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WINDER, John, teacher of music and piano -forte tuner, at W. H. Moore's musie
saloon, %lh Buchanan street
WING ATE," A., of Wingate, Son, 5- Co., house 166 St. Vincent street
Wingate, A., jun., of Wingate, Son, .j- Co., house 141 Bath street
Wingate, A. & J., printers, 94 Miller street, works Kelvinhaugh
Wingate, Alexander, of Black Sf- Wingate, house 11 Elmbank crescent
Wingate, George H., of James Wingate ^- Son, house 6 Royal crescent
Wingate, James, & Son, insurance brokers, Royal Exchange buildings
Wingate, John, of Eioing ^- Wingate, house Govan road
Wingate, Oliver, bonded warehouses, 23 Jamaica street, and 18 Ann^st., counting-
house 23 Jamaica street
Wingate, Son, «fc Co., wholesale warehousemen, 85 Queen street
Wingate, Thomas, & Co., engineers, founders, and iron-ship builders, Springfield
and Adelphi works
Wingate, Thomas, of Thomas Wingate &,• Co., house Springfield
Wingate, William, of Wingate, Son, Sj- Co., house 198 West George street
WINK, George, Sheriff-clerk depute. Sheriff-clerk's office, 50 Wilson street, house-
WINNING, Mrs, midwife, 6 North Clyde street
WINTON, Alexander, of Richmond, Winton, ^- Co.
WISE, James, potter, 32 Millroad street
Wise, James, 144 Queen street
Wise, John, fleslaer, 2 Beef market
WISEMAN, A., wine and spirit merchant, 58 Bridge street, and 56 Carrick street,.
house 2 St. James's street. East Kingston
Wiseman, James, of Beghie, Wiseman, ^' Co., house 15 Abbotsford place
WISHART, Capt.'A., of 15th regiment of foot, 93 Hill street, Garnethill
Wishart, M., & Co., sewed-musliu warehouse, 25 Queen street
Wishart, Robert, at James Greenshields ^' Co.'s, 33 Virginia street
Wishart, Thomas, glazier and painter, 5 St. Andrew's lane
Wishart, Wm., letter-carrier, P. O., liouse 30 Portugal street
Witness Newspaper Office, 19 Glassford street
WOLSKI, Eelician A., master of the modern language department at the High
School of Glasgow, and secretary of the Glasgow Institution, 1 10 Peel terrace,.
Hill street, Garnethill
WOOD, Alex., & Sons, smiths, scale-beam, coffee and sugar mill manufacturers,,
weighing-machine makers, and furnishing ironmongers, 14 and 18 Stockwell st.
Wood, Alexander, of Wood Sr Sons, house Somerset place, Sauchiehall street
Wood, Alexander, jun., of Wood §• Sons, house Partickhill
Wood, Archibald G., of Wood 4- Sons, house 39 Abbotsford place
Wood, George, victualler and spirit dealer, 48 Old Dalmarnock road
Wood, John Francis, slater, 35 Main street, Bridgeton
Wood, Robert, sculptor, 72 George place
Wood, William, temperance hotel and coffee-house, 11 Jamaica street
Wood, William, baker, 95 Main street, Auderston
Wood, Mrs, lodgings, 20 Union street
WOODBURN, Alexander, at William Guild <^- Co.'s,_ 17 South Frederick street
WooDiiALL Colliery Offices, Monkland Canal basin, and 33 Buchanan street..
J. Lament, agent
WooDFOOT Distillery, Govan street
WOODHOUSE, WiUiam, 58 Brunswick street
WOODMAS, James, trunk and packing-box maker, 33 John street
WOODROP, Mrs, 55 West Regent street
WOODROW, James, 102 Hospital street
Woodrow, J., general agent, 2 Howard street
Woodrow, Mrs Robert, 141 Hill street, Garnethill
WOODSIDE, Archibald, accountant and factor, 8 Gordon street
Woodside, Robert, boot and shoe maker, 77 Gallowgate
WOOLFIELD, Samuel, goldsmith and jeweller, desk and dressing-case maker,.
importer of French clocks, &c., 28 Buchanan street
WORDIE, John, veterinary surgeon, 86 Maxwell street
Wordie, William, Stirling carrier, Railway station. Queen street
WORKMAN, J., auctioneer, appraiser, and general agent, 30 John street
WOTHERSPOON, Alexander, victualler, 208 Gallowgate

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