sale or hire ; monthly list of plant issued,
with terms, &c. ; second hand machinery yard, 18
Waterloo street.
Butters Brothers, Havelock buildings, 85 Maxwell
street, representatives of Henry Wilson & Co.,
Stockton-on-Tees, brassfounders, for all kinds of
engine and ships' fittings, pumps, and Wilson's
patent steam greasers, brewers refrigerators,
boiling coils, mashing machinery, hop presses,
malt mills, &c.
Butters, James, butcher. Charing cross, 343 Sauchie-
hall street ; house, 349 do.
Butters, M. W. (of Butters Brothers), house, 122
South Portland street.
BUTTERWORTH, Edwin, & Co., wholesale rag
and waste paper merchants, St. Ninian street
mill ; Henry Knuck, manager, 360 Mathieson st.
BUTTERY, John, & Co., East India merchants, 4
Victoria buildings. West Regent street.
Buttery, John (of John Buttery & Co.), house, 12
Kew terrace.
BUTTI, Rev. Breden, St. Francis Friary, 205 Cum-
berland street.
BYERS, Robert, fruit merchant, 22 and 24 Bazaar,
Candleriggs; house, 41 South Albion street.
Byars, William (at C. Todd & Higginbotham's,
M'Neil street), house, 5 Stonefield terrace.
CADDELL, William, pattern book, card, and bo.x.
maker, 88 Glassford street; ho. 74 Whitevale st.
CADDEN, John, & Co., shipping and commission
agents, 6 Dixon street.
Cadden, John (of John Cadden & Co.), house,
Stonefield, Blantyre.
CA DEN HEAD, David A. (at W. & J. J. Keir's),
house, 22 Raglan street.
Cadenhead, James (at Rainey, Knox, & Go's), ho.
3 Lendel terrace. Paisley road.
Cadenhead, Robert, merchant, 70 George square,
house, 68 Regent street.
Cadiz Steam Packet Office, John & Peter Hutche-
son, £9 Great Clyde street.
Cadiz Steam Packet Office, Burrell & M'Laren, 141
Buchanan street.
C ADM AN, William, leather merchant, 163 Bridge-
gate; house, 121 Crown street.
Cagliari Steam Packet Office, 47 Union street;
Handyside & Henderson, agents.
CAIG, Wm. J., spirit merchant, 5 John St., Bridge-
ton ; house, 108 Main street, do.
CAIN, Michael, secretary, Army and Navy Pen-
sioner's Employment Society, 75 Jamaica st. ; ho.
15 Regent Park terrace.
CAIRO, Edward, M.A., professor of moral philo-
sophy, Glasgow University, Gilmorehill ; ho. do.
Caird, James, & Co., merchants, 27 Virginia street.
Caird, James (of Jas. Caird & Co.), ho. 20 Newton pi.
Caird, James, plasterer and cement merchant, 82
Wellington street and 10 Wellington lane; ho.
8 West Prince's street.
Caird, Rev. John, D.D., professor of divinity, Uni-
versity ; house, Gilmorehill.
CAIRNEY, Charles, spirit merchant, 35 and 37
Bridgegate and 5 St. Margaret's place; house, 'jii)
East Clyde street.
Cairney, J., & Co., glass stainers, embossers, glaziers,
and benders, 40, 44 Sauchiehall street, and 31 Ren-
frew lane ; house, 47 Scott street, Garnethill.
Cairney, William (of Thomas Skinner & Co.), ho.
11 Derby terrace.
CAIRNS, Adam, manager. Friendly Bread Associa-
tion, 10 Carlton court; house. Hi Eglinton st.
Cairns, Christopher, ironfounder, Hayfield Foundry ;
house, 38 South Apsley place.
Cairns & Co., glass and china merchants, 73 King
street. City; house, 94 Cumberland street.
Cairns, James, & Co., wholesale and retail stationers,
lithographers, printers, and account book manufac-
turers, and sole agents for T. Perry & Son's iire-
proof safes, 35 Gordon street.
Cairns, James (of James Cairns & Co.), house, 10
May terrace. Mount Florida.
Cairns, John (of John Cairns & Co.), house, 24
Ashton terrace, Dowanhill.
Cairns, John, plumber and gasfitter, 62 West Nile
street ; house, 94 Dundas street.
Cairns, John, & Co., merchants and cotton brokers,
3 Royal Exchange square.

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