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Anderson, Mrs. Matthew, baker, 34 King st. ; ho.
24 London street.
Anderson, Mrs., 42 Watt St., Walker place.
Anderson, Mrs., lodgings, 98 South Portland st.
Anderson, Mrs., furnishing shop, 37 George street.
Anderson, Miss, lodgings, 299 Siiuchiehall street.
Anderson, Miss C, lace, sewed muslin, baby linen,
and furnishing warehouse, 164 Sauchiehall st.
Anderson, Miss, 46 Buccleuch street.
Anderson, Misses, dressmakers, 1 York place,
Argyle street.
Anderson's Academy, 12 Carlton place; house, 5
Osborne place, Summertown, Govan road.
Anderson's Royal Polytechnic warehouse, bazaar,
and fine art galleries, 66, 68 Jamaica street.
Andeesontan University, 204 George street ; James
Croll, janitor.
Anderston Bottle Work, Lancefield street.
Andersfon Burgh School, 24 Catherine street.,
Ariderston ; Peter M'Nicol, teacher.
Anderston Cotton Works, J. Houldsworth & Co.,
cotton spinners, 93 Gheapside street.
Anderston Distillerj' Office, 83 Jamaica street; John
Baird & Co., agents.
Anderston Foundry Co., machine makers, iron and
brassfouuders, 100 Cheapside street ; otRce, 124
St. Vincent street.
Anderston Free Church, 89 Cadogan street ; Rev. A.
N. Somerville, minister.
Anderston Gutta Percha Co., 426 Argyle street.
Anderston Sledical Ha'l, 24 Stobcross st, Anderst.
Anderston Police Office, Cranston street, Anderston.
Anderston Public Baths, 36 Hill street, Anderston.
Anderston Rope Work, 19 Stobcross street, Ander.
ANDREW, Alex, of J. 4 A. Andrew; house, 85
Cambridge street.
Andrew, David, spirit merchant, 11 Back wynd ;
house, 20 King street.
Andrews, James, slater, 6 Moncrief}" street ; house,
14 Salisbury street.
Andrew, James, spirit merchant, 18 Killermont st.
Andrew, J. & A., drapers, 13 Sauchiehall street.
Andrew, Thomas, carter, 29 Little Dove hill.
Andrews, Wm., accountant, 109 Great Hamilton st.
Andrew, V/illiam S., wine and spirit merchant, 186
Castle street ; house, 1 82 do.
Andrew, Mrs., lodgings, 53 Holmhead street.
Andrew, Mrs., tobacconist, 120 High street; house,
19 Graham street.
ANGUS, David, spirit dealer, 47 Lancefield quay.
Angus, George, painter, 67 North street.
Angus, Henrj', tlesher, 93 Main street, Anderston ;
house, 3 North street.
Angus, John, victualler, 153 Gallowgate ; house, 9
Suffolk street.
Angus, John, wine and spirit merchant, 29 Norfolk
street ; house, 50 South Apsley place.
Angus, John, of J. Angics cj- Co. ; ho. 8 Douglas st.
Angus, John, & Co., sadlers' ironmongers, silver and
brass platers, saddletree, hame, and collar manu-
facturers, grinders, and polishers, 131 Trongate;
Works, 20 New wynd.
Angus, John, wine and spirit merchant, 24, 28
Royal arcade; house, 50 South Apsley place.
Angus, John, wine and spirit men, 174 Broomie-
law ; house, 7 Cranston street.
Angus, John, wine and spirit nier., 120 Sauchiehall
street; house, 50 South Apsley place.
Angus, Peter, temperance hotel, 127 Argyle street.
Angus, Peter, tobacconist and cigar importer, 28
George square; house, 127 Argyle street.
Angus, Ritchie, of Eioing, Angus, tj- Co. ; house,
Angus, Mrs. James, baker, 1 1 Anderston quay.
Angus, Miss M. P., dres.imaker and milliner, 45
Cambridge street.
ANNACKER, Wm., pork butcher, 2 Wellington
arcade J house, 16 Queen arcade.
ANNAN, Robert, at Daly, Symington, cj' Buchanan s ;
house, 38 Carnarvon street.
Annan, Thomas, photographer, 200 Hope street.
Annan, William, of Knox cj- Annan, writers, 29 St.
Vincent place.
Annand, James C, 4 Buckingham pi., Eglinton st.
Annfield Pottery, 539 Gallowgate.
Annfield School, 563 Gallowgate ; Thomas O'Bierne,
Annuity Society, 49 Virginia street ; Thos. Brown,
ARBOUIN, Marett, & Co., Cognac, shippers of
brandy ; office, 1 2 Hope street; J. B. Sheriff, agent.
ARBUCKLE, Hugh, slater, 54 John street. Bridge-
ton ; house, 1 Muslin street.
Arbuckle, James, cork manufacturer, 14 Dunlop
street ; house, 10 South Wellington street.
Arbuckle, John, cork manufacturer ; 18^ Buchanan
street ; house, Yl Maxwell sti-eet.
Arbuckle, Mrs. William, cork manufacturer, 26
Stockwell street ; house, 47 do.
ARBUTHNOT, James, of Morris cJ- Arhutluiot ;
house, 8 South Kinning place.
Arcade Office, 36 Argyle arcade.
ARCHIBALD, John, spirit merchant, 67 Prince's
street ; house, 68 Grace street.
Archibald, Joseph, tobacconist, 8, 10 Trongate ;
house, 49 Kent street.
Archibald, Wm., tailor and clothier, 246 Argyle St.
Ardbeg Distillery, Islay ; Buchanan, Wilson, &
Co., agents, St. Enoch square.
Ardeer Iron Works office, 127 St. Vincent street.
Argus Life Assurance Co. of London, 49 Virginia
street ; Brown & Dunlop, writers, agents.
Argyle Baths, hot air, vapour, douche, and every
other kind of bath, 366 Argyle st. opposite York
st. — See Adv. in Appendix.
Argvle Free Gaelic Church, 14 Oswald street; Rev.
A. M'Dougall, minister; house, 5 Holland place.
Argyle Sale- Rooms, cabinet and upholstery wareho.
Turner's ct. 87 Argyle st. — See Adv. in Appendix.
ARMOUR, Allan, officer of Free St. Matthew's
Church, house and coal agent, 158 North street ;
house, 199 Kent road.
Armour, Alex. B., of Muir, Armour, cj Robertson ;
house, Meiklehill, Kirkintilloch.
Armour, Andrew, at R. S. Newall f Co.'s.; house, 48
Claremont' street.
Armour & Co., watch manufacturers, jewellers, and
silversmiths, 54 St. Enoch square.
Armour & Christie, furnishing ironmongers, tin-
smiths, and gasfitters, 261 B Argyle st.
Armour, Gabriel, fishmonger, 15 Canon St., and
451 Argyle st. ; house, 9 Canon st.
Armour, James F., of James Donaldson (^- Co.;
residence, Castlehill, by East Kilbride.
Armour, John, of Armour (f Co.; house, 2 Avondale
place. Paisley road.
Armour, Robert, of James Donaldson <f Co. ; house.
Waterside, by Buaby.

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