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Athya, John, of John Aihya ij- Co.; house, 2 Clifton
street, Somerset place.
Atlantic Royal Mail Steam Navigation Company
(limited); L5n-den & Christie, agts., 62 Jamaica st.
Atlas Fire & Life Assurance Company of London ;
William Carrick & Sons, Virginia bds., agents. —
See Advertisement in Appendix.
Atlas Foundry, Market street, Gallowgate.
Atlas Works," 120 East Milton street.
AUCHINCLOSS, John, spirit dealer, 235 Main st.,
TJridgeton ; house, 231 do..
AUCHINVOI.E, David, of Johnston cfFarie; ho.
114 West Nile street.
Auchinvole, John, jun., of Johnston <^ Farie, 62
Wilson street.
Auchinvole, John, zebra shawl and dhootee manu-
facturer, 4 Montrose street; house, Crosshill.
AUCHTERLONIE, Alex., of jV-Crindle, Schaw, cj-
Co. ; house, 24 Lynedoch street.
Auchterlonie, Mrs., 12 Lynedoch crescent.
AULD, Alex. W., oj' Auld ^' Buchanan; house, 17
Woodside crescent.
Auld, Alex., foreman joiner, 32 Kelviiihaugh street;
house, 52 WiUiam street, Anderston.
Auld, Archibald, of Auld if Cross; ho. Oswaldhill,
Auld, Berrie, & Mathieson, muslin manufacturers,
111 Union street.
Auld & Buchanan, calico prints., 14&22 W. Nilest.
Auld & Cross, corn factors, 263 Argyle street.
Auld, David, engineer and patentee of reducing
valves, &c., 80 Canning st., Caltun ; ho. 82 do.
Auld, Henry, of Auld, Berrie, 4' Mathieson; house,
Lilyvale cottage, Copeland road, Govan.
Auld, John, picture-frame maker, 12 Kglinton st.
Auld, John,, painter and paperhanger, 165 & 290
High street ; house, 298 do.
Auld, Ross R., writer, 98 West Nile street.
Auld, Thomas, baker, 155 Ingram street; ho. 140
George street.
Auld, Capr. Thomas, shipmaster, 37 Morrison st.
Auld, T. & M., ironmongers, 8, 10 London street.
Auld, Wm., accountant and sharebroker, q/'M^Etvan
cj- Auld, 63 St. Vincent st. ; house, 4 Park terrace.
AUSTINE & Co., coal masters, 20 Dixon street;
house. Windmill road, Hamilton.
Austin, George, and Co., writing desk, dressing
case, and bagatelle board manufacturers, 14 Ren-
field street ; ho. 52 Douglas street.
Austin, James, & Son, bakers, 172 Main street,
Austin & M'Auslin, nursery and seedsmen, 186
Trongate ; nurseries, Copelawhill, Pollokshaws rd.
Austin, Robert, pastry baker, 34 Main St., Anderston.
Austin, William, of Austin cf- APAuslin; house,
Roseliill, I (!4 Pollokshaws road.
Austin, William, at Imperial Insurance Office, 24
St. Vincent place ; house, Govan.
Austin, William, miller, 6 Commercial road ; house,
Australian &' American Packet Office, 8 St.
Enoch square; D. M'Culloch & Co , agents.
Australian Packet Office, 15 St. Enoch square;
William Orr& Co., agents.
Australian Packets, Office, 45 Union street ; W.
Arnot, jun., & Co., agents.
AVERY, William, & Son, needle and fish-hook
manufacturers, Redditch; agent, Ale.xander Green,
136 Buchanan street.
BACHOP, Misses E. & M., milliners and dress-
makers, 23 George street.
BADT, Meyer, furrier, and general skin merchant,^
70 Stockwell street ; ho. 5 East Howard st.
BAILES, Joseph, (late of the Excise,) 166 Hospi-
tal street.
BAILLIE, Andrew, dairyman, 16 Macpherson st.
Bailey, George, hotel keeper, Thistle and Soho, 41
Glassford street.
Baillie, James, malt merchant, 52 Catherine street,
Anderston ; house, 68 Cranston street.
Baillie, James, & Co., hani-curers, cheese and butter
merchants, 63 Candleriggs ; ho. 121 Ho.spital st.
Baillie, John, grocer and provision merchant, 144
StoLicross St., and 64 Catherine street, Anderston ;
house, 20 Dumbarton road.
Baillie, William, grocer and provision merchant, 20
Adtlphist. ; house, 26 Thistle st., Hutchesontown.
Baillie, Mrs. Robert, victualler, 52 Abercromby St.;
house, 4 East Rose street.
Baillie, Miss, 40 St. George's road.
Baillie, Miss J , dressmaker, 84 Cathedral street.
BAIN, Alexander, butter and egg merchant, 121
Canning street. Gallon.
Bain, Alexander, broker, 87 King street, Calton.
Bain, Andrew, at George Bain's; 36 West Milton
street ; house, 4 Dalhousie place, Kew City road.
Bain, Carlile, & Co., Clydesdale Chemical works,
Cambuslang ; office, 24 West Howard street.
Bain, David, packing-box maker, 75 Cathedral st.
Bain, David, cabinet and chairmaker, 88 London st.
Bain, Duncan C, spirit dealer, 104 Great Hamilton
street ; house, 63 Tobago street.
Bain, George, agent, 36 VVest Milton street; house,
64 Ann street, Port-Dundas.
Bain, Geo. & Son, tailors »nd clothiers, 15 London st.
Bain, Hugh, baker, 116 New City rd ; ho. 118 do.
Bain, James, of J. cj- W. Bain ; ho. Cleland Testi-
monial, 1 Sauchiehall street.
Bain, James, bookseller, stationer, bookbinder, libra-
rian, musicseller, and news agent, 199 Upper
Main street, Gorbals ; house, 197 do.
Bain, James, engineer ai.d b>.ilermaker, 330 Eglin-
ton street ; house, 4 Buckingham place, do.
Bain, James, Gai tsherrie Office ; ho D Fitzroy pi.
Bain, Jas., commission agent, 19 Apsley pL, South.
Bain, John, of John Bain 4' Go; house, 15 Car-
narvon street.
Bain, John, & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers, 43
Queen street.
Bain, John, oj John cf Robert Bai7i; hoase, Bellfield
cottage, Port-Uundas.
Bain, John, tinsmith and gasfitter, 76 Main street,
Anderston ; house, 110 Cowcaddens street.
Bain, John & Robert, coal murchants and commis-
sion agents. Old basin, Port-Dundas.
Bain, John, stationer, bookse ler, bookbinder, ac-
countant-book andeyeletted direction Libel manu-
facturer, 70 and 74 Argjle street ; house. Brier-
land cottace, Copland road, Govan.
Bain, J. & W., bakers, 141 Argyle street.
Bain, John, of Morriston; letters left at Clydesdale
Chemical Co., 24 West Howard street.
Bain, Jo.seph, writer, 37 St. Vincent place; resi-
dence, Sweethope, near Botliwell.
Bain, Robeit, leedmaker, 10 Broad close, 167 High
street ; house, 102 Blackfriars' street.

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