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Bell, Robert, spirit dealer, lOG Main st., Bridgeton.
Bell, Robert, calico printer, 80 Buchanan street;
Avorks, Ruthvenlield, Perth.
Bell, ThoiiiHs, slater, 1 Warwick Street 5 house, 175
Hospital street.
Bell. VV alter, writer, of Bell if Paterson; house, 95
Holland street.
Bell, Wastle, diaper and clothier, 182 Trongate.
Bell, William and Fiidav, fleshers, 176 Argvle St.
Bell, William, of W. ij- F. Bell; hou.se, Derby ter-
race, Saiichieliall street.
Bell, William, hotel-keeper, 51 and 52 Clyde place,
and 1 and 5 Dale street.
Bell, William, bootmaker, 34: Renfleld street.
Bel), William, Union Bank; ho. 27 Hamilton drive.
Bell & Wright, reedmakers, Buchanan court, 44
Bell's Hotel & Temperance coffeehouse, 68 Trongate.
Bell, Mrs., l.S Royal terrace.
Bell, Mrs James, 289 Saucliiehall street.
Bell, Mrs. Neil, dairy keeper, 9 Greendyke street.
Bell, Mrs. Stuart, 4 Windsor terrace.
Bell, Miss, matron, female lodging-house, 19 Car-
lick street.
Bell, Janet, dressmaker and milliner, 3 Stevenson st.
Bell, Miirv, milliner & dressmaker, 90 Stobcross st.
Bkllsdyke Colliery Company, John Lament,
agent ; coal merchant, 33 Buchanan street, and
Monkland Canal basin.
BELSHAW, William, furniture dealer, 34 West
Milton street, Cowcaddens; ho. 14 Maitland St.
BEN.NKTT, Ale.xander, af Milltr 4- Flemings; ho.
71 Waterloo street.
Beniietr, Browne, & Co., insurance brokers, 17 Ex-
change .square.
Bennett vt Co., merchants, and wholesale wine and
brandy dealers, Dnnd.is lane, 162 Buchanan st.
Bennett, James, 9 Howard st., and 32 Adam's court
lane; house, 51 St. James' street, Kingston.
Benin It, Captain James Fiederick, Government
Emigr.ition Office, I 01 Hope street.
Beniieit, John B., painter, interior decorator, and
paperlianger to the Queen, 50 Gordon St.; works,
114 Waterloo St.; ho. 12t Blythsuooil terrace.
Bemielt, P., of Bennett ij- Co.; ho. 172 St. Geo. rd.
Bennett, Peter, eatinghoiise keeper, 9 Crown street.
Bennett, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, and
family grocer, 36 Pollokst. ; house, Pollokshields.
Bennett, Thnnias, grocer and provision merchant,
Bennett, Thomas, grocer and provision mercht., 23
Herri(;t St., PoUoksliaws ; ho. Greenbink st., do".
Bennett, Mrs., lodgings, 16 Adelphi street.
BKXNlE, George, li'O West street, Tradeston.
Beiinie, (ieorge, & Co., fuuiider.'), Kinning Park
Foiindiy, Great Wellington street. Paisley road.
Bennie, (ieorge, o/" G. Bennie if Co.; ho. 139 Green-
law place.
Bennie, J:imes, & Co., ironfounders, 124 West
street, Tradeston.
Bennie, James, 0/ James Bennie cf' Co.; ho. South
Eldoii cottage, Paterson street, Kingston.
Bennie, J-nnes, jun., at James Bennie f Go's.; house,
no West street.
Bennie, John, & Son, bottlers, packers, and purifiers
of wine, -10 West Canipliell street.
Bcimie, iMi.s., china and crystal w.ireh., 194 Hope st.
Bennie, Mrs., draper and hosier, 145 Eglinton st. ;
house, 4 Eglinton lane.
Bennie, Margaret, wine and spirit merchant, 2 Great
Hamilton street.
BENNION,. William, glass and china warehouse,
23 Little street; house, 3 Kerr street.
BENSON, D., G.P.O.: house, 106 Renfrew street.
Benson, W. D., G.P.O.; house, 106 Renfrew street.
BENTLEY, William, hairdresser and perfumer, 1
Oswald street; house, 29 do.
BENTON, John, D., & Co., wool, iron, and com-
mission merchants, 120 South Albi(m street.
Benton, John D., of John D. Benton <J- Co.; house,
40 Buccleuch street.
Benton & Murdoch, merchants and agents, 24
Howard street.
BENTZKN, P., & Co., com. mercht., 78 Miller st.
Bentzen, F. W., Danish vice consul, of F. Eentzen (f
Co:, and Anderson if Bentzen, 78 Miller street.
BENZII-:, Kobt, at Thomas Chalmers if Co. 's, Tron-
gate; house, Devon villa, Crossbill, Cathciirt.
BERNARD, Thomas & James, brewers, Edinburgh;
James Murraj', agent. 62 Jamaica street.
Bernard, William, clockcase maker, 22 Kent street.
BERIilE, Andrew, of Auld, Berrie, <f Mathieson;
house, 1 98 Pitt street.
Berry, Hender.son, & Co., corn factors. Corn Ex-
change buildings, 5 Waterloo street.
Berry, John, upholsterer. 11 Hopeton phice.
Berry, Walter, of Berry, Henderson, 9'- Co., 5 Water-
loo street.
BERTRAM & Co., agents, Corn Exchange build-
ings, 5 Waterloo street.
Bertram, H., of Bertram if Co.; house, Clydeview,
Bertram, Peter, stationer & bookbinder, iind luggage
label manufacturer, 2o2 and 204 Aro;yle street,
and Post (Jffice receiving-house; ho. 16 Hope st.
BERWICK. Alexander, merchant and commissioa
agent, 1 2 Di.xon street.
Berwick & Brown, teachers, 13 Salisbury street;
house, 58 Cumberland street.
Berwick, John, mason and stone merchant, granite
and French hurr millstone maker; yard, Lanark
St., (iff Dobbie's loan; ho. 22 Garscadden street.
BEST, David, grncer, 161 High street.
BESUICK, William, gold beater, 112 Hope street;
house. 107 South Portland street.
BETHELL, John, creosoting works, 51 Crawford
street. Port Eglinton ; office, 83 Jamaica street.
BiiTHi' i.i.'.s timberpreserving works, 51 Crawford st.,
i^ort- Eglinton.
BETHQNE, John, blacksmith, 13 Cook street; ho.
70 Eglinton street.
Betlunie, Peter, 16 Scotia street.
BETTON, Mrs.', milk shop, 7 Main street, Gorbals.
BEVEHIDGE, James, slater, 6.5 Bridgegate ; ho.
4 Steel street.
BEWS, David, of W. T. Bews f Co.; house, Rcck-
villa house. Fossil road.
Bews, W. T., & Co., produce brokers and commis-
sion agents, 5 Dixon .street.
BICKERDH^E. Rev. W., primitive methodist
minister, 189 George street.
BlCKEliS, James, of D. Swan, jiin., if Co.; house,
168 Springfield place, St. George's road.
Bickers, John, Government Emigration Office, 161
Hope street ; house, 95 Doiisilas street.
RK'KERTON, D., com. traveller, 4 Carnarvon st.
BICKI'-T, James, painter and papei hanger, 49 Rea-
tield stieet ; house, 44 Norfolk street.

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