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i\Iains' Street, from Argyll street to Sau-
chiehall street
Maitland Street, from Cowcaddens to
Malta Street, from Main st. to Norfolk st.
Manhattan Buildings, 30 S. Hanover st.
Mansfield Place, west end of West Ee-
gent street and Pitt street
IMargaret Street, from Little Hamilton
street to Love loan
Margaret Street (South), off Eglinton st
Market Lane, Jail square
Market Street, from Eridgegate to East
' Clyde street
iMarket Street (East), from Millroad st
to Gallowgate
Marlborough Street, from Little street to
East Rose street
Marshall's Closes, 81 and 127 Bridgegate
Marshall's Court, 5 and 9 S. Hanover st.
Marshall Street, from Gallowgate to King
street, Calton
Martyr Street, from Parson street to Par-
liamentary road
Mason Street, from Castle street to "Wea-
ver street
Maxwell Street, south from Argyll street
to Great Clyde street
Maxwellton Place, Paisley road
Mechanics' Buildings, Millroad street
Meadow Side, Woodlands road
Melbourne Place, Kingston
Melrose Street, from Great Western road
to Queen's crescent
Melville Lane, 43 Gordon street
Melville Place, 132 Trongate
Melville Street, from Wallace street to
St. James's street
Merchants' House, 72 Hutcheson street
Merchant Lane, from Bridgegate to East
Clyde street
Methven Place, corner of Maitland street
and Milton street
Middleton Place, Garngad road bv St.
Miller's Place, from King street to Salt-
market street
Miller Street, from Argyll st. to Ingram st.
Miller Street (East), Bhievale
Millfield, Rose street, Hutchesontown
Millroad Street, from King street to Aber-
cromby street
Milton Place, St. Vincent street, from
Douglas street to Pitt street
Milton Street, from Cowcaddens to Bob-
bie's loan
Mitchell Lane, 81 Buchanan st. to Mit-
chell street
Mitchell Street, from Argyll street to
Gordon street
MoncriefFStreet, fronr Kirk st. to Malta st.
^lonkland Street, from Castle st. to Par-
liamentary road
Montagu Place, Bath street
Montrose Street, from Ingram street to
Stirling's road
Moodie's Court, 31 Argyll street
Monteith Row, east of London street
Monteitli Lane, back of Monteith row
Moore Place, West George street
Moore Street, Gallowgate
Moi'rison's Court, 108 Argyll street
Morris Place, Monteith row
Morrison Street, Nelson st. Tradeston
Muir's Buildings, 7 Melville street
Muirhead Street, Hutchesontown, from
Adelphi street to Rutherglen loan
Munro's Court, 63 Stockv/ell street
Murray Place, New City road
Muslin Street, Main street, Bridgeton
Mutton Market, 86 King street
Napier's Closes, 77 and 85 Saltmarket st.
Nassau Court, 51 Main street Anderston
National Bank Buildings, Queen street
Nelson Street, from Trongate to Stirling
Nelson Street, from Bridge st. to Morri-
son street, Tradeston
New London Road, from Canning street
New Street, Calton, from Russell street
to Calton cross
New Venel, from High street to Burn-
side lane
New Wynd, from 119 Trongate to Bridge-
Newton Place, Sauchiehall street, from
Woodside crescent westward
Nicholas Street, from 219 High street to
Shuttle street
Nicholson Street, from Carlton place t&
Norfolk street
Nile Street (East), 79 Gallowgate
Nile Street (West), from Gordon street
to Cowcaddens toll
Normal Place, Garscube road
Norfolk Court, 32 Norfolk street
Norfolk Lane, from Norfolk street to Bed-
ford street
Norfolk Street, Laurieston, from Bridge
street to Portugal street
North Street, Anderston, from Main st.
to Richard street
North Woodside Road, from Garscube
road to Woodside
Oakficld Place, Douglas st. and Jane st.
Old Coach Close, 151 Gallowgate
Old Post-office Court, 114 Trongate
Old Swan Close, 181 Trongate
Old Wynd, from 153 Trongate to Bridge-
Old Venel, from High st. to Graeme st.
Orr Street, Mile-end, from Canning street
to Broad street

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