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Bicket, John, fleslier, 9 North Albion si. ; ho. 10^ do.
Bicket, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 5 Oxturd st.
BIDEN, Ifev. John Xavier, St. Alo^sius' Catliolic
collegp, 77 Cliarlotte street.
BIGld"N I, Felix, figure-maker, 11 King St., Calton.
BIGGaK, Charles, tailor and clothier, '62 Mason St.
Biggar, John, Ci>wfeeder, lllj Great Hamilton st.
Biggar, Mjtthew, jun., at A. M. ij- M. Mitchdl cj-
Watson's; house. Main stieet, Pollokshaws.
BILSLANI), Alexander, japanner, 10 Oullfge open.
Bilsland, Archibald, victualler, 113 Canning street,
Calton ; house, 121 do.
Bilsland, James, provision merchaiit, 10 St. James'
street, Kingston; house, 1-1 do.
Bilsland, James, provision merchant, 78 Govan st.,
and 40 Thistle street.
Bilsland, John, of Rose, cj- Bilsland; house, 46 Cam-
bridge stieet.
Bilsland, John, grocer and provision merchant, 88
Port-Dundas road ; house, 46 Cambridge street.
Bilsland, Robert, & Co., tinsniitlis, gas-fitters, and
tin and ssinc packing-case makers, 22 George
square, and I .'J St. Vincent lane.
Bilsland, Uobert, provi-.ion merchant, 22 Norfolk st.
and .5u King street, Tradeston.
Bilsland, Mrs, E., grocer, 272 High street.
BINGLAND, H., of John Athya tf- Co.; residence,
Clou.gliion, Hirken'iead.
BINNIE, Alexander, brickbuilder, 78 East John st.
Binnie, David, builder, 57 Abbotsford place.
Biiiney, Edward, "glass bender and glazier, 14 Clyde
street, Port-Dun. laa; house, 9 do.
Binnie, James, at Allan i.f Manns; ho. 50 Surrey st.
Binnie, John, wiight, liuilder, and property' valuator;
ofBce, 53 Eglinton street; works, 92 West street,
Tradeston ; house, Ibroxholm, Paisley road.
Binnie & Murray, measurers, 27 Union street.
Binnie, Hobert, pork butcher, 17 Cathcart street.
Binnie, Robert, smith and farrier, 3 Warwick St.;
house, 12 Norfolk Street.
Binnie, Thos., builder, 4 Somerville pi., Monteithrow.
Binnie, Mrs. George, 22 Westminster terrace.
BINNINtl, John, of Andreio Anderson, Fordyce, (f
Co. ; house, Woodend cottage, Langside.
Binning, Robert, ff George Millar if Co. ; house,
Albert terrace, Dowanliill gardens.
BIRCH, Misses, young ladies' seminary, 2 Abbots-
ford plnce.
BIRD, D.ivid, writer, and fire and life insurance
agent, pro(-urator before the courts of Linlithgow-
shire, 107 Buchanan street; house, Munow's
park, Co|)l:tnd road, Govan.
Bird, Gregory, manager of British asphalte company,
92 Stirling st., Port-Dundas ; ho. 8 Berkley ter.
BIENIE, George, retired supervisor of inland re-
venue, 207 St. George's road.
Birnie, Miss, dress and cloak maker, 38 West Camp-
bell street.
BIRRELL, Alexander, of Walker, Birrell, cf Co. ;
house, 2 Ii:impton court terrace, Renfrew street.
Blrrel), Andrew, at D. W. Mackeclmie's, Royal Ex-
change biiildings ; house, 4 Granville jjlace, St.
George's road,
liirrell Brothers, shoemakers and leather merchants,
17 Candlerigt;3 ; house, 171 Upper Oown street.
Birrell, David, of Walker Birrell cj- Co. ; house, 1
Mansfield place.
Pirrell, i)ai\ son, of Watson, Clianiberlain, if Birrell;
house, 4 Griinville place, St. George's road.
Birrell, George, iron merchant and comniission agent,
anchors, chains, wire ropes, &c., 45 Union street ;
house, 12 Cumberland street.
Birrell, Robert, tea and coffee merchant, 3 Candle-
rijrgs ; house, 133 London street.
Birrell, William, tf William Euiat/ tj- Co.; house, 8
Wilton crescent, New City road.
Birrell, Martha, 19 Brunswick street; house, 130
Parson s;reet.
BISHOP, Andrew, at James Wright's, G3 Buchanan
.street ; house, 32 Cumbarlaiul street.
Bi-hop, Archibald, bread and fancy biscuit bidter, 9
S luchiehall street.
Bisho[), Thomas, ironmonger, ship chandler, tinsmith,
and flagmaker, G Clyde jjlace ; ho. 2.'! Oxford st.
Bishop, VVm. A., bootmaker, 3.S Souili Portland st.
BISSKTT, Alexander, cabinetmaker and uplmlsterer,
76 Sauchieliall street ; works, Killcnnont street ;
house, 78 Sauchiehall street.
Bisset, Thomas, aj^ent, 91 Govan street.
Bisset, William, merchant and insurance agent, 181
New City road.
Bisset, Misses, dressms. & milliners, 181 N City rd.
BISSLAND, James, auctioneer anil appraiser, 3 St.
Enoch square; house, Allan place, 43t) Argyle St.
BissoE Tin Smelling Company; agents, llannan,
Kerr, & Co., 22 W est Nile .-tieet.
BLACK, Adam, pninter and paperlianger, 92 Cura-
beilandst., Hntchesontowii; ho. 172 Hospital st.
Black, Alexander, grocer, 121 Bottenrow.
Black, Alexander, oj Black tj- liobson ; house, 18
Woodside place.
Black, Andrew, saddler, 7 West Campbell street.
Black, Archibakl, at Wm. Connal ly Co.'s ; house, 189
George street.
Black, Archibald, reedinaker, 24 High street.
Blacic Ball and Eagle Line of Australian Packets ;
agents, Joseph Held & Co., 54 Broom ielaw.
Black Ball and Eagle Line of Australian Packets ;
agents, W. Arnot, jui;., & Co , 45 Union street.
Black, C.R., iron and steel merchant, 159 London
street ; house, 93 do.
Black, D. & G., bakers and flour merchants, 76
Kirk street, Calton ; house, 30 i\lain street, do.
Black, David, woollen draper, 28 Gallowgate; house,
Egrernont lodge, Helensburgh.
Black, David, & Co., wireworkers and wirecloth
manufacturers, 49 Trongate.
Black, David, of Block 4 Fraser ; ho. G Clifton pi.
Black,, Duncan, paltry baker, 35 Candleriggs; ho.
75 do.
Black & Fraper, shawl inanufs., 13 St Vincent pi.
Black, Gavin, tobacconist, 28 New Dalniarnock rd.
Black, George, writer, 46 West Lieorge street ; house,
26 Cumbei land street, West.
Black, Henry, chinmey sweeper, soot merchant, and
slater, 71 Stockwell stieet.
Black, Henry, jun., chimney sweeper and soot mer-
chant, 12 Nicholson street.
Black, Henry, mason ; yard, 385 Parliamentary
road; house, 50 Itentield street.
Black, Hugh, dairyman, 221 Stirling's road.
Black, James, & Co., manufacturers and calico
printers, 29 Royal Exchange square.
Black, James, master mariner and ship inspector,
44 West street.
Bl cck, James Spens, of Craigmaddie, of John Black
<?; Co ; 64 Gordon street; resid., Ciaigmaddie,

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