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Adams, James Y., Dundee sacking and pack-sheet
warehouse, 13 Union st. ; house, 60 Oswald st.
Adams, Julian, concert pianist and director, Glasgow
and London ; 201 Sauchiehall street.
Adams, Matthew, tobacconist, oil and colourman,
138 Stobcross street ; house, 164 do.
Adams, Morton & Co., mahogany merchants, 135
Mains street.
Adams, Richard John, teacher of music, 42 Buc-
cleuch street.
Adams, Robert, teacher of music, cornopean,
pianoforte, harmoniuin, violin, and flute, 102 Hill
street, Garnethill.
Adams, Robert, spirit merchant, 42 Surrey lane ;
house, 46 do.
Adams, Misses, dress and cloak makers, 1 Hill st.,
Adams, Miss E., teacher of music, pianoforte, har-
monium, and concertina, 102 Hill St., Garnethill.
ADAMSON, A. & W., tailors and clothiers, 75
Jamaica street.
Adamson, Andrew, 1 Kinning street.
Adamson, Angus, coppersmith, 38 Stockwell street.
Adamson, David, wine and spirit merchant, 227
Main St., Gorbals ; house 229 do.
Adamson, Ebenezer, inspector of poor. Town's Hos-
pital, 326 Parliamentary road ; house, Mosesfield,
Adamson, Thomas, bookseller, stationer, and libra-
rian, 165 Cowcaddens; house, 128 do.
Adamson, William, & Son, glass merchants and
glaziers, 120 West Nile street.
Adamson, William, 7 Florence place.
Adamson, Miss,milliuer and dressmaker, 203 Hopest.
ADDIE, Gavin, coalmaster, Rawyards colliery, 83
Jamaica st., depot, St. Rollox ; house, Braid-
hurst, Motherwell.
Addie & Miller, coalmasters, 107 St. Vincent st.
Addie & Rankin, ironmasters, 133 West George st.
Addie, Robert, of Addie (^ RanMn ; and of Addie cj-
Miller ; residence, Viewpark, Bothwell.
ADDISON, James, atA.^J.Inglis'; house,40Dum-
barton road.
Adelphi Biscuit Factory, Adelphi terrace, Hutche-
Adelphi Distillery, 4 Muirhead street.
Adelphi Street Equitable Loan Office, 30 Adelphi st.
ADIE, Alex. J., civil engineer, E. & G. Railway ;
house, Rockville, Linlithgow.
Adie, Robert, of Canal Basin Foundry Company ;
house, 77 Hill st., Garnethill.
ADRAIN, Wm., grocer, 180 Main st., Bridgeton.
ADSHEAD, N., stationer and account-book maker,
184 Argyle street ; house, 70 Houston street.
Adviser, The Monthly, League Office, 108 Hope
Affidavit Office for England ; M'Clure, Naismith,
& Brodie, 1 1 Buchanan street.
Affidavit Office for English Courts of Chancery,
Bankruptcy, &c. ; Daniel Paul, commissioner,
20 Buchanan street.
Affidavit Office for English Courts of Chancer}',
Bankruptcy, and Probates ; J. G. Houston, com-
missioner, 98 West Nile street.
AFFLECK, Edw., eating-house, 29 Anderston qu.
Affleck, James, druggist, 213 Broomielaw.
Affleck, Robert, house factor and insurance agent,
62 Charlotte street.
AGNEW, Andrew, teacher of cornopean, teacher of
pianoforte, and band-master of Queen's Own Royal
Regiment Glasgow Yeomanry, 68 Hope street.
Agnew, George, spirit merchant, 13 Main street,
Bridgeton ; house, 15 do.
Agnew, James M., teacher of dancing, 144 West
Nile street ; housS, 58 Hope street.
Agnew, John, surgeon, 80 Kglinton street.
Agnew, Peter, tailor and clothier, 46 Jamaica st.
Agnew, Samuel and George, boot and shoemakers,
leather cutters, and shoe furnishers, 122 Cowcad-
dens street; house, 154 do.
Agnew, Wm., grocer and bootmaker, 23 Carrick st.
Agnew, Mrs., dressmaker, 58 Hope street.
AIKEN, John, wine, spirit, and tobacco merchant,
96 and 216 High street, and 134 King street;
house, 65 Charlotte street.
AIKENHEAD, Alexander, clothier and slikt maker,
117 Trongate ; house. Harmony road, Govan.
AIKMAN, C. B., of J. G. Houston ^ Aikman, writers,
house, 34 Hill street, Garnethill,
Aikman, John, clerk. Royal Bank; house, 2 Royal
Bank place.
Aikman, Rev. J. Logan, Anderston U.P, Church ;
house, 189 Hill street, off St. George's road.
Aikman, Richard, sorter, P.O.; house, 131 Rose st.,
Aikman, Thomson, & Co., ship and insurance
brokers and commission merchants, 24 Gordon st.
Aikman, Thomson, of Thomson Aikman cj" Co.; ho.
Hamilton crescent, Partick.
Aikman, William M., clerk. Royal Bank; house, 2
Royal Bank place.
Aikman, William, teller, Clydesdale bank, Miller
street ; house, 260 West George street.
Aikman, William, wine and spirit merchant, 134
Main street, Anderston.
Aikman, William, wine and spirit merchant, 8
Kelvingrove street.
Aikman, William, cab proprietor and carriage hirer,
190 Dumbarton road.
Aikman, Mrs., 119 George street.
AIM, John, 4 Cumberland street,
AINSLIE, Mrs. John, fishmonger, 37 North Albion
street; house, 21 College street.
AIRD, Andrew, letterpress printer, at G. SfJ. Burns;
house, 22 Warwick street.
Aird, James, watchmaker and jeweller, 142 Great
Hamilton street ; house, 2 Craignestock place.
Aird, John, clothierand hatter, 96 Union St.; house,
71 Abbotsford place.
Aird, Thomas, boot and, shoemaker, 77 Main street,
Bridgeton ; house, 27 do.
AiRDRiEHiLL Coal Company, 83 Jamaica street.
AIRSTON, Mrs. D. C. Hunter, of Broomrigg, 4
Jane st , Blythswood sq., and Woodside, Strone,
AITC HI SON, Alexander, grease merchant, 31 Little
Dove hill ; house, 128 Great Hamilton street.
Aitchison, James, shoemaker, 18 Cadogan street.
Aitchison, Lawrence, goldsmith, jeweller, and watch-
maker, 56 Argyle st. ; ho. 93 North Frederick st.
Aitchison, Miss, 13 Claremont street.
AITKIN, Andrew, agent, 13 Landressy St., Calton.
Aitken & Co., manufacturers and warehousemen, 26
Glassford street.
Aitken, D. Thomson, teacher and chaplain. Blind
A,sylum ; house, 70 Taylor street.
Aitken, David, draper, 225 Up. Main St., Gorbals.
Aitken, Edward, wholesale and retail tea, cofiee, and
spice merchant, 264 Argyle street.

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