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Cess & Tax Office for the city and. counties of Lan-
ark & Dumbarton, 43 Virginia st. ; T. P. Sharpe,
CHALMERS, Alexander, hairdresser, 128 Gallow-
.gate; ho. .5 Ea. Russell st.
Chalmers, Alexander, wine & spirit dealer, 97 King
Chalmers, Alex., spir. mer., 43 Grove st. ; ho. 47 do.
Chalmers, Andrew B., teacher, 17 Deanside la. ; ho.
29 So. Cathcart st.
Chalmers, Archibald, tobacconist, & oil & colourman,
75 Maitland st.
Chalmers, Geo. B., tobacconist, 347 Sauchiehall st.
Chalmers, Henry, com. mercht. & agt., 85 Candlerig.
Chalmers, Henry, tea mercht., 44 Finlay st. ; ho. 18
We. Russell st.
Chalmers, Hugh, slater, 53 Young st.
Chalmers, J. A., & W., coal merchts. & com. agts.,
3 So. Portland st.
Chalmers, James, boot & shoemkr., 96 Cowcds. st ;
ho. 3 Finlay st.
Chalmers, J., provision & Italian wareho., 42 St.
George's rd.
Chalmers, John, hairdresser, 113 Bridgegate.
Chalmers, John, fancy bread & biscuit baker, 30, 32
St. George's rd.
Chalmers, John, jun., chimney sweeper and soot
mercht., Clarkson ct. ; ho. 16 Kiik St., Calton.
Chalmers, Thomas, & Co., merchts. & warehousemen,
161, 167 Trongate.
Chalmers, Thomas, tailor & clothier, 56 M 'Alpine
St. ; ho. 5 We. College st.
Chalmers, Thomas, spir. dealer, 71 Ingram st. ho.
43 Montrose st.
Chalmers & Tosh, ironmongs., tinplate workers, gas-
fitters, & packing-case makers, 174 Trongate;
works, Margaret st.
Chalmers, William, ironmonger, 135 Hospital st.
Chalmers, William, slater, 3 Green St., Calton.
Chalmers, William, surgeon, 34 Eglinton st.
Chalmers, Mrs., lodgings, 66 So. Portland st.
Chalmers, Mrs., milliner and dressmaker, 209 St.
Vincent st.
Chalmers, Mrs., broker, 146 King St., Calton ; ho.
4 Green St., do.
Chalmers, Janet, tobacconist, 21 Saltmarket.
CHAMBERS, W. & R., pubUshers & bookseUers,
64 Argyle st. ; H. Campbell, agt.
Chamber of Commerce & Manufactures, Exchange
CHAMBERLAIN, John, of Watson ^ Chamberlain;
ho. 15 Hill St., Garnethill.
Chamberlain & Lindsay, vice-makers & smiths, 57
Dale St., Tradeston; ho. 113 So. Wellington st.
Chamberlain's Office, City bds. ; John Strang,
LL.D., chamberlain,
CHANCE, Brothers, & Co., glass manufrs. ; David
Ramsay & Co., agts., 128 St. Vincent st.
CHAPLIN, Alexander, &Co., engineers, iroii house
& roof builders. Alma pi., Cranstonhill.
Chaplin, Alexander, of Alexander Chaplin tj- Co. ;
ho. 407 St. Vincent st.
CHAPPELL, Joseph, brickmaker, bricklayer, & fur-
nace builder, 55 Robertson st. ; ho. 3 Elmbank st.
CHAPMAN, Brothers, straw-hat &, cap manufrs.,
44 Hutcheson st.
Chapman, John, of Chapman, Brothers ; ho. 3 Kiu-
ning pi.
Chapman, Peter, commer. traveller, 179 Crown st.
Chapman, Robert Henry, Bank of Scotland ; ho.
101 Renfrew st.
Chapman, Thomas, of Eilliard <^ Chapman; ho.
Chapman, Thomas, atHutton^ Alexander's ; ho. 14
Kinning pi.
Charente & Glasgow 'Traders' Office, 51 Union
St. ; M'Kean & Lament, agts.
CHARLES, Margt, dress & stay makr., 45 High
St. ; ho. 7 Bell st.
Charles, Miss, lodgings, 56 Dundas st.
CHARNLEY, Joseph, spir. dealer, 76 Parliamen. rd.
CHATONET, Jne., Pils et Soulbiew, Sardines a
I'huile la Rochelle; John K. and Daniel Orr,
agts., 133f St. Vincent st.
Chemistry Class Room, 60 High John st.
CHERRY, John, boot & shoe maker, 79 Bell st.
Chess Club; Jas. Home, secy., 150 We. Regent st.
CHISHOLM, Rev. Archibald, Roman Catholic
priest, St. Mungp, Stanhope st.
Chisholm, George, broker, factor, commission & in-
surance agt., 98 We. Nile st.
Chisholm, John, cooper & sugar sampler, 46 Wallace
St.; ho. 3 Margaret St., off 105 Eglinton st.
Chisholm, Rev. R., clergyman, St. Mary's Catholic
Church, 68 Abercromby st.
Chisholm, Rev. Valentine, Roman Catholic clergy-
man, 38 Portugal st.
Chisholm, William, & Co., coopers, 11 Centre st.,
Tradeston ; ho. 50 King St., do.
Chisholm, Miss, dressmaker & milliner, 33 West
Richard St., Anderston.
CHOMAR, Mrs., milliner & dressmr., 201 Buch. st.
Christ Church (Episcopalian), Crown Point st.,
Mile-end ; Rev. J. W. Reid, min.
Christian News & Day Star steampress printing
& publishing office, 142 Trongate & Brunswick la.
CHRISTY, A., & Co., soap manufacrs., 65 Port-
Dundas rd.
Christy, And., of A. Christy (f Co. ; ho. 3 Queen's pi.
Christie, Alexander, at Gorhals Brass Foundry ;
ho. 29 Hospital st.
Christie, Alexander, of Andreiu Christie cf Co. ; ho
25 Cleland st.
Christie, Andrew, & Co., dealers in watch & clock
tools & materials, violins, violin strings, fishing
rods & tackle, dentists, & photographic furnish-
ings, 25 Cleland st. — See Advertisement in App.
Christie, Andrew, of A. Christie cf- Co.; ho. 25 Cle-
land st.
Christie, Brothers, merchts. & commission agts., ]33
St. Vincent st.
Christie, G. FyiFe, writer, 24 Gordon st. ; ho. Graf-
ton pi.
Christie, James, at George Anderson <^ Co.''s, 58
Hydepark st. ; ho. 12 Pollok st.
Christie, James, boot-closer, 9 College st.
Christy, John, commercial traveller, 123 Hospital st.
Christie, John, church officer. Rev. Mr. Ker's, &
house-factor, 42 Macfarlane st.
Christie, Robert, wright, 33 Douglas St., 445 Arg. st.
Christie & Smith, ironfounders, Atlas Foundry, 20
East Market st.
Christie, Thomas, surgeon, 158 Canning st., Calton.
Christie, Thomas, H.M. customhouse, 151 Eglin. st.
Christie, Thomas Craig, of Bedley, at John Black cj-
Co.'s, 110 Buchanan st.
Christie, Thomas, of Carswell ^' Christie, 275 St.
George's rd.

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