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DARBY, James, wholesale Leeds and Maucliester
wareliouseman, 59 Princes st.
DAEBISHIRE, Brothers, linen merchts. (of Belfast),
116 St. Vincent st.
DARLEY, Geo. M., & Co., publishers, 15 Turner's
ct., 87 Argyle st.
Darley, Geo. iVL, of Geo. M. Darletj ..]■ Co. ; ho. 3
Rose St., Garnethill.
DARLING, Adam, dairyman, 63 Rutherglen loan.
Darling, Andrew, 64 So. Wellington st.
Darling & Taylors, ironmongers, 39 Union st.
Darling, "Wm., iron mercht , 39 Union st. ; ho. 66
Kelvingrove pi.
DARNLEY, Mrs., 27 Lynedoch st.
DARRAGH, Archibald, spir. mer., 18 Saltmarket.
DARRIE, Wm., slater, 88 W. Campbell st. ; ho. 90
W. Nile St.
DARROCH & Espie, boat-builders, joiners, carpen-
ters, and block-makers, 24 West St., Tradeston.
Darroch, James, of Darroch cj' Espie, -^ ho. Alma pL,
Paislej'^ rd.
Darroch, Robert, baker, 11 New st., Calton.
Darroch, William, victualler, 45 Burnside st.
DAUNT & Moffat, metal brokrs,, 59 St. Vincent st.
DAVIDSON, Alex., spir. dealer, 57 Bridgegate.
Davidson, Alex., brickbuilder, 64 So. Wellington st.
Davidson, Alex., victualler, 111 New Dalmarock
Davidson, Ales., cabinetmaker, 27 Dunlop st. ; ho.
81 Cumberland st.
Davidson, A. C, atJas. Ewing cf Go's.; ho. 51 Ab-
botsford pi.
Davidson & Ancell, tinsmiths and gasfitters, 112
Sauchiehall st.
Davidson, Archibald, & Co., sewed muslin warehouse,
175 Buchanan st.
Davidson, Arch., commercial lodgings, 39 Clyde pi.
Davidson & Cowie, Wishaw Colliery office, 56
Howard st.
Davidson, David, of Thomas RoMnson (^ Co. ; ho.
184 Crown st.
Davidson, David, of Davidson cJ- Wood; ho. 10
Bothwell St.
Davidson, George, 5 Franklin ter.
Davidson, Isabella, grocer, oil and colour mercht.,
79 Bridgegate ; ho. 33 So. Apsley pi.
Davidson, Jas., win. and spir. mer., 56 Canal St.,
Port-Dundas; ho. 54 do.
Davidson, James, spir. mer., 321 Argyle st.
Davidson, Jas., ladies' shoe shop, 191 Sauchiehall st.
Davidson, James, shoemaker, 32 Cleland st.
Davidson, J., & Co., auctioneers, valuators, general
agents, and furniture warehousemen, Argyle Sale
Rooms, Turner's ct., 87 Argyle st. — See Adv. in
Davidson, John, 53 Chatsworth pi., Whitevale st.
Davidson, John, of J. Davidson 4' Co., 87 Argyle st. ;
ho. 125 Hospital st.
Davidson, John, of Wm. Sloan <f Co. ; ho. 8 Moray
pi., Cumberland st.
Davidson, Kenneth, spir. mer., 12 Bridge st. ; ho. 4
Carlton ct.
Davidson, K. & R., printers, 33 Virginia st. ; ho.
37 do.
Davidson & M'Neill, masons & builders, 171 Stir-
ling's rd.
Davidson, M. & J., tobacconists, 314 Argyle st.
Davidson, Robert, coal mercht, 16 Glebe st.
Davidson, Robert, 8 Bedford st.
Davidson, Robert, of Hill, Davidso-h,, JliU, cj- Clarlc,
writers; ho. 11 Elmbank pi.
Davidson, Stephen, officer of East Gorbals Free
Church, & coal agent, 16 Nicholson st.
Davidson, Thomas, teacher, M'Lachlan Free School,
107 Cathedral st.
Davidson, Thomas, registrar, central district, 8 Stir-
ling sq. ; ho. 16 Ure pi.
Davison, Thomas G., of Harveys, Wilson, cj- Co. ; ho.
28 Windsor ter.
Davidson, Wm. & Jas., & Co., merchts., 22 So.
Frederick st.
Davidson, William, of Davidson cj- IPNeill ; ho. 4
Love loan.
Davidson, W. Jas., of Ruchill, 22 So. Frederick st.
Davidson, fruiter., 67 Crown st.
Davidson & Westwater, milliners and dressmkrs.,
197 Pitt St.
Davidson & Wood, boiler-makers, portable bellows-
makers, and smiths, 19 Union pi., off North st.
Davidson, ilrs. William, boot and shoemaker, 43
Adelphi st.; ho. 37 do.
Davidson, Miss A., green grocer, 31 Bedford st.
Davidson, Miss Catherine, teacher. Miller's school,
151 George st.
Davidson, Miss, 23 Greenvale pi. Cumberland st. We.
Davidson, Bliss Barbara, at Prof. Ramsaifs, College.
Davidson, Miss, teacher, M'Farlane's school, 43 Sur-
rey st.
Davidson, Misses, ladies' seminary, 1 Greenlaw pi.
DAVIE, James, house factor, 51 Brunswick pi. ;
ho. 97 Finnieston st.
Davie, James, smith, bellhanger, and gasfitter, 37
Nicholas St.; ho. 75 St. James' rd.
Davie, James, & Son, sewed muslin manufrs., 27
Union st.
Davie, James, of James Davie 4' Son; ho. 70 Buc-
cleuch St.
Davie, John, grocer and provision mercht., 167 New
City rd. ; ho. 161 do.
Davie, John, tea dealer and grocer, 417 Argyle st.
Davie, John, juu., tea dealer, 58 Canning st. Calton;
ho. 79 Great Hamilton st.
Davie, John, produce broker and commis. mercht.,
Virginia bds. ; ho. 15 We. Prince's st.
Da^'ie, R., 107 Parson st.
Davie, Wm., contractor and carter, 18 Eglinton st.
Davie, Wm., LL.D., town-clerk, and clerk to the
Lanarkshire Prison Board, City chambers, Wil-
son St. ; ho. 24 Blythswood sq.
Davie, Wm., jun., of John J. Muir 4' Co.; ho. 12
Newton pi.
Davie, Wm., spirit mercht., 134 Stobeross st.
Davie, Mrs. John, cowfeeder, 100 Cambridge st.
DAVIS, D., & Son, watch manufrs. and wholesale
jewellers, 145 Queen st.
Davis, D., of D. Davis tj- Son; ho. 9 Somerset pi.
Davis, Edward, watch manufr. and wholesale jewel-
ler, 136 Buchanan st. ; ho. 109 Hope st.
Davis, John, tailor and clothier, 64 Queen st. ; ho.
Birdstone, by Kirkintilloch.
Davis, John, chemist, 179 Duke st.
Davis, Thomas, fret-cutter, 3 Eagle la. Maxwell st.
Davis, William, clerk, 66 College st.
Davis, Misses, dressmkrs., 71 Grove st.
DAWSON, Alex., commis. mercht., and agent for
Imperial Insurance Co., 24 St. Vincent pi. ; ho.
33 Elmbnnk erst.

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