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Boston, Thos., seal engraver, 12 Arfivle iircade.
Boston, Thos., of Bosivn cj- M^Farlune ; ho. 38 St.
Vincent crescent.
B0J.TON. Halifax, and New York Royal IMail Steam
Packet Office ; G. & J. Burns, 9 Buchanan st.
BOSVVORTH, Mrs., 2 Wellcroft place.
BOUCHABI), Aine, & Eils, wine shippers, Beaune,
Burgiir.dv; Bulloch, Lade, & Co., agents, 43 Dun-
lop stieet.
BOUCHER &. Cousland, architects, 43 Bath street.
Boucher, James, of Boucher if Cousland; house,
BOUSFIELD, Chas. H., of Finlmjson, Bov^field, ^•
Co.; hiiuse, 21 Sand\ford jilace.
BOW, Archibald, manufacturer, 27 Wilson st. ; ho.
51 South Apsley place.
Bow, A. & T., brick and tilemakers, builders, and
cement and stucco manufacturers. Shields works,
230 "West street, Tradeston.
Bow & Co., coalmasters, smithy coal and coke,
Bow, Janie-i, of A. cf T. Boio ; house, Havelock
cottai^e, Pollokshields.
Bow, John, manufr. and merchant, 15 Candleriggs ;
residence, Bogton house, Cathcart.
Bow, William (late leather merchant), Clydeview,
Bow, Mrs., druggist, 143 Garngad road.
BOWATF.R, James, spirit mercliant, 9 Cranston st.
BOAVDIDGE, Tlionias, officer of inland revenue,
22 St. Andrew's lane; house, 162 Crown street.
BOWEN, Williym, tailor, 24 Jamaica street; house,
148 Trongate.
BOWER, Oliver, hardware & stationery merchant,
30 Well street, Calton.
BOWKS, Thomas, dairyman, 87 Bridgegale.
BOWIE, Andrew, eni;ineer, mill-wright, smith, ma-
chine and vice maker, 116 Ciieap^ide St. ; house,
68 Walworth terrace, Kent road.
Bowie, Archibald, wright and builder, 5 Thistle st. ;
house, 71 Houston street.
Bowie, Campbell T., & Co., house painters, decora-
tors, and gilders, and dealers in paper-harigings,
26 Bothwell street; house, 318 St. Vincent st.
Bowie, G. W., jeweller, 88 Eglinton st.
Bowie, James, wine and spirit mercht., 220 Buchanan
street ; liouse, 222 do.
Bowie, James, coal agent, 35 Grace st., Finniestou.
Bowie, James, merchant, 37 Glassford street.
Bowie, James, at J. cf- W. Campbell if Co.'s ; house,
21 South .Apsley place.
Bowie, John, spirit merchant, 41 Tobago street;
house, 63 Stevenson street.
Bowie & Taylor, grocers and provision merchauts,
45 Maitland street ; house, 47 Grove street.
Bowie, Mrs. David, brush manufacturer, 56 Gi.llow-
gate and 2 St. Andrew's lane ; ho. 34 Dundas St.
Bowie, Misses, dress & cloak makers, 14 Cadogaii st.
Bowie, Miss, dairy keeper, 6 Eglinton lane.
BO WKER, Joseph, detective officer. Northern Police-
office, 4 Maitland lane; ho. 11 CamUridge lane.
BOWMAS. Ale.xauder, pianoforte manufacturer and
tuner, 96 North Hanover street.
Bowman, David, painter and paperhanger, GO Ox-
ford street; house, 28 Bedford street.
Bowman, James, photographic artist, 05 Jamaica St.
Bowman, James, grocer, 17 Nichi Lis street.
Bowman, Robert, sculptor, Sighthill ; house, 28
Parson street.
Bowman, Tlioioas, sewed nuitlin manufactuier, 127,
129 Ingrain stieet.
Bowman, Thomas, sen., wine and spirit merchant,
117 Main street, Gorbals; house, I 19 do.
Bowman, Wni., teacher of music, 17 Brunsivick la.
Bowman, Wm., pianofute nianuf ictuier and tuuer,
8 Carlton court. Bridge street; house, 4 do.
Bowman, Mrs. Alexander, 12 South Wellington st.
BOWSER & Cameron, eni^ineers, crane maker.'*, and
ship hearth manufs , 80 and 88 M'Neil street.
Bowser, Howaid, of D. Y. S/eiviiVt (j- Co. ; house, 3
Provan place, North Montrose street.
Bowser, William, jun., ofBuu-senf Ca7)iei-on ; hon&e,
30 jMonteith row.
BOAVSTEAD, Thomas F., metal merchant and re-
finer, 6J Barrack street; house, 17 Armour st.
Bowstead, Thomas F., jun., brassfoiinder and gas
engineer and gastitier, 170 Trongate.
Bowstead, William, tobacco pipe and crucible ma-
nufacturer, 61 Duke street ; house, 17 Armour st
BOYACK, Alexander, cigar merchant and tobac-
conist, 166 Argyle street; house, 6 Rutland place.
BOYD, Adam, wright and limber merclimt, 35
Douglas street ; house, Walworth ter., 76 Kent rd.
Boyd, Adam, commission merchant, 95 Ilulcbeson
street ; house, Fife place, Shawlands.
Boyd, Alex., teller. Bank of Scotlaiid, Laurieston 5
house, 1 Newstead place, Govan road.
Boyd, Alex., manufacturer, 100 Brunswick street.
Bo}'ii, Uavid, & Co., wholesale and export stationers
and general agents, depot for Milner's fire proof
safes and Croggan's rooting, sheathing, inodorous,
and boiler felts, 119 Ingram street.
Boyd, David, at Datrid Bcyd <f Co.'s ; house, 6
Hamilton place. Great Western road.
Boyd, Edmund, master of method, Free Normal
Seminar}', Cowcaddens; house, Meadowbaiik place,
Boyd, George, ironmonger, 248 Buchanan street,
house, 39 Scott street, Garnethill.
Bovd, Henry, whip and thong manufacturer, 117
Stockwell street.
Boj'd, Henry, M.D. and surgeon, 174 Argyle street ;
house, 1 5 Oswald street.
Boyd, Rev. Jaine=:, D.D , minister of Iho Tron
parish ; house, 5 Woodside terrace.
Boyd, James, merchant, 64 Oxford street.
Boyd, James, writer, 17 Gordon street.
Boyd, James, saddler and harness maker, 231 Stir-
ling's road ; house, 2S2 Dobbie's loan.
Boyd, James, bread and biscuit baker, 426 Par-
liamentary road.
Boyd, James, at Gourock Sailioorh Co.'s ; house, 53
Clarence street.
Boyd, James, grocer, 23 Bridge st.; ho. 70 Oxford st.
Boyd, Cajjtain John, 1? Rutland pi., Govan road.
Boyd, John, writer, 17 Gordon street; house. Kirk-
hill, Mearns.
Boyd, John, wincy, fancy dress, fancy skirt, and
shawl manufactur.r, 52 Glas-f ird st.
Boyd, John, hay merch.int, 15 Dalmarnock road;
house, 133;J Canning street, Calton.
Boyd, John, stationer, 6 Glebe street.
Boyd, John, clerk, 1 Police lane; house, 4 Herbert-
son street, Laurieston.
Boyd, John, manufacturer, 30 Kirk street, Calton.
Boyd, John, hairdre-ser, 61- Stockwell si reet.
Boyd, Joseph, Blyth^wood Estate oflice, 81 St.
George's place ; house, 19 St. Vinceiu crescent.

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