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Watson, John, & Sons, manufacturers of the Bath-
ville patent paraffin oil and paraffin, fire and com-
position brick, and fire clay, Bathville, by Bathgate.
Yv^atson, John, & Sons, Netherwood, Bog, and Bath-
ville collieries; household, smithy, and gas coal
and coke, 130 West Nile street.
Watson, John, & Co., wine merchants, 14 Queen st.
Watson, John, messenger, British Linen Co.'s Bank;
house, 53 Stirling street, Port-Dundas.
Watson, John, coal master, 123 St. Vincent street ;
house, 10 Park circus.
Watson, Jolin, victualler, 104 Duke street.
Watson, John S. (of Ross, Watson, & Co.), house,
30 Regent Park square.
WatsoD, John, sorting clerk, G.P.O. ; house, 30
Camden street.
WatsoD, John (of Livingston & Watson), house, 18
Cadogan street.
Watson, John, grocer, 634 Gallowgate.
Watson, John (of John AVatson & Co.), house,
Market buildings, Airdrie.
Watson, John, painter, 142 Main street, Anderston ;
house, 131 do.
Watson, John E., chartered accountant, 33 Renfidd
street; house, 6 Belhaven terrace.
Watson, John, hay and grain merchant, 24 Orr st. ;
house, 45 Canning street, Calton.
Watson, John (of the Govan Foundry Co.), house,
Newstead, Govan road.
Watson, John, grocer and balcer, 94 and 98 New
City road; house, 61 Grove street.
Watson, John, engineer, ironfounder, and merchant,
9 James Watt street ; ho. Newstead, Govan road.
Y>'atson, John (of M'Donald & Watson), house, 14
Hill street, Garnethill.
Watson, John B. (of Grant & Watson), house, 1
Woodvale place, Copeland road.
Watson, Joseph, carver and gilder, 131 Rottenrow.
Watson, Joseph, grocer and v/ine merchant, 87 West
Scotland street, Kinning park ; house, 89 do.
Watson, Joseph L., treasurer of police, 70 Bell street ;
house, 60 Canning street.
Watson, Joseph (of Brownlie & Watson), residence,
Bank of Scotland, Barrhead.
AVatson, Nicol Brown (of Archd. Glen & Co.), ho.
1 Victoria terrace, Dowanhill.
Watson, Peter (of Post-Office), ho. 95 Thistle street,
Watson, Peter, merchant, 123 North Montrose st.
Watson, Robert (of James Watson & Co ), house, 8
St. James' terrace, Hillhead.
Watson, Robert (of Watson & Gra_v), residence,
Drums house. Old Kilpatrick.
Vfatson, Robert (of Fleming, Watson, & Nairn), ho.
2 Hamilton drive.
Watson, Robert, wool manufacturer, 49 Spoutmouth,
off Gallowgate ; house, 11 Main street, Gorbals.
V/atson, Robert, silk bandana manufacturer, 12
Royal Eschange square.
Watson, R. B., agent, Nailsea and Stourbridge Glass
Co., 50, 52 York street ; house, 168 New City rd.
Watson, R. K. (of Wm. M'Laren, Sons, & Co.), ho.
12 Hamilton Park terrace.
Watson, Robert, rope and twine manufacturer, 20
Dunn street, Eridgeton; house, 17 do.
Watson, Robert, fruiterer and confectioner, 209
Cowcaddens; house, 14 West Milton street.
Watson, Robert (Factor's Office, Caledonian Rail-
way), ho. 213 Crown street.
Watson, Robert, M.D., L.R.C.S.E., 168 New City rd.
V/atson & Stewart, house painters, 34 Oxford street.
Watson, Thomas, sheriff-officer and constable, 57
Stevenson street, Calton.
Watson, Thos., joiner & cabinetmaker, 6 Eglinton In.
Watson, Thomas (of John Watson & Sons), residence,
Whitehill house, 347 Duke street.
Watson, Thomas, cooper, 31 Forth St., Port-Dundas.
Watson, Thos. (of W. J. B. & J. Kidston, writers),
house, Ardenlee, Helensburgh.
Watson, T. W., cashier, Scottish Imperial Insurance
Co. ; house, 8 Grafton place.
Watson, Thomas (of T. & G. Watson), house, 16
Nicholson street.
Watson, Thos., mason and builder, 9 Walworth ter.
AVatson, T. & G., plumbers, gasiitters, and lead mer-
chants, 20 Carlton court.
Watson, Thomas (at Watson & Co.'s), 16 St. Vin-
cent place ; house, 8 AA'indsor terrace, west.
Watson, Thomas H. (of Watson Brothers), house,
102 Bath street.
Watson, Thomas (of Fleming, Watson, & Nairn),
house, 2 Hamilton drive.
AVatson, Thomas, plumber andgasfitter, 25 Cathcart
street, Gorbals; house, 134 Thistle street.
Watson, Rev. Thomas, teacher, Western Institution,
1 Royal crescent; ho. 18 AVest Cumberland st.
Watson, AValter (of Steel & AVatson), house, 31 P
Parliamentary road.
Vr''atson, AValter, family grocer, 3 Cambridge street :
house, 61 Grove street.
Watson, AVest, & Son, merchants, 28 Cochran st.
AVatson, William, butter and egg merchant, Bazaar:
house, 7 Bell street.
AVatson, William (of AVest Watsou & Son), house,
26 Blythswood square.
Watson, AV. L. (at James Finlay & Co.'s), 22 AVest
Nile street.
Watson, Wm. Renny, engineer (of Mirrlees, Tait, &
AVatson), house, 7 Hamilton drive, north.
Watson, AVilliam (at Mackay & Kirkwood's), houEC;
1 Green Lodge terrace.
AA'^atson, AVilliam, iron merchant, 161 Hope street.-
house, 1 Brougham terrace.
V/atson, Wm. Brown (of AV. B. Watson & Co.), ho.
125 Bath street.
Watson, Wm., wine and spirit merchant, 30 Mait-
land street; house, 58G Dobbie's loan.
AVatson, AVm., sheriff-officer and constable, 71 Reid
street, Bridgeton,
Watson, AA'illiam (at James Fleming's, 83 .Jamaica
street), house, 67 Cadogan street.
Watson, AA'illiam AV., city chamberlain. City cham-
bers, 50 Wilson street; ho. 26 Blythswood so.
Vv^atson, AVm., draper, IG Little street, Calton.
AVatson, William (of John AVatson & Son, coal-
masters), residence, Kirkton villa, Bathgate.
Watson, AV^illiam, 106 North Frederick street.
AA''atson, AVilliam, glazier and window cleaner, 134
North street.
Watson, Wm. B., & Co., manufacturers, 3 St. Vin-
cent place, and Hosier Street, Factory, Bridgeton,
Watson, V/m., plum.ber, gasfitter, and zinc worker,
62 Crown street ; house, 69 Caledonia road.
Watson, William, bootmaker, 94 London street.
AVatson, William, jun., sheriff-officer, 92 Great
Hamilton street.
AVatson, Mrs., milliner, 54 Canning street, Calton ;
house, 60 do.

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