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MoNKLAND Canai, Office, 60 Ingram street
Monklaiid Iron and Steel Company, 49 Maxwell street
MONTEITH, Adam, of Lamond §• Monteith, house 43 Bath street
Monteith, Major, A. D. 146 West George street *"
Monteith, Henry, & Co. bandana and yarn warehouse, II George's square,
and 132 Queen street, printing and dye works Rutherglen bridge
Monteith, Hugh, of Ross §• Monleith, house Westbank, Renfrew road
Monteatb, James, of Hamilton, Monteath §• Co. house 4 Moore place
Monteath, James, writer, clerk to the Sub-division of the Lieutenancy,
60 Ingram street, house 83 Windsor place
Monteath, James, 43 Bath street
Monteath, James, distributor of stamps, 157 Trongate
Monteith, James, bootmaker, 28 Bridge street
Monteith, James, Bath tavern, 117 West Nile street
Monteath, John, wine and spirit dealer, 269 Gallowgate
Monteith, J. & H. wine and spirit merchants, 387 Argyll street
Monteith, John, writer, 20 Miller st. house Westbank, Renfrew road
Monteith, Peter, 28 Bridge street
Monteath, Peter, furrier and cap manufacturer, 9 Blackfriar street
Monteath, Thomas, at Todd ^ Higgenhotham's
Monteith, William, of Ferguson Sf Monteith, house Kensington place
MONTGOMERIE & Fleming, writers, 62 Miller street
Montgomery, James, spirit dealer, 149 Rridgegate
Montgomery, John, letter-carrier, P. O. house 184 Gallowgate
Montgomery, John, tailor, 59 Trongate
Montgomerie, J. & Co. manufacturing chemists, Port-Dundas, and 61
Oswald street
Montgomerie, Mathew, of Montgomerie Sf Fleming, ho. 234 George st.
Montgomery, Robert, spirit dealer, 13 Maxwell street
Montgomery, Walter, & Co. basket makers, &c. 45 Candleriggs
Montgomery, Mrs. Crown tavern, 48 Gallowgate
Montgomery, Mrs. lodgings, 44 George street
Montgomery, Mrs. grocer and spirit dealer, 19 Duke street
MOODY, Andrew, merchant, Virginia buildings, ho. 9 W. Regent st.
Moody, H. & J. wine and spirit merchts. 51 King st. ho. 53 S. Portland st.
Moodie, John, spirit dealer, 20 Candleriggs
Moody & M'Clure, writers, 64 Buchanan street
Moody, Robert, writer, of Moody Sf M'Clure, house 55 Bath street
Moody, Mrs. 55 Bath street
MOORE, Alexander, agent, 18 Hospital street
Moore, Daniel, grocer, 20 Bishop street, Anderston
Moore, D. bookseller, stationer and librarian, 96 Queen st. ho. Eglinton st.
Moore, John, hair cutter, peruke maker and perfumer, 108 Queen street,
house 12 Frederick lane
MORE, Alex, millwright, 33 Montrose street, house 30 Portland street
More, James, & Co. iron merchants, 14 East Nile street
More, James, of J. More §■ Co. house 5 East Nile street
More, J. & T. stationers and whip manufacturers, 108 Trongate
More, Walter, grocer and spirit dealer, 113 Burnside, Port-Dundas
MOREHEAD & Thomson, shawl and zebra manufacturers, 8 John st.
MORELAND, Andrew, at James Morrison's, 26 Buchanan street
Moreland & M'Laren, glass merchants, glaziers and diamond setters, 20
Jamaica street

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