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Aye and Glasgow Steam Packet Co., James Steel
and Son, agents, 24 Robertson street.
AYTON, John, tobacco and snufF manufacturer, 12
Dunlop street; house, 45 Adelphi street.
BACHOP, Misses E. & M., milliners and dress-
makers, 23 George street.
BADT, Meyer, minister to the Hebrew congrega-
tion ; house, 5 East Howard street.
BAILES, Joseph, 166 Hospital street.
I3AILLIE, Andrew, dairyman, 16 Macpherson st.
Bailey, George, hotel keeper. Thistle and Soho, 41
Glassford street.
"Baillie, James, malt mer., 52 Catherine st., Andst.
Baillie, James, of John APKean (f Co.; house^ 121
Hospital street.
Baillie, John, grocer and provision merchant, 144
Stobcross St., and 54 Catherine St., Anderston.
Baillie, Robert, victualler, 52 Abercroniby street ;
house, 4 East Rose street.
Baillie, \\'iiliara, grocer and provision merchant; 20
Adelphi street; house, 87 S. Wellington st.
Baillie, Mrs., 40 St. George's road.
Baillie, Misses, seminary for 3'oung ladies, 93 Ren-
field street.
Baillie, Miss J., dressmaker, 84 Cathedral street.
BAIN, Alexander, broker, 87 King st., Calton.
Barn, Andrew, of Bell cj- Bain; ho. 280 W. Bath st.
Bain, Andrew, at George Bain's ; 36 West Milton
street ; house, 3 Dalhousie place.
Bain, Andrew, bottling store, 65 Jamaica street;
house, 01 Dale street.
Bain, David, joiner, and packing-box maker, 75
Cathedral street ; ho. 45 North Frederick st.
Bain, Duncan C, spir. dealer, 104 Gt. Hamilton st.
Bain, George, agent, 30 West Milton street; ho.
64 Ann street, Port-Dundas.
Bain, George, tailor, 9 Blackfriars' street.
Bain, Hugh, baker, 116 New City rd.; ho. 118 do.
Bain, James, of J. cj- W. Bain ; ho. Cleland Testi-
monial, 1 Cathcart street.
Bain, James, bookseller, stationer, librarian, and
news agent, 199 Upper Main street, Gorbals ; ho.
197 do.
Bain, Jas., engineer and boilermaker. Shields Engine
Works, 246 Eglinton street ; house, 264 do.
Bain, James, Gartsherrie Otfice ; ho. 9 Fitzroy pi.
Bain, James, victualler and spirit dealer, 47 and 56
Stevenson street; house, 45 do.
Bain, James, commission agent, 97 Crown street.
Bain, Jas., baker, 147 Geo. st.; ho. 41 N.Albion st.
Bain, John, of John Turnhull <^ Co.; house, 15
Carnarvon street.
Bain, John, of John cj' Robert Bain; house, Bellfield
cottage, off Possil road.
Bain, John & Robert, coal merchants and commis-
sion agents. Old basin, Port-Dundas.
Bain, John, stationer, bookseller, bookbinder, ac-
count-book manufacturer, and news agent, 70
Argyle street ; house, Croy place.
Bain, J., hair wash and pomade manufacturer, 121
Canning street, Calton.
Bain, J. & W., bakers, 141 Argyle street.
Bain, John, Morriston, Cambuslang.
Bain, Joseph, writer, 33 West Nile street; residence,
WoodclifFe, by Row, Dumbartonshire.
Bain, Robert, reedmaker, 85 Candleriggs; house, 51
South Albion street.
Bain, Thomas, commission agent, 3 Rutherglen rd.
Bain, Wm, confectioner, 88 Crown St.; ho. 92 do.
Bain, Mrs. F., fancy braid trimming maker, 7 Suf-
folk street.
Bain, Mrs. J., tobacconist, 40 Bedford street.
BAINES, Wm. N., brassfounder, &c., 76 Lancefield
street; house, Coupram house, Partick.
BAIRD, Alex., tailor and clothier, 48 London st.
Baird, Alex., 52 Edwin place, Surrey street.
Baird, Alex., successor to A. & T. Logan, wine and
spirit merchant, 168 Gallowgate.
Baird, Alex., of Ur}', of William Baird cj- Co.; ho.
11 Blythswood square.
Baird, Alexander, assistant inspector of poor, Barony
Parochial Board; house, 54 Cowcaddens street.
Baird, Alex. S, of John Baird cf' Co.; house, 40
Rosebank terrace, Grant street.
Baird, Andrew, of Hutton cj- Baird; house, 4 Burn-
bank terrace. Great Western road.
Baird & Brown, timber merchants, Port-Dundas.
Call at Mrs. Crawford's, 97 Union street.
Baird, Benjamin, grocer and provision merchant, 100
Cumberland St.; ho. 52 Edwin pi., Surrey st.
Baird, C. R., Black, & Dill, writers, and agents for
the Church of England Fire and Life Assurance
Institution, 54 AVest Nile street.
Baird, Charles R. of C. R. Baird, Black, cj- Dill; ho.
11 Somerset place, Sauchiehall street.
Baird, David, baker, 15 Bridge street.
Baird, David, of Stichill, of William Baird cf- Co.,
1 Moore place.
Baird, Frank, oyZT. Baird if Co.; house, 10 Windsor
Baird, George, pastry baker and spirit merchant, 80
Jamaica street.
Baird, George, of Strichen, of William Baird cf- Co.;
1 Moore place.
Baird, Hugh, fiesher, 278 Buchanan street ; house,
83 Taylor street.
Baird, Hugh, & Co., brewers to her Majesty, Great
Canal brewery, and 28 Gordon street.
Baird, Hugh, & Co., bottiing stores, 28 Gordon st.
Baird, Hugh, printer and lithographer, 67 Trongate,
Tron Church entry.
Baird, Hugh, merchant, 24 Gordon street; house, 8
Lynedoch crescent.
Baird, James, potato merchant, salesman, E. & G.
Railway; house, 21 Surre)' street.
Baird, James, merchant, 11 Clarendon place.
Baird, James of Auchineden, of Wm. Baird cf- Co. ;
residence, Cambusdoon, Aj'rshire.
Baird, James, tailor, clothier, draper and hosier, 203
and 207 Cowcaddens street; house, 201 do.
Baird, James, grain merchant, 27 Union street; ho.
10 Abbotsford place.
Baird, James, hair-cutter, 39 Rutherglen loan.
Baird, John, architect, 161 Hope street; house, 20
Cumberland street, south.
Baird, John, & Co., commission merchls., agents for
Wm. Younger & Co., brewers, Edinburgh ; John
D'Arcy & Son, brewers, Dublin; and Anderston
distillery. Office, 83 Jamaica street.
Baird, John, of John Baird 4' Co.; house, 6 Burn-
bank terrace.
Baird, John, of Loch wood, 1 Moore place.
Baird, John, 88 North Hanover street.
Baird, John, architect, 183 W. George St.; ho. 138 do.
Baird, John, bookseller and stationer, 10 Parlia-
mentary road; house, 7 Stanhope street.

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