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Bmcii.AiKN liciii Co. niall«-able inm works, Bloch-
aini ; oiWw, 43 West Kegent street.
BLOOMFIKLD, Louis, watchmaker and jeweller,
48 Bniomielaw.
BuiKVALK Sessional School, 478 Duke street.
BLYTH, Rev. (ieorge, Canon Street U.l'. Church;
house, .36 Dalhousie street.
Blvtli, Thomas, bootmaker, 98 Buchanan street;
lioose. 23 Carlton place.
Blyth, IMrs. James, 98 South Portland street.
Blvlh, Mrs., 28 Cowcaddens .street.
BLYTnswoiin E.^tate (iffice, 81 St. George's place;
Jonathan IJankine, factor and coainiissioner ; R.
Lanclilin, accountant.
BOAG, Anchew, cngr.iver and lithographer, 52 Ar-
gvlestiect; house, 45 Crookston street.
Boiig, James, spirit mercht., 7i) Main St., BridgetOTi.
BoHg, John, bootmaker, 271 Ueorge st.; ho 273 do.
Boag, Jdliii, iron & uutal merchant, 100 Holm st. ;
ho. 225 St. Vincent street.
Boag, John, jun., bookseller, stationer, and iiews-
agviit, 312 Buchanan street.
BOBCZYNSKF, K., & Co., commission merchants
and agents, 72 Wilson street.
BOCK, L. A., of Leisler, Bock, ^ Co.; house, 5
Park quadrant.
BODSTEIN, Mrs.,- 108 Hill street, Garnethill.
BOGGIE, Chap., victualler, 75 Brown St.. Bridgeton.
BOCiLE, Hugh, & Co., painters, paper- hanger.s,
gilders, glass-stainers, emiiossers, and interior
decorators to the Queen, 66 Gordon street ; work-
shops, St reter"s lane.
Bogle, Hugh, of H. Bogle 4' Co. ; house, 3 Rose
street, (iarntlhill.
Bogle, J. & W., milliners, drapers, &c., 51 Egltn. st.
Bogle, J. Y., milliner, hosier, stay, and straw-hat
warehouse, 294 Argyle st. ; house, 292 do.
Bogle, J<ihn, church officer, St. George's in-the-
Fields ; house, 275 St. George's road.
Bogle, Peter, & Co., cotton spinners, 1 St. Vincent
place ; works, Barrowfield spinning factory, 149
Eeid street, Bridgeton.
Bogle, W. R , fancv hardware merchant, 294 Ar-
gvle St. ; house, 292 do.
Bogle, William, 54 O.xford street.
BO(;UE, i;. A., clothier and hatter, 113 Ingram
St.; house, Rosedale, Ibroxholm.
Boii.KU Works, Lilyhank, top of (or 349) Eglinton
street, William Wilson ; house, Muirhouse, Pol-
lokshaws road.
BOII.EVJN, F. A., & Co., brandy merchants, An-
goulenie, France; John K. & I'aniel Orr, agents,
Madeira building-, 253 Argyle street.
BOLTON, Andrew Miller, teacher of dancing and
calisihenics. Baronial H.-.II, 45 South Portland St.;
house, 5 Tvlefield street.
Bolton, George, grocer, 119 Ren field street.
Bolton, J. C, of Ker, Bolton, ^ Co.; house, Car-
biOdk, near Stilling.
Bolton & M'Lachlan, contractors. 5 Govan street.
Bolton, R., teacher of dancing, 125 Crown Point rd.
Bolton, William, professor of dancing and calis-
thenics, Vicioiia Assembly Rooms, 235 Buchanan
stieet ; house. Hawthorn cottage, Helensburgh.
Bolton, William, junr., professor of dancing, 5"l'yle-
• field street.
Bolton, .lane, & Co., remnant warehouse, 24 Clyde ter.
BONAR, Rev. Andrew A., ndni.sterof Free Church,
Finnieston ; house, 64 St. Vincent crescent.
Bonar, J. & R , grocers, wine and spirit merchants,
6 Eglint(m street ; house, 8 do.
Bonnar, Neil, manuf, 50 York street. Little Govan ;
house, 48 do.
Bciiiar, Mrs., 5 Mansfield place.
BONK, Ale.x., spirit merchant, 86 and 88 Nelson
street, Tradeston ; house, 38 do.
BONESS, Robert, remnant warehouse, 38 Steel
street ; house, 26 Low Green stieet.
BOUG, John, saddler, 16 Renfield stieet.
BOOKL.ASS, George, carver and gilder, 27 Dunlop
street; house, 3 Paterson street, Kingston.
Bookless, Mrs., dress & cloak maker, 44 Saucliiehst.
BOOTH, John, spirit dealer. Rob Roy tavern, 43
Argyle street ; house, 6 Great Clyde stieet.
BoKDKAiJX Steam-Packet Office, Hutchison and
Browne, 135 Buchanan street.
Borland, Alexander, at Mv.ttr cf Millers; house,
415 Gallowgate.
Borland, Francis, secretary Athena;um, 110 Ingram
stieet; house, 66 Walworth terrace, Kent road.
Borl.nd, Hugh, G.P.O., 31 East Market street.
Borland & Giilhrie, tailors and clothiers, 192 Ar-
gyle street
Borland, John, potato merchant, Eilinr. and Glasg.
Railway Station, Queen st. ; house, 39 Uuke st.
Borland, Rev. J. W., minister of Gillespie U. P.
Chuich, Great Hamilton street; house, 90 Ri gent
terrace, Stirling's load.
Borland, Jnhn, grocer, 178 Pollokshaws road.
Boilarid, Robert, green-grocer, 20 Eldendie street.
Borland, Riibert, of Borland cj' Steven; house, 511
Borland & Steven, firebrick and grinding worlds, 26
East Market street.
Borland, Thomas, victualler, 190 Gallowgate ; ho.
39 Duke street.
Borland, William, flesher. 111 Dumbarton road; ho.
194 Main street, Gorlials.
BORRoN, Price, & Co, glass and bottle manufrs.,
Glasgow Glass Works, Anderston &.Port-Dundas ;
office, 13 I'rince's square.
Borron, William Geddes, glass and lead maiiufactr.,
Glasgow Glass Works, Anderston & Port- Dundas;
house, 217 West George street and Leadhilis.
BORROWS, Jeremiah, (y/7f(MiVto«, Bon-oWe; tj' Co.;
house, 194 Gallowgate.
Borrows. Jeremiah, baker, 1G9 Gallowgate.
BORTHWICK, Adam, teacher of writing, arith-
metic, and bookkeeping, 4 West Piince's street.
Borthwick, Alexander, & Son, wholesale snialhvare
merchants, 91 Buchaniin street.
Borthwick, Gilkisun, & Co., iron merchants and
insurance brokers, 131 Buchanan street.
Borthwick, Hector G. S., of BoitJiwick, Gilkison, (^
Co ; house. Rose cottage, Hillhead.
Borthwick, John B., of A. BortJiwic/c <f Son ; house,
24 Saiidyford place.
Borthwick, William M., teacher of writing, arith-
metic, and bookkeeping, 6 Klmbank street.
Borthwick, Mrs. Alexander. 124 Douglas street.
BOST, A., & Co., metal brokers and commission
agents, 135 Buchanan stieet.
Host, A, of A. Bos't (f Co.; house, Dalmuir.
Host, 'J'., of A. Bost cj- Co.; ho. 4 Rochester place.
BOS I ON. John, etigraver& lithographer, 12 Argyle
aicade; house, 26 Catlicart street, Kinniiig park.
Boston & M'Farlane, wholesale te.i nieichanis, 15
Howard street.

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