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Victoria Street, Partick.
Victoria Street, off Eglinton street. 9.
Viewbank, Garngad hill. 2.
Viewfield Terrace, Ilillliead.
Villalield, north end of Taylor street. 1.
Villafield I'lace, head of Taylor street. 1.
Villiers Street, Garugad road. 1.
Vinegarliill Street, Camlachie.
Virginia Buildings, 43 Virginia street. 1.
Virginia Court, 71 Virginia street. 1.
Virginia Place, head of Virginia street. 1.
Virginia Street, from Arg3'le St. to Ingram st. 1.
Waddell's Court, 48 Stockwell street. 5.
Walker's Court, 114 Blain street, Bridgeton. 3.
AValker's Court, (15 Dale street, Bridgeton. 3.
Wallace Court, Bell street, south side. 1.
Wallace Court, 107 Maitland street. 7.
Wallace Grove, Paisley road. 9.
Wallace Street (Nortli), ofF Parliamentary road. 9.
Walnior Crescent, Paisley road.
Walnier Place, head of Hospital street. 10.
Wardrop's Court, 38 Queen street. 1.
Warrocli Street, f. Stobcross st. to Anderston qu. 8.
Warwick Street, from Norfolk street to Bedford st.
East side of do. 10. West side of do. 9.
Washington Street, from Maiu street, Anderston to
Anderston quaj'. 8.
Waterclose, 91 Stockwell street. 5.
Waterloo Place, Gloucester street, Kingston. 9.
Waterloo Street, from Hope street to Pitt street. 6.
Waterloo Street, f. Greenvale st. to James st. east. 3.
Waterport Buildings, f. 10 to 18 Great Clyde st. 5.
Water Row, Govan.
AVater Street, Port-Dundas, fr. Ann street to Port-
Dundas road. 7.
Watson's Court, 194 Gallowgate. 4.
Watt Street, fr. Broomielaw street to Argyle St. 5.
Watt Street, fr. Paisley road to Scotland street. 9.
Weaver Street, from Rottenrow to Stirling's rd. 1.
AVelloroft Place, od" Eglinton street. 9.
Well Street, f. G. Hamilton st. to Main st. Calton. 4.
Well Street, Partick.
Wellesley Place, Sandyford road.
Wellington Arcade, from 122 Sauchieball street to
Renfrew street. C.
Wellington Court, 43 Argyll street. 5.
Wellington Lane, Soutii Wellington street. 10.
Wellington Lane, from Wellington st. to Pitt st. 6.
Wellington I'lace, east end of Adelphi street. 10.
Wellington Place (North), Sauchieball street. C.
Wellington Place, Rutherglen.
Wellington Street (South), from Wellington place
to Lawmoor place. 10.
Wellpark Street, Ann street. 2.
Wellroad, f. New City road to Garscube road. 7.
Wellroad Terrace, Wellroad. 7.
Wemyss Place, east end of Hill street, Garnethill. G.
Wesleyan Street, f. Gallowg. to E. Waterloo st. 3.
West Bank Terrace, Hillhead.
Westminster Place, fr. west end of Sauchieball street
to Partick road. 8.
Westminster Terrace, from Pitzroy place to Kelvin-
grove street. 8.
Westmuir Place, Rutherglen.
West Struct, f. Clyde liuild. southw., Tradeston. 9.
West Street, oft" Canning street. 3.
"West-end Park, f. Royal crest, to riv. Kelvin. 8.
West-end Park Street, off Woodlands road. 7.
Western Bank Buildings, south side of Canning st ,
Calton. 3.
Western Buildings, corner of Cathedral and Bu-
chanan streets. 1.
Western Place, Grove street. 7.
Western Rd., Gt., from N. City rd. to river Kelvin. 7.
Whitehall, Street, off Stobcross street. 8.
Whitevale, from Gallowgate to Duke street. 2.
Whitevale Street, Parkhead.
Wigton Street, Canal bank. Old basin. 7.
William Street, Anderston, west of North st. 8.
William Street, Eglinton street. 9.
AVilliam Street, Greenbead, south of Canning street.
East side of do. 3. West side of do. 4.
William street. Broad street. Mile-end. 3.
William Street, Cowcaddens, from West Milton st.
to Stewart street. 7.
William Street, Rutherglen.
Williamson's Place, 34 John street, Bridgeton. 3.
Willowbank Place, Sauchieball street. G.
Wilson Street, from Candleriggs to Virginia st. 1.
Wilson Street, Hillhead.
Wilson's Close, 139 Saltmarket. 4.
Wilson's Court, 57 Argyle street. 6.
Wilson's Court, 8 Broomielaw. 5.
Wilton Crescent, off New City road. 7.
Windmillcroft, f. West st. to Springfield buildings. 9.
Windsor Place, Sauchieball street. G.
Windsor Place, Partick.
Windsor Terrace, (W.), Queenstown or G. West. rd.
Windsor Terrace (East), St. George's road. 7.
Windsor Street, f. New City rd. to N. Woodside rd. Y.
Windy Bank, Eglinton street. 9.
Winning Row, Great Western road. 2.
Woodbine Place, corner of New City road and St.
George's road. G.
Woodburn Place, oflF Woodburn terrace. 8.
Woodburn Terrace, Kelvinhaugh. 8.
Wood's Buildings, 65 Duke street. 2.
Wood Lane, 338 Gallowgate. 4.
Wood Lane, 30 Broomielaw. 5.
Woodlands Road, from St. George's rd. to Eldon st.
North side of do. 7. South side of do. 8.
Woodlands Terrace, West-end park. 8.
Woodland- vale Place, Woodlands road. 8.
Woodside, south of Woodlands road. 7.
Woodside Crescent, west end of Sauchieball street,
north side. 8.
Woodside Place, Woodside crescent. 8.
Woodside Road (North), from Garscube road to
river Kelvin. 7.
Woodside Road (South), f. Woodlands rd. westwards.
North side of do. to Kelvin. 7. South side of do.
to Kelvin. 8.
Woodside Terrace, north end of Woodside erst. 8.
World's End, Finnieston. 8.
Wright Street, from Duke st. to Ladywell st. 2.
Yates Street, Great Eastern road. 3.
Yorkhill, Dumbarton road. 8.
Yorkhill Place, off Kelvinhaugh street. 8.
York Street, from Argj'le street to Broomielaw. 5.
York Street, Little Govan. 10.
York Lane, 24 York street. 5.
York Place, 339 Argyle street. 5
Young's Buildings, 293 Argj-le street. G.
Young Street, off Gallowgate. 4.

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