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146 M'KENZrE — m'kinlay.
M'Kenzie, Peter, & Co. Reformers' Gazette office, 75 Argyll street
M'Kenzie, Peter, engraver, stamp, die and seal cutter, 31 Argyll street
M'Kenzie, Peter, grocer, &c. 229 High street
M'Kenzie, Peter, agent, 58 Buchanan street, house Sauchiehall street
M'Kenzie, Robert, boot and shoe maker, 34 Main street, Anderston
M'Kenzie, Roderick, of R. Muir Sf R. MKenzie, house Windsor place
M'Kenzie, William, M D. surgeon and oculist to her Majesty the
Queen, 39 Hutcheson street, house 68 George's square
M'Kenzie, Mrs. J. stone and china dealer, 236 Argyll street
M'Kenzie, Miss Jane, 25 George's square
M'Kenzie, Miss, lodgings, S"! Jamaica street
M'KERRACHER, Duncan, spirit dealer, 94 Main st. Covvcaddens
M'KERROW, James, victualler, 29 Broad street. Mile-end
M'Kerrow, Mrs. spirit dealer, 49 Argyll street
M'KERSIE, Mrs. grocer and spirit dealer, 34 Main street, Calton
M'KICHAN, A, & J. tobacconists, 277 Argyll street
MACKIE, Andrew, Kilmarnock carrier, 99 Stockwell
Mackie, Andrew, perfumer and peruke maker, 129 George street
Mackie, Dr. Andrew, M D. 20 South Portland street, house 41 do.
Mackie, David, teacher of mathematics, geography & natural philosophy,
280 George street
Mackie, George, beadle, Gordon-street chapel, house 47 Gordon street
Mackie, James, & Co. wholesale tea dealers, 30 Glassford street
Mackie, James, surgeon, 49 George street, house North Albion court -
Mackie, .John, builder, 134 Sauchiehall street
Mackie, Peter, wine and spirit merchant, 46 South Coburg street
Mackie, Mrs. James, victualler, .33 Oxford street
Mackie, Mrs. James, 198 Buchanan street
M'KEITH, Dr. Donald, M D. .30 South Portland street
M'KIE, James, Clydebank victualling society, Finnieston
M'Kie, John, & Co. merchants, U West Nile street
M'Kie, J. of J. M'Kie §• Co. house 183 Bath street
M'Kie, Matthew, spirit dealer, 60 Hospital street
M'Kie, Robert, portioner. Brook street. Mile-end
M'Kie, Mrs. lodgings, 292 Argyll street
M'KILLIGEN, Robert, portioner, 149 Main street, Anderston
M'KILLOP, James, glass warehouse, 54 Argyll st. ho. 44 Norfolk st.
M'KIMMIE, Ale.xander, flesher, 23 King street, Tradeston
M'Kimmie, Alexander, juti. flesher, 29 Clyde place, Tradeston
M'K INLAY, Adam, tailor, 88 High John street
M'Kinlay, Adam, foreman with I\l. P. Bell, 71 Renfrew street
M'Kinlay, Alexander, old victualling society, 107 Main street,
M'Kinlay, Alex, agent for Shotts Iron Co. 68 Howard street
M'Kinlay, Anderson & Co. manufacturers, 113 Brunswick street
M'Kinlay, Archd. surgeon, 14 Clyde terrace, house 39 Eglinton street
M'Kinlay, Archibald, cooper, 47 King street
M'Kinlay, Aulay, manufacturer of hosiery, 252 High street
Mackinlay, David, of Mackinlay, Anderson §• Co. ho. 201 Buchanan st.
M'Kinlay, Duncan, haberdasher, 433 Argyll street, house above
M'Kinlay, George, draper, 217 Gallowgate and 72 Stevenson street
M'Kinlay, James, Glenmill field. Orders left at 16 Canon street
M'Kinlay, James, horse dealer, 255 Duke street

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