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22 1 Millar, Wm., & Sons, Turkey-
red dyers and calico-print-
ers, 54 Gordon st. ; works,
Springfield, Dalrn.irnock.
Millar, Wm. Pollock, dyer,
Springfield, Dalmavnock.
Moffat, Jn., purchaser, Park-
head and Westmuir Econo-
mical Societ}', AVestmuir
street ; ho. G8 New road.
18 Moffat, T.,cowfeeder, New rd.
379 Montgomery, H., grocer, Gt.
Eastern road.
Montgomery, Alex., Dalmar.
333 Muir, R., Post-off., G. Eas. rd
Muir, Brown, & Co., turkey-
red dyers and calico-print-
ers, Strathclyde -^vorks,
305 Murray, J., grocer and spirit
dealer, 319 Gt. East. rd. ;
house, 308 do.
SGI Naismith, Mrs., tea dealer,
Great E'lsteru road.
116 Parkhead Forge Company,
manufacturers of everj^ de-
scription of forgings, New-
road ; W. Rigby, manager,
Netherfield ; ho. Duke St.
90 Rae, A., carter, Camlachie.
119 Rae, J., agt,,' Gt. Eastern rd.
224 Rae,W., carter,Gt. Eastern rd.
4.0 Reid, James, wine and spirit
mer. 251 Gallowgate; ho.
Wountaiiiblue, Gt. Eas. rd.
287 Reid, Jno., tailor, Gt. Eas. rd.
Rennie, A., sl'.oriff-officer and
constable, Camlachie ; ho.
21 East Hope street.
109 Revic, Arch., Gt. Eastern rd.
236 Robb, W., carter, Gt. Eas. rd.
195 Robertson, Chas., superintend.
E. Necro. ; ho. 84 Dal. st.
117 Russell, A., saddler, Camlach.
294 Sommerville, W., carter, Gt.
Eastern road.
Stedmau, George, life buo}'
manuf. 82 Dalmarnock rd.
Smeaton, Jas. mangr. of brick
works, 34 Chappell terrace,
62 Steel, Thos., vict. and grocer;
ho. 5 Coalhill st., Camlach.
Stewart, Alex. 37 East Hope
street, Camlachie.
Stevenson, W., far. Newlands.
Steven, Wm., brick maker
.and brick builder, Vinegar
hill, Caml. ; ho. 34 Kent st.
7 Taylor, Henry J., Springbk.
15 "Waddell, J., gro., Westmuir,
comb and spoon manufact.
35 Trongate; works, 15
Westmuir street.
222 Waggett, J., brok., G. Ea. rd.
26 Wallace, W., & Sons, bleach-
ers and finishers, Burnbk.
. Letters and orders left at
6 W. Nile St. ; ho. Burnbk.
25 Wallace, James, of William
Wallace cj' Son ; ho. Burn-
bank. Letters left at Mr.
Fisher's, 6 West Nile st.
345 Watson, G., baker, G. E. rd.
11 Watson, R., groc, Westmuir.
68 Wellwood, S., spirit dealer.
Great Eastern road.
Wilson, G., Dalmarnock Col.
108 Wilson, William, carter and
contractor, Camlachie.
143 Wilson, W., groc, Westmuir.
50 Winning, Thomas, grocer.
Great Eastern road.
70 Young, T., surgeon & drug-
gist. Great Eastern road.
274 Young, W., surg., G. E. rd.
John White, senior magistrate !
Robert Robinson, Arch. Auld,
junior magistrates.
Campbell King, David More, Jas.
Moses, Daniel M'Fie, Peter
M'Gaw, Adam Ramage, Ales.
C. Shanks, John Walker, Alex.
Wright, commissioners ; Matt.
Walker, burgli clerk ; William
Robertson, surve^-or ; James
Paterson, M.D., medical officer;
Gavin Paisley, treasurer and
collector; Paul M'Coll, superin-
tendent of police and fiscal.
Adarason, Alex., manager of brick
& tile work, Skaterigg.
