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Park Street, Kelvinhaugh. 8.
Park Street (South), West-end park. 8.
Park Street (West), West-end park. 8.
Park Terrace, West-end park. 8.
Parliamentary Road, f. Buchanan st. to Castle St. 1.
Parson Green, Parson street. 1.
Parson Street, from Villafield place to Castle St. 1 .
Paterson Street, from Tarbert street to Rottenrow. 1.
Paterson Street, Kingston. 9.
Paterson Street, off William street, Anderston. 8.
Paul Street, from Stirling's road to Garden st. 1.
Peel Street, Mile-end. 3.
Peel Terrace, Hill street, Garnethill. 6.
Perth Street, off Main St., Anderstou. 8.
Peter's Buildings, 8 and 13 Anderston quay. 8.
Peter's Buildings, 67 West Nile street. 6.
Pettigrew Street, (S.), f. Havannah st. to Duke st. 2.
Phoenix Place, Garscube road. 7.
Piccadilly Street, Anderston, from Stobcross street
to Anderston quay. 8.
Pipehouse Close, 93 High street. 1.
Pitt Street, from Argyle street to Sauchiehall street.
East side of do. 6. West side of do. 8,
Pleasance Street, Pollokshaws.
Police Lane, South Albion street. 1.
Pollok Court, 5 Thistle street. 10.
Pollok Street, from Paislej' road to Scotland st. 9.
Pollok Street, Pollokshaws.
Pollokshaws Road, head of Main street, Gorbals.
East side of do. from Main street to Butterbig-
gins road. 10.
West side of do. from Main street to Cavendish
street. 10.
West side of do. from Cavendish street to centre
of Butterbiggins road. 9.
Poison's Buildings, oiT Paisley road. 9.
Port-Dundas Road, from top of Buchanan street to
West side of do. 7. East side of do. 1.
Port-Eglinton, Paisley Canal basin. 9.
Porter Street, Parkhead. 3.
Portland Place (North), 136 Rottenrow. 1.
Portland Place, Smith street, Hillhead.
Portland Street (South), from Carlton place to Bed-
ford street. 9
Portland Street, from George street to Rottenrow. 1.
Port man Place, Hillhead.
Port Street, Anderston. 8.
Portugal Lane, Gorbals. 10.
Portugal Street, from Norfolk street to Surrey street,
Laurieston. 10.
Possil Road, f. Garscube ro. to Forth &C1. canal. Y.
Post-Office Court, 67 Canning street, Calton. 3.
Pratt's Court, 109 Argyle st. and 9 Maxwell st. 5.
Primrose Street, Govan.
PrinceCourt, Prince's square, Buchanan street. 1.
Prince George's Place, Scotia street. 7.
Prince's Street, from Saltmarket to King street. 5.
Prince's Street, f. St. George's rd. to Queen erst. 7.
Prince's Square, 40 and 48 Buchanan street. 1.
Prince of Wales' Build., f. 34 to 56 Buchananst. 1.
Priory, North Woodside road. 7.
Provan Court, 40 North Frederick street. 1.
Provan Place, head of North Montrose street. 1.
Provanside, 127 Stirling's road. 1.
Puddock Row, f Portugal st. to Main st. Gorbals. 1 0.
Pultney Street, from Bobbie's loan to cut of Junc-
tion canal. 1.
Purdon Court, 160 Cowcaddens street. 7.
Queen Arcade, 110 Renfrew street, north side. 6.
Queen's Buildings, corner of St. Vincent place and
Buchanan street. 1.
Queen Court, 62 Queen street. 1.
Queen's Crescent, West of St. George's road. 7.
Queen Mary Street, off London road. 3.
Queen's Park Terrace, off Eglinton street.
Queenstown, Gt. Western rd. adjoining Botanic gar.
Queen's Place, Western road.
Queensberrj- Place, North street. 8.
Queen Street, from Argyle st. to George square. 1.
Queen Street, Rutherglen.
Queeu Street (North), nor.-west side of George sq. 1.
Queen Terrace, from Cumberland street to west
Prince's street. 7.
Raglan Place, Partick.
Randolph Terrace, Hill street, Garnethill. 6.
Ravil Row, Westmuir. 2.
Redrow, Carntyne. 2.
Redrow, North Woodside road. 7.
Reform Court, 50 Commerce street. 9.
Regent Lane (West), from West Nile st. to West
Campbell street. 6.
Regent Place, east end of Blackfriars' street. 2.
Regent Place, West Campbell street. 6.
Regent Street (West), from West Nile st. to Blyths-
wood square. 6.
Regent's Terrace, Stirling's road. 1.
Reid Court, Biidgeton. 3.
Reid's Court, 56 Trongate. 1.
Reid Street, Bridgeton. 3.
Renfield Lane, from Renfield st. to Hope st. 6,
Renfield Street, from Union st. to Cowcaddens st. 6.
Renfrew Court, 18 Renfrew st. 6.
Renfrew Lane, from West Nile st. to Hope st. 6.
Renfrew Street, f. Buchanan st. to St. George's rd. 6.
Renwick Place, cor. of Catherine and Stobcross sts. 8.
Richard Street, from Cadzow st. to Elderslie st. 8.
Richmond Lane, 82 Gallowgate. 4.
Richmond Street, f. Montrose st. to Portland st. 1.
Risk Street, from Great Hamilton street to Thom-
son's lane, Calton. 4.
Ritchie's Lane, 19 Clyde street, Calton. 3.
Ritchie Street, Avest end of Victoria st. 9.
Robertson's Court, 179 Argyle street. 5.
Robertson's Lane, Robertson street. 5.
Robertson Street, from Argyle st. to Broomielaw. 5.
Rochester Place, west from Charing cross, Sauchie-
hall street. 8.
Ronald Street, from Taylor's st. to Dobbie's loan. 1.
Ropework Entry, 108 Stockwell street. 5.
Ropework Lane, f. Jackson st. to Great Clyde st. 5.
Rosebank, Garngad road. 2.
Rosehall Buildings, 41 Burnside street. 7.
Rosehall Place, Rosehall street. 7.
Rosehall Street, f. Shamrock st. to New City rd. 6.
Rosehall Street, f. New City rd. to Burnside st. 7.
Roseland Place, Partick,
Roseland Terrace, corner of Abbotsford place, Cum-
berland street. 9.
Rose Lane, Garnethill. 6.
Rose Place, cor. Rose st. and Hill st. Garnethill. 6.
Rose Street, f. Adelphi st. to Rutherglen loan. 10.
Rose Street (E.), f. Abercromby st. to Greenvalest. 3.
Rose Street, Garnethill, from Sauchiehall street to
Cowcaddens street. 6.
Roslin Place, west end Burnside st. Garscube rd. 7

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