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Morrison, Joseph, of J. ^ J. Morrison, house 8 Somtiierville place
Morrison, M. furnishing shop, 11 Gallowgate
Morrison, Murdoch, of R. Robertson Sf Co. house 113 Rottenrow
Morrison, Nathaniel, saddler, 18 Jamaica street
Morrison & Picken, clothiers, 10 Royal Exchange square
Morrison, Robert, at Joseph Gibson Sf Co.''s, 46 Ingram street
Morrison, R. hookseller, stationer and librarian, 186 Gallowgate
Morrison, Robert, Friendly victualling society, Main street, Bridgeton
Morrison, Roderick, supervisor of excise, 41 Warwick street
Morrison, Walter, surgeon, 84 South Portland street
Morrison, William, fishmonger, 44 South Portland street
Morison, William, at James D. Robertson's, house 5 Ure place
Morrison, William, tinplate worker and coppersmith, 260 Argyll street
Morrison, Wm. merchant, 4 Royal Bank place, ho. 18 Caledonia place
Morrison, William, & Co. joiners & packing-box makers, 16 Cochran st.
Morrison, William, tinplate worker, 36 Cowcaddens
Morrison, W^llliam, cabinetmaker, 89 Union st. house 12 Warwick street
Morrison, William, bookseller, stationer and librarian, 271 Argyll street
Morrison, Mrs. Janet, spirit dealer, 1.39 New venel
Morrison, Mrs. John, grocer, 1 19 Fife place
Morrison, Mrs. William, lodgings, 69 Bath street
Morison, Mrs. William, hosier and glover, furnishings, &c. 15 Bridge st.
Morison, Mrs. 5 Ure place
Morison's Universal Medicine General Agency, 78 Stockwell street
Mort-Cloth Office, 67 Bell street. Robert Thomson
MORTON, Alexander, surgeon, 43 Crown street
Morton, Hugh, victualler, 3.3 Bridge street
Morton, Hugh, writer, 72 Wilson street, house 107 Douglas street
Morton, H. & Co. manufacturers and commission agents, 90 Bell street
Morton, John, spirit dealer, 79 Bridgegate
Morton, Robert, teacher of English, Annfield school
Morton, Robert, merchant, 13 Union place, Calton
Morton, Miss, silk dyer, 4 Frederick lane
MOSES, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 161 West Nile street
Moses, Mathew, spirit dealer, 34 Crown street
MOSSMAN, William, sculptor, 172 West Nile street
MOUAT, A. grocer and tea dealer, 31 Stockwell, house 2 Edwin place
MUDIE, .John, & Co. sewed muslin manufacturers, 69 Ingram street
Mudie, John, of John Mudie Sf Co. house 260 West George street
Mudie, Robert, & Co. sewed muslin manufacturers, 13 Montrose street
Mudie, Robert, of Robert Mudie Sf Co. house 3 Blythswood square
Mudie, Mrs. William, 201 Buchanan street
MUGGOCH, J. 85 J. printers' joiners and bookbinders' press makers,
47 King street
MUIR, Armour & Co. straw hat manufacturers, &c. 23 Queen street
Muir, Brown & Co. manufacturers and calico printers, 28 Royal
Exchange square, works 7 Rose street, Hutchesontown, and North
street, Anderston
Muirs, Connell & Co. British and Foreign straw hat plait manufac-
turers, 99 Trongate
Muir, Ebenezer, merchant tailor, 56 Trongate
Muir, George, wholesale and retail grocer, 9 King street
Mail', George, bookbinder, 34 Hutcheson street, house 22 Taylor street

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