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Alum and Ammonia Co. (Limited), manufacturing
chemists ; works, Hurlet and Tradeston ; oiBce,
201 West street.
Amalgamated Society of Engineers, Machinists,
Millwrights, Smiths, and Pattern Makers ; com-
mittee rooms, 182 Trongate.
'■ American Royal Mail Packets, 30 Jamaica street.
American Steam Packet Office; James & Ales,
Allan, 70 Great Clyde street.
AMOURS, F. J., B.A., French master, Glasgow
Academy ; house, 4 Clifton street.
AMPLEFORD, James S., (at Stubbs' mercantile
oiEces), ho. 3 Plantation Buildiugs, Paisley road.
ANCELL, Andrew, wine and spirit merchant, 89
and 91 Dundas st. ; ho. 96 North Hanover street.
Ancell, Jas., restautateur, pastry cook, confectioner,
and soiree purveyor, 87 and 89 Glassford street ;
house, 53 Holmhead street.
Ancell, John, wine and spirit merchant, 95 Alston
street; house, 114 Blythswood terrace.
Anchor Line of Transatlantic, Peninsular, Medi-
terranean, and North Sea Steam Packet Ships,
Handyside & Henderson, agents, 47 Union street.
Ancona Steam Packet Office, Handyside and Hen-
derson, agents, 47 Union street.
Ancona Steam Packets, 30 Jamaica street.
ANDERSON, Alexander (at the Singer Manufac-
turing Co.), house, 6 Stonefield terrace.
Anderson, Alexander, currier and leather merchant,
114 Trongate; house, 1 St. James' pi., Billhead.
Anderson, Alexander, busk and stand maker, 77
Renfrew street.
Anderson, Alexander (of Anderson & Shaw), house,
60 Abbotsford place.
Anderson, Alexander (at D. Sandeman & Sons'),
house, 88 Gloucester street.
Anderson, A. G. (at Callander and Oban Railway),
house, 27 Stanhope street.
Anderson, Andrew, victualler and grocer, 69 Main
street, Gorbals, and 37 Norfolk street; house, 94
Cumberland street.
Anderson, Andrew, Fordyce & Co., shawl, &c.,
warehousemen, 103, 105 Glassford street.
Anderson, Andrew (of Buchanan, Anderson, & Co.),
house, Ardaghlinn, Langside.
Anderson, Andrew, wine and spirit merchant, 20
King street, city, and 11 Back wynd ; house, 34
Hopetoun place.
Anderson, Andrew, officer of customs ; house, 28
Devon street.
Anderson, Andrew, grocer, 640 Gallowgate ; house,
636 Gallowgate.
Anderson, A. G., H.M. Customs; house, 3 Wal-
worth terrace.
Anderson, Archibald, house painter and paperhanger,
8 Peel street, Partick.
Anderson, A. P. (at Royal Polytechnic, 97 and 99
Argyle street), house, 3 Park Gardens.
Anderson, Baird, & Co., wholesale shawl and wincey
merchants, 77 Queen street.
Anderson Brothers, commission merchants, 24 St.
Vincent place.
Anderson Brothers, weighing machine and beam
and scale makers, grocers' outfitters for canisters,
&c., tinsmiths, coppersmiths, blacksmiths, gas-
fitters, and bell-hangers, 93 Stockwell street.
Anderson & Co., granite sculptors, 1 Grafton street,
and Aberdeen.
Anderson & Co., ironfounders, Partick.
Anderson & Co., merchants and manufacturers, 51
Miller street.
Anderson, Daniel, oil and commission merchant, 30
Adams Court lane, and 9 Howard street ; house,
61 Queen street, Renfrew.
Anderson, David, clothier, 15 Glassford street ;
house, Roslin villa, Shawlands.
Anderson, David, wine and spirit merchant, 55, 57
Candleriggs; house, 26 George street.
Anderson, David, house steward and collector of
subscriptions, 76 Charlotte street.
Anderson, David (of David and John Anderson),
house, 43 Scott street, Garnethill.
Anderson, David, victualler, 407 Gallowgate.
Anderson, David and John, manufacturers, 84 St.
Vincent street, and Atlantic Mills, Bridgeton.
Anderson, David, flesher, 12 Oxford street. ; house,
2 Warwick street.
Anderson, David (of James Anderson & Co., calen-
derers), house, 255 Sauchiehall street.
Anderson, David, stationer and tobacconist, 257
Stirling road.
Anderson, David (of Anderson Brothers), house, 59
Abbotsford place.
Anderson, David, grocer, 143 New City road.
Anderson & Elder, wine merchants, 138 St. Vincent
street and 151 Hope street.
Anderson, Forbes, commission merchant, 100 West
Regent street; house, 275 St. George's road.
Anderson, Francis, cabinetmaker and upholsterer,
23, 25, 30 Miller's place; ho. 10 Monteith row.
Anderson, Frederick (of Anderson, Baird & Co.),
house, 37 Burnbank Gardens.
Anderson, F. & J. T., merchants and agents, 10
South Hanover street.
Anderson, Frederick, gas apparatus maker, 54
Howard street; house, 16 Albert drive.
Anderson, G. Stewart, & Co., merchants, 106 West
George street.
Anderson, G. Stewart (of G. Stewart Anderson &
Co., and Peebles, Anderson, & Co.), house, 7
Lansdowne crescent.
Anderson, George, & Co., oil merchants, white lead,
paint, colour, varnish, and cement manufacturers,
58 Hydepark street ; also, charcoal, ivory black,
and cement works, 80 Hill street, Gallowgate.
Anderson, Geo. (at Geo. Anderson & Co.'s), residence,
Springfield, Blantyre.
Anderson, George, 113 Renfrew street.
Anderson, George (at James Wallace's, 37 Mitchell
street), house, 87 South Portland street.
Anderson, George, commission merchant, 5 North
Exchange court.
Anderson, George, basketmaker, 45 St. Andrew's
square; house, 12 Orchard st.
Anderson, George (at Port-Eglinton Spinning Co.'s),
house, IG Cumberland street.
Anderson, George, wine and spirit merchant, 50
Queen street ; house, 107 Dundas street.
Anderson, George (at Thos. Chalmers & Co.'s),
house, 12 Grange terrace, Langside.
Anderson, George, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 81
and 83 Great Hamilton street ; house, 79 do.
Anderson, Glass, grocer, 88 West street, Kingston ;
house, 86 do.
Anderson & Glover, manufacturers, 46 John street.
Anderson, Graham, & Co., manuf, 114 Candleriggs.
Anderson, Harvie, merchant, 162 St. Vincent street ;
house, 14 Eton place, Hillhead.

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