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Slatefiekl, east end of Gallowgate. 2.
Slitmills, Partick. 8.
Srneal's Buildings, 64 Govauhaugh. 10.
Smith Street, Hilihead.
SmithHeld Buildings, foot of Oswald street. 5.
Smith's Court, 02 Brunswick st. & 53 Candleriggs. 1.
Smith's Court, 02 Jamaica street. 5.
Smith's Court, 118 Dalmarnock road. 3.
Smith's l^lace, 40 Dalmarnock road. 3.
Society Row, from Garscube road to Possil road. 7.
Society Street, Great Eastern road. 2.
Soho Street, off Gallowgate. 3.
Soho Place, off Soho street. 3.
Somerset Place, Sauchiehall street, west end. 8.
Somerville Place, Monteith row. 4.
South Green Bank, Butterbiggins road. 10.
Spoutmouth, from Gallowgate to Old vennel. 2.
SpreuU's Court, 182 Trongate. 1.
Springbank, Garscube road. 7-
Spriiigbank, London road. 3.
Springfi'ld Lane, and Building.?, off Paisley road. 9.
Springiield Court, 69 Queen St. and 68 Buch. St. 1.
Springfield Place, off Garscube road. 7.
Springhill Place, St. George's road. 7.
Springgrove Place, Grove street. 7.
Spring Lane, off South Wellington street. 10.
Spring Place, opposite Lawmoor place. 10.
Stafford Street, from Pultnev street, east. 1.
Stafford Place, New City road. 7.
Stanhope Place, 107 Stobcross street. 8.
Stanhope Street, from Debbie's loan to Parson st. 1.
Stanley Place, off Eglinton street. 9.
Stanley Street, f. Woodlands rd. to Carnarvon st. 7.
Steel Street, from Saltmarket to Low Green st. 4.
Stepney Court, 137 London street. 4.
Stepney Place, corner of London & Charlotte sts. 4.
Stephen Street, f. Shamrock st. to New City rd. 6.
Stevenson Street, f. Kirk st. to Clyde St., Calton. 4.
Stewart Court, 45 Candleriggs. 1.
Stewart Street, from Ann street to Stirling street,
Port-Dundas. 7.
Stirling's Road, from High John st. to Castle st. 1.
Stirling Square, west end of Stirling sti-eet. 1.
Stirling Street, from High st. to Stirling square. 1.
Stirling Street (So.), f. Bedford st. to Margaret st. 9.
Stirling Street, from Cowcaddens st. to Dobbie's lo. 7.
Stirrat's Court, 63 Cowcaddens street. 6.
Stobcross Street, f. Washington st. to Finnieston. 8.
Stockwell Court, 39 Stockwell street. 5.
Stockwell Place, Stockwell street, west side. 5.
Stockwell Street, f. Trongate to Victoria bridge. 4.
Stonelaw Stieet, Rutherglen.
Stormont Street, east side of Maxwell street. 6.
Stourbridge Court, 210 Argjde street. 6.
Struthers' Court, 43 Dalmarnock road. 3.
Stnitliers' Street, f. Stevenson st. to Millroad st. 4.
Suffolk Street, f. South St. Mungo st. to Kent st. 4.
Sugarhouse Closes, 132 and 138 Gallowgate. 4.
Summer street. Mile-end. 3.
Sun Close, 19 Saltmarket. 4.
Surrey Lane, Lauiieston. 10.
Surrey Place, head of Surrey st., Polloksbaws rd. 10.
Suney Street, from Portugal st. to Edwin place. 10.
Sussex Place, 9 Adelphi street. 10.
Swan Close, 112 Main street, Gorbals. 10.
Sweep's Close, 72 High street. 2.
Sweet's Court, 10!) Great Hamilton street. 4.
Sword Street, oft' Gallowgate. 2.
Sydenham Place, Kinning street, Kingston. 9.
Sj'dingliam Place, Main street, Gorbals. 10.
Sydney Court, 02 Ar^ryle street. 1.
Sydney Street, from Gallowgate to Duke street. 2
Taiiwork Close, 89 Gallowgate. 2.
Tarbert Street, off Balmanno street. 1.
Taylor's Court, 149 Great Hamilton- St. 4.
Taylor Street, from Rottenrow to Parson street. 1.
Tennant Street, from Castle st. to Glebe street. 1.
Terrace Street, off St. Vincent St., Greenhill pL 8.
Teviot Street, Kelvinhaugh. 8.
Thistle Street, from Adelphi street, southward. 10.
Thistle Street, from Sauchiehall street to Hill street,
Garnethill. 6.
Thomas Street, Westmuir.
Thomson's Buildings, 36 Main street, Bridgetou. 3.
Thomson's Court, 220 Main street, Bridgeton. 3.
Thomson's Land, Marlboroui;h street, Calton. 3.
Thomson's Lane, Mile-end, from Marlborough street
to Greeiivale street. 3.
Thomson's Lane, from Green street to Risk street. 4.
Thomson's Square, 63 Main street, Anderston. 8.
Thornbank Cottage, Partick. 8.
Thrushgrove, corner of Milton st. & Cowcaddens. 7.
Tobago St., Calton, f. Canning st. to Stevenson st. 4.
Tontine Buildings, from 12 to 34 Trongate. 1.
Tontine Close, 34 Trongate. 1.
Torwood Place, Buccleuch street, Garnethill, 6.
Townhead, top of High street. 2.
Townmill Road, from Castle st. to Canal bank. 2
Townmill, near Canal bank, Townhead. 2.
Tourville Buildings, head of Brunswick street. 1.
Tradeston, at the south end of Glasgow Bridge. 9.
Trafalgar Street, Main street, Bridgeton. 3.
Trafalgar Place, 120 Broomielaw. 6.
Trongate, f. the Cross to Stockwell and Glassford Sts.
North side of do. 1. South side of do. 6.
Tulleallan Place, Paisley road.
Tureen Street, f. Gallowgate to Green st., Calton, 4.
Turner's Court, 87 Argyle street. 6.
Turner's Street, Garngad road.
Tylelield Street, from Gallowgate to Soho place.
Union Corner, Gordon street and Union street. 6.
Union Court, 172 Argyle street. 6.
Union Lane, Green Street, Calton. 4.
Union Place, North street, Anderston. 8.
Union Place, Green street, Calton. 4.
Union Street, from Argyle street to Gordon st. 6.
Union Street, Calton, f. James' st. to Green st. 4.
Upper Govan, top of Crown street. 10.
Upperfauld's Place, Hutchesontown. 10.
Ure Place, Montrose street. 1.
Ure Place (North), west end of Rottenrow st. 1.
Urie's Row, Old Ropework, Hutchesontown. 10.
Urie's Row, Hutchesontown. 10.
Vennel, New, from High st. to Burnside lane. 2.
Vennel, Old, from High street to Grseme street. 2.
Victoria Buildings, ft. Stockwell & G. Clyde sts. 5.
Victoria Court, 19 Gallowgate. 2.
Victoria Place, Govan.
Victoria Place, Hilihead.
Victoria Place, Upper Crown street. 10.
Victoria Place, 1 West Regent street. 6.
Victoria Place, 40 Buccleuch street. 6.

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