Adam, J., fiesher, Merkland pi.,
355 Dumbarton road.
Aiken, James, engineer, oj" James
Aiken, cJ- Co., Cranstonhill; ho.,
Aikraan, Thomas, of P. cj- T. Aik-
man; ho. 6 Hamilton crescent.
Aiten, Wm., railway contractor;
ho., Fairlie park, Jordauhill st
Allan, John, Laurelbank.
Allan, Wm., wine and spirit mer..
Smith street, Whiteinch; house,
Minerva street.
AUison, Hugh, of Wilson ^- Allison;
ho. 3 Meadow Bank place.
Anderson, Arch., plain and deco-
rative painter, 314 Dumbarton
road ; house, Graham.
Anderson, Eev. H., of Free Church;
house, Rosevale.
Anderson J., builder ; yard, Peel
street ; house, do.
Anderson, John, of Wm. Anderson
cj- Son ; ho. 8 Hamilton cresc.
Anderson, John, of Anderson 4-
Kennedy ; house, Windsor pi.
Aaderson & Kennedy, general
grocers, wine and spirit merchts.
298 Windsor pi. & 52 Orch. st.
Anderson, Wm., of Wm. Ander-
son c^' Son; ha. 7 Hamilton cres.
Anderson, W., jiui., of Wm. Ander-
son cj- Son ; ho. Roseland place.
Arthur, Allan, of Henry Monteilh
cj- Co.; house, Laurelbank.
Ashcraft, II. M., teacher of mathe-
matics; house, 8 Windsor pi.
Auld, Arch., of Aidd ij- Cross; ho.
Oswald hill.
Baines, W. N., brassfounder ; ho.
Cuprum house.
Baker, Henrj', scale board maufr. ;
house, Turnersfield, Crow road.
Barber, Robert, plumber and gas-
fitter, 6 Peel street.
Barclay & Co., iron ship builders,
Clyde holm ; building yard,
Beattie, Wm., commis. traveller ;
house, Greeubank.
Binnie, Miss M., hardwa. mercht.
and Post-OflSce, 326 Dumb. rd.
Black, D., com. mer., Partickhill.
Black, Thomas, slater, 324 Hamil-
ton place, Dumbarton road.
Bow, Wm., late leather merchant ;
house, Clydeview.
Boj'd, Edmund, teach, of English
house, Meadowvale cottage.
Boyd, Robert, brickbuilder, Kelvin
bridge ; house, Kelvin bridge.
Boyd, Wm., salesman ; ho. West
bank, Partickhill.
Brace, Edmund, of Edmund Brace,
cj- Co. ; house, Clydeview.
Brand, W., at Arthur cj- Couper's,
83 Miller st. ; ho. Clydeview.
Brown, J., Fairlie park, Jordan-
hill street.
Brown, Thomas, at Wm. Stirling,
(^ Sons; ho. Rockba., Partickh.
Brown, W., spi.mer.,57 Orchardst.
Calder, Rev. John, of the Estab.
Church ; ho. Church street.
Caldwell, John, steward, Royal
Luna. Asyl., Gartnavel; ho. do.
Caledonian Patent Rivet Co. and
Screw bolt manuf., Castlebank.
Cairns, J., of John Cairns c|- Co. ;
house, Freeeland bank.
Cairney, George, painter audglaz.,
5 Anderston street.
Cameron, Duncan, Stamp-Office;
ho. Springfi. house, Dumbart. rd.
Cameron, R. H. silk bandana manu-
facturer; house, Mulberry cotta.
Cameron, AVm., wine and spirit
merclit., 361 Dumbarton road.
Campbell, Robertson, & Co., mill-
wrights, engineers, & machine
makers, Castlebank street.
Campbell, Alex., provision mer.,
Ill Dumbarton road.
Campbell, Arch., grocer and prov.
mercht.. 341 Dumbarton road.
Campbell, Arch., music-seller, 44
Douglas street.
Campbell, D., grocer & provision
mercht., 362 Dumbarton road.
Campbell, J., minist. of the Gosp.,
ho. Laurelbank, Laurel st.

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