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Baker, VVilliara, of William Baker cj- Co. ; residence,
Woodside house, Coatbridge.
Bakers' House of Call, 28 Saltmarket; Tliomas
Napier, local secretary.
Balachulish Slatevvorks, John M'Innes, manager,
Glencoe ; John Cameron, agent, 65 Jamaica st.
BALD, A. H., of Bald # Maitland ; house, 235
Stirling's road.
Bald, James, merchant & corn broker, il Oswald st.
Bald, John, & Co., distillers, Carsebridge, Alloa ;
agents, John K, and Daniel Orr, Madeira build-
ings, 253 Argjde street.
Bald, J. & J. W., wholesale tea and coffee dealers,
65 Glassford street.
Bald & Maitland, manufacturers, 44 Hutcheson st.
Bald & Miller, ironmongers, smiths, bellhangers, and
packing-case makers, 174 Trongate; works, Han-
over street.
Bald, Peter, & Son, drysalters, 45 Dunlop street.
Bald, Peter, of Peter Bald cf Son ; ho. Fairj' knowe,
Blairmore, by Greenock.
Bald, Robert, of Bald 4' Miller; house, Tansy bank.
Both well.'
Bald, Eobert, 174 Trongate ; house. Tansy bank
villa, Bothwell.
Bald, Mrs., 91 Pollok street.
Jjald, Mrs. Wm., 51 South Apsley place.
BALDERSTON, Alex., accountant, 55 West Nile
street; house, 106 Bath street.
Balderston, David, chemist and druggist, 130 South
Cumberland street.
BALFOUR, Alex,, at Robert Cochran's, North
Woodside grinding mills; ho. 552 St. Vincent st.
Balfour, Daniel, joiner, 20 Salisbury street.
Balfour, James A., 54 Oxford street.
Balfour, James N., of William Balfour ij- Co.; ho.
4 St. George's road.
Balfour, John, cabinetmaker and furniture dealer,
80 Maxwell street ; ho. Crossbill, Cathcart road.
Balfour, William, & Co., merchants and agents,
1 National Bank buildings. Queen street.
Balfour, William, of William Balfour cf Co. ; house,
3 Queen's crescent.
fSalfour, Mrs., 237 Cowcaddens street.
Balfouu Parish School, 24 No. Portland st.; James
Allan, teacher.
BALLANTYNE, Alex., wright, 9 Green st'. lane,
Bridgeton ; house, 60 Main street do.
Ballantyne, Andw., provis. mercht., 231 Sauchiehall
street; house, 15 Scotia street.
Jiallantyne, Charles, pattern -drawer and print-cut-
ter, 2 North Coburg street.
Ballantine, David, family grocer, 88 Cumberland st.
Ballantyne, Js., pawnbroker and jeweller, 3 College st.
Ballantyne, James, pawnbroking sale-rooms, 175
High St. ; ho. 3 College street.
Ballantyne, James, dairyman, 102 Maitland street.
Ballantj'ne, James, of Johnston tj* Ballantyne; house,
61 Cowcaddens.
Ballantyne, James, of Robert Robertson <j- Co. ; house,
Brierbank cottage, Shavvlands.
Ballantyne, John, draper, 46 Candleriggs ; house,
115 Montrose street.
Ballantyne, John, bakers' utensil maker, 79 Green-
dyke St. & 38 Charlotte la.; ho. 114^ London st.
Ballantyne, John, wine and spirit merchant, 69
Glebe street.
Ballantyne, William, warper, 90 Bell street; house,
CO Main street, Bridgeton.
Ballantyne, William, of M-Kindlay tf- Ballantyne ;
house, Rosevilla, Biggar.
Ballantyne, Mrs., 108 South Portland street.
BALLARDIE, John, upholsterer and cabinetmaker,
3 Carlton place; house, do.
BALLiJfDALLOCii Co., 118 Brunswick stjeet.
BALLINGALL & Bousie, wrights, 101 Holm st.
Ballingall, Thomas, of Ballingall cj- Bousie ; house,
2G St. James' street.
BALLOCH, Robert, of Colqulwun 4- Balloch; house,
Eamont lodge, Dowanliill gardens.
Ballycastle Iron Mining Co., 45 Union street ;
George Birrell, agent.
BALNAVES, Henry, liouse factor, 19 Paisley road.
Baltic Works, 37 Graham street, Bridgeton.
BAMBERGER, L., &Co., curriers and leather mer-
chants, import and export, 15 Dixon street,
Bamberger, Louis, of L. Bamberger 4' Co. ; house,
47 Buccleuch street.
Bank of Deposit, 52 Gordon St.; Millar & Millar,
local managers.
Bank of Scotland, 66 Ingrain street; Andrew Neil-
son, manager ; G. W. Hill, sub-manager.
Bank of Scotland, Laurieston, 1 Bridge street ; Jas.
Gourlay and James Svme, agents.
BANKIER, Alex., flesher, 274 Gallowgate ; house,
4 Macfarlane street.
Bankier, Lietke, & Co., ship brokers, 25 Gordon st
Bankier, W. D., & Co., metal brokers, 25 Gordon st.
Bankier, W. D., of W. D. Bankier cj- Co. ; house,
319 Bath crescent.
Bankier, William, jun., commission merchant, 15
Renfield street ; house, 2 Royal circus.
Bankier Distillery Co., Denny; office, 14 Canon st.
BANKS, Andrew Ward, professor of music and
teacher of the pianoforte, 241 Buchanan street.
Banks, James, dealer in remnants of printed cloth,
&c., 31 Charlotte lane.
Banks, John Henry, surveyor H.M. stamps & taxes,
and assessor of lands valuation for the barony
and city parishes without the municipal boundary,
52 Virginia street.
BANNATYNE, Alexander, corn & flour factor, 60
Oswald street ; resid. Rockbank, Gourock.
Bannatyne, Andrew, writer, of Bannatynes if Kirk-
wood; house, 4 Park circus, and Millheugh,
Bannatyne, Rev. Archibald, Free Knox's Church ;
house, 2 Kingston place.
Bannatyne, David, commis. agt., 70 Ea. Howard st.
Bannatyne, Dugald, John, writer, of Bannatynes 4'
Kirhoood ; house, 214 Adelaide place, and East-
bank, Port-Glasgow.
Bannatyne, James, pawnbroker and foreign coin
exchanger, 3 Carrick st. ; sale shop, 5 do.
Bannatyne, John, 98 West George street ; house,
221 Brandon place.
Bannatynes & Kirkwood, writers, 151 West Geo. st.
Bannatyne, Ninian, provision merchant, 70 East
Howard st. ; resid. Rockbank house, Gourock.
Bannatyne, Robert, officer of fislieries, 12 Oswald
street; house, 22 Robertson street.
Bannatyne, Mrs., general grocer, 51 Cambridge st.
Bannatyne, Miss, 16 Newton place.
BANNERMAN, David, corn factor and American
produce broker, 80 Gordon st. ; ho. 1 M'Auslan st.
Baniierman, John, tobaccopipe maker, 374 Gallowg.
Bannerman, John, teller, British Linen Co.'s Bank- ;
house, 3 Elmbank street.

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