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Buclian, Mrs. John, gi-ocer, 67 Alma pi. ; Craiis. st.
BUCHANAN, A. & T., grocers & provis. merchts.,
32 Port-Dundas rd., & 259 Parliamentary rd.
Buchanan, Alexander, 45 Eglinton St.
Buchanan, Alexander, glazier, 57 Prince's st.
Buchanan, Alexander, spine surgeon & cupper, 11
Oxford St. ; ho. 9 do. — See Advertisement in Ap-
Buchanan, Alexander, spir. dealer, 86 Clyde st.,
Anderston ; ho. 84 do.
Buchanan, Allan, of George Buchanan cj- Sons ; ho.
11 Queen's ter.
Buchanan, Andrew, tail. & clo., 80 We. Nile st.
Buchanan, Andrew, tailor, 15 London st.
Buchanan, Dr. Andrew, professor of the institutes of
medicine, University of Glasgow ; ho. 4 Athol pi. ,
186 Bath St.
Buchanan, Andrew, of A. cj- T. Buchanan ; ho. 42
Port-Dundas rd.
Buchanan, Andrew, tinsmith & cap size rim maker,
] 2 Laigh Kirk cl.
Buchanan, Angus, metal refiner, 32 Oswald St.,
Buchanan, Archibald, & Co., tea & coffee merchts.,
12 Howard st.
Buchanan, Archibald, painter & paperhan., 25 Kent
St. ; ho. 29 do.
Buchanan, Archibald, plumber, zinc-worker, & gas-
fitter, 6 Canning St., Calton.
Buchanan, Archibald, of James Finlay cf- Co. ; resid.
Buchanan, Brothers, chemists & druggists, Western
Apothecaries' Hall, 275 Argyle st.; ho. 212 Dum-
barton road.
Buchanan, Charles, grocer & victualler, 64 Govan
st. ; ho. 31 Cook st., Tradeston.
Buchanan, Daniel, goldsmith, watchmaker, & jewel-
ler, 8, 9 Argyle arcade ; ho. 220 Dumbarton
Buchanan, Daniel, dairyman, 44 Little Dovehill ;
ho. do.
Buchanan, David, tobacconist, 32 Blackfriars st.
Buchanan, D., tonnage master, Harbour office, Port-
Dundas ; ho. 154 Possil rd.
Buchanan, Donald, cab-proprietor, 10 Eldon st.
Buchanan, Donald, spir. dealer, 27 Sidney st.
Buchanan, Duncan, of Buchanan (f Macara ; ho. 95
Crown st,
Buchanan, Francis B., win. & spir. mercht., 193
Eglinton st., & 59 Cavendish st.
Buchanan, George, M.D. ; ho. 14 Lynedoch erst. ;
. surgery, 137 Hope st.
Buchanan, George, surgeon & dentist, 147 Bath
Buchanan, George, & Sons, calenderers & bleachers,
95 Candleriggs.
Buchanan, George S., of George Buchanan (f Sons ;
ho. 140 West Campbell st.
Buchanan, George, at Charles Tennant ^ Co.'s, St.
Buchanan, George, win. & spir. dealer, 13 We. Mil-
ton St.
Buchanan, Hamilton, & Co., merchs., 29 St. Vin-
cent pi.
Buchanan & Hay, builders, 65 Jamaica st.
Buchanan, Herbert, mercht., 98 Miller st. ; ho. 241
We. George st. Letters and parcels for Fulton,
Buchanan, & Co., Lochwinnoch, to be left at
Herbert Buchanan's.
I Buchanan, James, general grocer, 3 Main st., An-
derston ; ho. 154 Cowcaddens st.
Buchanan, James, smith & gasfltter, 79 Stockwell
St. ; ho. Shawlands.
Buchanan, James A., «< William G our lie <f Son's ;
ho. 1 Landell pi., Paisley rd.
Buchanan, James Gray, Eastfield. Letters left at
Buchanan, Wilson, & Co.'s, 25 St. Enoch sq.
Buchanan, J., lock & hinge manufr., 38 M'Pherson
St. ; ho. 9 College st.
Buchanan, James, commission mercht. & agt., 176J
Hope St.
Buchanan, James, house and ship painter, 18 York
St. ; ho. 53 Cadagon st,
Buchanan, James, fish-hook & tackle manufr., 221
Argyle st.
Buchanan, James, of James Finlay cj- Co. ; ho. 12
Windsor ter.
Buchanan, James, patent heddle & reed maker, 40
St. Enoch's wy., off Howard st.
Buchanan, James, teacher of English, history, gram-
mar, composition, & geography, 64 St. George's
Buchanan, James, mail contractor, 11 Charlotte
Buchanan, James, hamcurer, butter & cheese mer.,
62 Howard st. ; ho. 1 Grafton sq.
Buchanan, James, of Buchanan, Younger, (f Co. ;
ho. 154 St. George's rd.
Buchanan, John, & Co., coachbuilders, 339 St. Vin-
cent st. ; works, Cadzow st.
Buchanan, John, writer, agt. for the Alfred Life As-
surance & Annuity Association, 87 Union st. ; ho.
9 Apsley pi.
Buchanan, John, contractor & dairyman, 67 Centre
Buchanan, John, mercht., 101 Miller st.
Buchanan, John, secretary, W. Bank of Scot. ; ho,
15 Buckingliam ter.
Buchanan, John, sheriff officer & constable, and bar
officer to Justice of Peace Court, County bds. ; ho.
2 Norfolk ct.
Buchanan, John, ironmonger, tinsmith, gasfitter, &
bellhanger, 332 Argyle st. ; ho. 46 Gloucester st.
Buchanan, John, at Charles Tennant if Co.'s, St,
Buchanan, John, win. & spir. mer., sealing-wax
manufr., and lessee of Lyceum Rooms, 72, 74 Nel-
son st. — See Advertisement in Appendix.
Buchanan, John, dairy, & provision dealer, 48 Ca-
vendish st.
Buchanan John, of Hamilton cf Co. ; ho. 154 Ren-
frew St.
Buchanan, John, provision mercht., 131 Bridgegate;
ho. 25 Ea. Clyde st.
Buchanan, John, of Dennistoun, Buchanan, cj- Co., 158
St. Vincent st.
Buchanan, John, of Buchanan tj- Lochhart; ho. 194
St. Vincent st.
Buchanan, John, victualler & spirit dealer, 5 No.
Woodside rd.
Buchanan, John, of Pasley, Jardine, cj' Co. ; ho.
Ibroxholm, Paisley rd.
Buchanan, John & James, muslin manufrs., 108
Hutcheson st.
Buchanan, John, grain & seed mercht, 270 Gallow-
gate ; ho. 32 Macfarlane st.
Buchanan, John, fish & provision mercht., 36 Stock-
well St.

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