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Browne, George, of Browne if Watson; house, 69
St. Vincent crescent.
Brown & Gray, joiners, trunk, and packrng-box
makers, 45 Dnndas street.
Brown, Hugh, sawmaker, ironmonger, cutler, plane,
edge t6ol, and gunniaker, 213 Argyle street;
house, 37 Eglinton street.
Brown, Huah, at Buchanan's, 96 Argyle street;
house, 45 Gordon street.
Brown, Hugh, & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers,
100 iind 104 Virginia place.
Brown, Hugh, of Hugh Brown cj- Co.; house, 12
Park terrace.
Brown, Hugh, grocer, wiiie and spirit merchant, 23
Eglinton street; house, 4 Abbotsford place.
Brown, James & Cornelius, sewed muslin manu-
facturers, 92 St. Vincent street.
Brown, James K., of Watson ^- Co.; house, 2 Park
terrace. East.
Brown, James & Thos., & Co., wholesale tea & coffee
dealers and importers of fruit, 21 St. Enoch sq.
Brown, James, of James <.f Thomas Brown tj- Co.;
house, Govan park.
Brown, James, shipowner, 51 St. Vincent crescent.
Brown, James, mill manai;er, 4 Graham square;
house, 17 Tobago street.
Brown, James, of William Brown if Co. ; house,
100 Crown street.
Brown, James, cabinetmaker, upholsterer, & Venetian
blind makers, 29, 39, and 45 Surrey street; ho.
16 fcoutli Apsley place.
Brown, James, victualler, 33 King street ; house,
110 Crown street.
Brown, James, singer, 8 Shuttle street.
Brown, James, of Orchard, 4 South Portland street.
Brown, James P., manager, Nicholson Street Loan
Co., 10 Nicholson street ; ho. 286 Pollokshaws rd.
Brown, James, 815 Argyle street.
Brown, James, janitor, lioyal Iiifirmarj\
Brown, James, of Brown <|- Gray; house, 183
Sahchiehall street.
Brown, James, wright, trunk, and packing-box
maker, 273 George street and 71 George square;
house, 362 St. Vincent street.
Brown, James, 19 Ronald street.
Brown, James, agent for Mann's Parcel Despatch,
22 J Buchanan street ; h(mse, Cathcart.
Brown, James A., of M'^Millan (f Brown; house, 19
Roseland terrace, Cumberland street.
Brown, James, council officer. City Chambers, Wil-
son street; house, 49 Cadogan street.
Brown, James, bookseller and stationer, 5 Normal
place ; house, 9 do.
Brown, James, bookseller, stationer, and librarian,
25 Bridge street ; house, 19 Roseland terrace,
Cumberland street.
Brown, James, slater, 153 Hunter street ; house, 4
St. Ann's place.
Brown, James, of William Brown, Suns., (f Co.; resi-
dence, Cariick house, Ayr.
Brown, James, assistant-inspector of poor, Barony
parish ; house, 30(1 Gre^it Kastern road.
Brown, James, at Thomas Rue's, 76 Gallowgate;
house, 84 Great Hamilton street.
Brown, J. M., boot and shoe shop, 313 Argyle st.
Brown, John, lithographic writer and draughtsman,
37 Glassford street.
Brown, John, jun., of Brown cf' Sharp; house, 42
Windsor terrace, St. George's road.
Browne, John, of Browne <f Drysdale ; ho. Glasgow
street, Hilihead.
Bro\yn, John D., wine and spirit merchant, 117 New
Cit}' road; house, 119 do.
Brown, John, bookkeeper, 212 Gallowgate ; house,
31 Paterson street. South.
Brown, John, tobacconist, 203 Castle street.
Brown, John, of John Gray cj- Co. ; ho. 15 India St.
Brown, John, "12 Newton place.
Brown, John, & Co , lessees and manufacturers of Sir
William Maxwell's, Bart., Cahlerwood roman
cement; works, 15, 17 Melville street, Tradeston
office, 2 Oswald street.
Brown, John, & Co., bonded warehouse keepers and
forwarding and custom house agents ; bonds,
York and James Watt sts.; office, 2 Oswald st.
Brown, J. G., of Yates, Brown, <f Howat; 69 Qu. st.
Brown, John, house factor, 31 Nelson street, city ;
house, 26 Robertson street.
Brown, John, grocer, 1 Florence street; house, 158
Cumberland street.
Brown, John, grocer, 38 Main street, Bridgeton;
house, 146 New Dalmarnock road.
Brown, John, perfumer and hairdresser, 8 Glassford
street; house, 1 North Ure place, Montrose st.
Brown, John, victualler, 140 Gallowgate.
Brown, John, hosier and shirt maker, b Candleriggs;
house, 16 Cleland street.
Brown, John, hat manufacturer, 22 Market street ;
house, 8 Steel street.
Brown, John, designer, 3 West Nile street ; house,
38 South Apsley place.
Brown, John, spirit dealer, 32 Crown St.; ho. 34 do.
Brown, John, & Co., fruit merchants, 2, 4 Glassford
street; house, 30 Watt street. Paisley road.
Brown, John, & Son, grocers and provision merchts.,
121 and 126 London road.
Brown, John, house factor, 48 Great Hamilton st. ;
house 5o do.
Brown, John, of Broivn <f iP Arthur ; ho. I Ann-
field pi ice.
Brown, John, traveller, at Broion, Downes, cj- C^o.'s;
house, 199 Crown street.
Brown, John, family grocer, 171 Sauchieliall st. ;
house, 3 Elmbank street.
Brown, John C, measurer, 57 Miller street.
Brown, John 1)., dairyman, 2G3 George street.
Brown, John, jun., at William Scott <f Co.'s, Howard
court, 12 Howard street.
Brown, Jonathan, & C-i., bakers, 27 Stohcross st.
Brown, Joseph, grocer, 139 Main btreet, Gorbals;
house, 156i do.
Brown, Joshua, wright and packir.g-box maker, 60
WelUngton street ; house, 262 Bath street.
Brown, J. & J., beef and provision store, 124 Lon-
don road ; house, 82 Oswald street, Bridgeton.
Brown & M'Arthur, com. a<;ents 32 W. George St.
Brown, M., James, restaurant keeper, 22 Howard
street; house, 71 Maxwell street.
Brown & M'Coull, smiths, tinidate-workers, gas-
filters, and bellhangers, '6^o and 387 Rarliamen-
tary road.
Brown, Malcolm, wine and spirit mercht., 91 Main
street, Anderston ; house, 93^ do.
Brown, Malcohn & John, potato merchants; letters
left at Matthew Walker's, HI Eglinton street.
Brown, Mat., smith and cartwright, 22 Barony st.
Brown, Matthew, draper, 203 Upper Main street ;
house, 197 do.

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