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Colquliouu, Walter, of Scott, Colqulwun, cf- Co., 109
Hope St.
Colquhoun, Mrs., furnished lodgings, 198 Pitt st.
Coi.TNESS Iron Company, 124 St. Vincent st,
COLVILL & Co., tea & coffee dealers, 50 Trongate;
ho. lOjNo. Albion st.
Colville, David, & Co., distillers, Campbelton ; L.
Stuart, 57 Miller st., agent.
Colville, David, jun., provision mercht., 9i Maxwell
St. ; ho. 357 Argyle st.
Colvill, John, carpet & rug manufr. & commis. agt.,
15 St. Enoch sq. ; ho. Stonelaw tower, Rutherglen.
Colvill, Robert, & Co., distillers, Campbelton ; John
M'Intyre, agent, 11 We. Nile st.
Colvil, Stephen, win. &. spir. mer., 12 Stirling st. ;
ho. 6 Chatham pi.
COLVIN, William, iron mercht., 54 St. Vincent st. ;
ho. 190 Athol pi.
COMBE & Hamilton, manfcrs. of heating & ventila-
ting apparatus, smiths, bellhangers, & gastitters,
59 Cathedral st.
Combe, James, of Combe cj- Hamilton ; ho. 34 Dun-
das St.
Commercial Bank of Scotland, 66 Virginia st. ;
William Johnston & William Paul, agts.
Commercial Hotel, 9 Glassford st. ; Edgar E. Dolby.
Commercial Travellers' Society of Scotland ; Board
office secretary, Wm. Tolmie, 8 Prince's sq.
Commissary Clerk's oiJice, 73 Renfield st. ; C, D.
Donald, clerk.
Commonwealth Newspaper office, 37 Jamaica st.
COMRIE, John, & Co., goat hair & wool flock
manfrs., 45 Cavendish st. ; ho. 78 Rose st.
CONNAGHAN, John, flesher, 104 King st. ; ho.
170 Saltmarket.
Connaghan & Quin, City Accommodating Co., 23
St. Andrew's sq.
CONDIE, John, patentee & manuf. of Condie's im-
proved steam hammers, Govan Bar Iron Works ;
office, 1 Dixon st. — See Advertisement in Appendix.
CONDRA, Pat, superintendent, Lock Hospital, 41
CONNELL, Arthur, 14 Whitevale st.
Connal, Charles, spir. dealer, 88 King st., Tradeston ;
ho. 54 Nelson st., do.
Connell, Hugh, watch & clockmkr., jeweller, &c., 1
Eglinton st. ; ho. 25 Bridge st.
Connel, James, accountant, agt. & secretary for
Scotland for the Plate Glass Universal Insurance
Co., & the Caledonian Fire & Life Insurance Co.
— See Advertisement in Appendix. — 100 We.
George st ; ho. Caustenholm, Pollokshaws.
Connell, James, of Muirs, Connell, 4' Brodie ; ho.
12 Rutland erst.
Connell, Jas., joiner & builder, 58 Norfolk st., & Kin-
ningpark; ho. 44 Gloucester St., Kingston.
Connell, James, at Wm. White cj- Co.'s, 113 St.
Vincent st.
Connell, Jas., boot & shoemkr., 20 So. Portland st.
Conal, John, mason, 24 Mason st. ; ho. 15 Nicho-
las St.
Connel], John, at Henry Monteith ^- Co.'s ; 11
George sq.
Connell, John, boot & shoemaker, 54 Taylor st. ; ho.
56 do.
Connell, John, veterinary surgeon, 35 King st.,
Tradeston ; ho. 54 Commerce st.
Connal, M. & W., & Co., wareho. keepers, 43 Vir-
ginia St.
Connell & Murdoch, sculpture & monumental works,
head of So. Wellington st. ; ho. 80 Govan st.
Connal, Michael, of William Connal <.} Co., and Jf. cf-
W. Connal cj- Co. ; ho. IG Lynedoch erst.
Connal, Peter, letter-carrier, P. Q. ; ho. 17 Gar-
den St.
Connell, Patrick, rag & bone mercht., 16 Malta st,
Connell, Robert, of Wallace cj- Connell, 108 Ar-
gj'le St.
Connel, Robert, surgeon, 1 Minerva pi. ; ho. 6 Co-
runna st.
Connell, Thomas, signal lamp manfr., brass, copper,
and tinplate worker, gasfitter, and ironmonger,
Sailors' Home, Broomielaw ; ho. 9 Franklin ter.
Connal, William, & Co., produce brokrs. & com-
mission merchts., 43 Virginia st.
Connal, William, of William Connal cj- Co. ; ho.
220 St. Vincent st.
Connell, William, of Salmond, Connell, (f Co., 108
Argyle st.
Connell, William, 30 No. Portland st.
Connell, Wm., of Wallace cj- Connell ; ho. 240 Ren-
frew St.
Connal, William, jun., of William Connal cf' Co., and
3L cj- W. Connal cj- Co. ; ho. Hillfoot, New Kil-
Connell, Mrs. Dr., boarding establishment & semi-
narv for young ladies, 1 60 Bath st.
Connell, Mrs. Robert, 126 We. Campbell st.
Connel, Mrs. J., flesher, 70 King st.
Connel, Jane, lodging-house keeper, 318 Bath st.
Connel, Janet, furniture wareho., 52 London st. ;
ho. 16 do.
CONOLLY; John, confecr. & fruiter., 16 Clyde ter.
Connolly, Francis, spir. dealer, 109 King st., City.
Connell}', Wm., spir. dealer, 60 Clyde St., Anderstn.
CONNOR, Arthur, surgeon, 48 Saltmarket; ho. 74
London St.
Connor, Benjamin, engineer, at Smith cj- Rodgers' ; ho.
44 Lorn pi.
Connor, John, tailor & clothier, 40 Union st.
Connor, John, brokr., 15 Little Dovehill ; ho. 178
Connor, Patrick, spir. dealer, 83 Saltmarket.
CONROY, John, pro. mercht., 9 Park pi. ; ho. 7 do.
CONSTABLE, Henrj', commission mercht, 112 We.
George st ; ho. 16 Lansdowne erst.
Constantinople Steam Packet office; G. & J.
Burns, 9 Buchanan st.
Consuls and Vice-Consuls : —
Austrian Vice- Consul, Robt. Henderson, 4 Both-
well St.
Belgian Consul, Andw. P. Reid, 12 Washington st.
Brazilian Vice-Consul, Robert Gray, 98 We.
George st.
Buenos Ayres Consul, S. Ferguson, 133 We.
George st.
Danish Vice-Consul, F. W. Bentzen, 47 Oswald st.
French Consul, V. Mauboussin, 204 We. Geo. st.
Chancellor of the French Consulate, A. de Meaan
Vauvert, 204 We. George st.
Greek Consul, A. A. Carati, 86 Miller st.
Hanoverian Consul, J. D. Sheppard, 57 Buch. st.
Hanseatic Consul, M. E. Robinow, 116 St. Vin-
cent St.
Haitien Consul, W. D. Roberts, 4 Bothwell st.
Mecklenburg-Schwerin, H. Martini, 47 Oswald st.
Monte Video Vice-Consul, Chas C. Dick, 17 Ren-
field St.

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