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Letter-Carriers. 20
Trongate, (south side,) from Saltmarket street to Stockwell street,
including top of King street, Prince's street, top of Back wynd, and top
of New wynd. Old wynd, Goosedubbs, Bridgegate, and foot of New and
Back wynd, and foot of King street. Miller's place, Market street, Jail
square. Jail, East Clyde street, Guildry court and Park place.
London street, St. Andrew square, Low Green street, Saltmarket
street, St. Andrew street, High street, from the Cross to George street,
including Stirling street, Blackfriar street, Old venel, Greyfriar's wynd,
Broad close. College street, New Venel, Burnside, Havannah, South
Pettigrew street, and Buns wynd, Shuttle street.
Pitt street. Main street, from Pitt street to Washington street, Wash-
ington street, Anderston Quay, Clyde street, Piccadily street, Cheapside
street, Warroch street, Hydepai'k street, Clydebank, Finnieston, Sandy-
ford, Stobcross street, Lancefield street, Hill square, Hill street, Cather-
ine street, Cranston street, Main street, Hope street. School wynd.
Union place, North street, Bothwell street, Bishop street and North
Clyde street.
Cochran street. Low John street, Ingram street, (north side,) from
Montrose sti'eet to Queen street, including South Frederick street and
South Hanover street, George Square, North Hanover street. North
Frederick street. Love loan. Little Hamilton street, High John street,
and George street, from George square to Montrose street.
Gallowgate, from Trongate street to Hunter street and Caltonmouth,
including St. Andrew's open. East Nile street, Spoutmouth, Charlotte
street. Little DowhiU, Great Dowhill, St. Mungo's lane, Saracen's lane,
Kent street, Campbell street, M'Farlane street, Graeme street, and
Hunter street; Main street, New street. Well street. Kirk street, Green
street, Monteith row. Great Hamilton street and Russell street.
Adelphi street, including Muirhead street, foot of St. Ninian street,
foot of Hospital street, foot of Thistle street, foot of Crown street, foot
of Rose street, and foot of Commercial road. South Wellington place,
South Wellington street. Nursery Mill, Albyn Iron- Works, Little
Govan, Lawmoor place, Spring place, Rutherglen loan, including top of
Commercial road, top of Rose street, top of Ci'own street, Govan street,
top of Thistle street, top of St. Ninian street, and top of Hospital street,
Clelland street, Greenside street, Castlemilk place, and Main street,
St. Vincent Street, from Buchanan street to West Nile street. West
Nile street, from St. Vincent street to West George street, Renfield
street, from West George street to St. Vincent street, St. Vincent street,
from West Nile street to India street, Blythswood square. West George
street, and West Regent street, from Blythswood square to West Nile

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