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Baird, George, tobacconist, 117 Buchanan street, house 58 Buccleuch street
Baird, Hugh, & Co., brewers to her Majesty, Great Canal Brewery
Baird, Hugh, & Co., bottling stores, 28 Gordon street
Baird, Hugh, & Co., maltsters. Great Canal maltings
Baird, Hugh, qflliir/h Baird ^- Co., house Belllield, old Basin
Baird, James, broker, 18 Miller's place
Baird, James, of Win. Baird S)^ Co., 1 Moore place, "West George street
Baird, James, tailor and clothier, 209 Cowcaddens street
Baii'd, James, coal agent for Eobert Gray & Co., 56 Broomielaw
Baird, Jolin, commission merchant, distiller, Campbelton, and agent for Williara
Younger & Co., brewers, Edinburgh, and Anderston Distillery, oifice 83 Jamaica
street, liouse 2 Lansdov/ne crescent. Great Western road
Baird, Jolin, architect, 73 St. Vincent street, house 175 do.
Baird, John, of Dawson &,- Baird, distillers, Campbelton, 83 Jamaica .street
Baird, John, yictuajller and spirit dealer, 36 Lady well street
Baird, John, of Lochwood and High Cross, 1 Moore place, West George street
Baird, John R., merchant, 7 Exchange place, house 92 Sauchiehall street
Baird, John, wine and spirit merchant, 40 Montrose street, house 38 do.
Baird, John, wine and spirit merchant, 226 Gallowgate
Baird, John, wine and spirit dealer, 6 Kirk street, Townhead
Baird, Robert, of William Baird Si~' Co., house 212 St. Vincent street
Baird, Robert, oil and colourman, 14 Glassford street
Baird, Robert, commission agent, 4 Wilson street
Baird, Robert, jun., of C. Sj- li. Baird ^ Midrliead, Procurator Fiscal for Anderstou,
Commissioner of the Courts of Queen's Bench, Common Pleas, and Exchequer
of England and Ireland, and ilaster Extraordinary of the High Court of Chancery
in Ireland, office 15 Gordon street, house 2 Greenvale place
Baird, Steven, haircutter, 51 New street, Calton
Baird, Thomas, tailor and clothier, 172 Argyll street and 6 Union street
Baird, Thomas, & Co., dyers, PoUokshaws, office 23 Cochrane street
Baird, Walter, goldsmith and jeweller, 72 Argyll street
Baird, William^ baker, 21 Norfolk street
Baird, William, boot & shoe mercht. & manuf., 8 Saltmarket st. and 21 Trongate
Baird, William, & Co., coal and iron master.s, 1 Moore place, West George street
Baird, William, of William Baird ^' Co., 1 Moore place. West George street
Baird, William, grain merchant, 44 Trongate, house 1 James's street Greenhead
Baird, William, of D. Sj^ A. Denny ^^ Co., house 9 Brandon pi., 253 W. George St.
Baird, William, cabinetmaker and upholsterei', 92 Candlerigg street
Baird, Mrs John, spirit dealer, 61 South Portland street
Baird, Mrs, dealer in earthenware, 269 High street
Baird, Mrs, 119 New City road
Baird, Mrs, spirit dealer, 82 Havannah street
Baird, Miss, straw-hat maker and milliner, 135 Murray place. New City road
Baird, Misses, J. & M., silk dyers, 137 Argyll street
Baird, Misses A. iSi: E., milliners and straw-hat makers, 4 Wilson street
BAKEH, James, cotton-waste dealer, 9 London lane
BALBIRNIE, Arthur, dyer and glove cleaner, 26 Stockwell street
Balbirnie, George, dyer and crape dresser, 26 Stockwell street, and 123 West -
_ Campbell street, house 24 Stockwell street
Balbirnie, James, plumber and lead merchant, 30 Renfield street, house above
Balbirnie, Thomas, architect and surveyor, 21 Bath street
Balbirnie, AVilliam, dyer, cleanei", and refinishcr, 15 Cambridge street
Balbirnie, Mrs Robert, dyer, 146 Stockwell street
BALD, A. H., of Cameron ^- Bald, house 71 Waterloo street
Bald, George T., of Lamh ^- Bald, 107 Upper Crown street
Bald, James, 12 North Coburg street
Bald, Peter, of Peter Bald ^' Son, house 152 Renfrew street, GarnethiU
Bald, Peter, & Son, drysalters and merchants, 109 Virginia street
Bald, Robert, smith, ironmonger, and tinsmith, 1 74 Trongate, workshops 26 Ghiss-
ford street and 71 Stockwell street, house 15 South Apsley place
Bald, Mrs Adam, 152 Renfrew street
BALDKRSTON, Alexander, accountant, 18 Renfield street, house 46 Oxford st.
Balderston, Arch. Henry, corn merchant and factor, 9 Gordon st., ho. 87 Hospital at,
BALFOUR, Alexander, Sheriff-clerk's office, house 16 Sauchiehall street

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