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Street Directory.
E,ope "Work Lane, from Jackson st.
to Great Clyde street.
Rose Street, from Adelphi street to
Rutherglen loan.
Rose Street, (East) north end of
Marlborough street.
Rose Street, Garnethill, from Sauch-
iehall street to Covvcaddens.
Rottenrow, from Drygate to High
John street.
Royal Bank Place, from Buchanan
street to Royal Exchange square.
Rumford Street, Main st. Bridge-
Russel Street, Kent street, east side.
Russel Street, (West) north end of
Hope street.
Rutherford Lane, from Renfield
street to Hope street.
Rutherglen Loan, from Main street
to Little Govan.
Salisbury Street, Laurieston.
Saltmarket, from Cross to Hutche-
sons' bridge.
Sandyford, west end of Anderston.
Sandyford Place, Sauchiehall road.
Saracen's Lane, 207, Gallowgate,
opposite St. Mungo's lane.
Sauchiehall Street, from West Nile
street to Botanic garden.
Sauchiehall Lane, from Renfield
street to Douglas street.
Savoy Street, Bridgeton.
Sawmillfield Place, from the south-
west extremity of Phoenix Iron
Works, to Acqueduct Bridge over
Possil road.
Scott's Street, from Sauchiehall st.
to Hill street.
Scott's Court, 319, Gallowgate.
Scotia Street, Columbia place.
School Wynd, from Main street,
Anderston, to Union place.
Sharp's Lane, 96, Main street, An-
Simpson's Court, Franklin street.
Smithfield Buildings, foot of Oswald
St. Andrew's Open, from Gallow-
gate to St. Andrew's square.
St. Andrew's Lane, from St. An-
drew's open to Charlotte lane.
St. Andrew's Square, principal entry
from Saltmarket.
St. Andrew's Street, from Salt-
market to St. Andrew's square.
St. Ann Street, from Duke street
to the Merchants' quarry.
St. David's Court, 16, Canon street.
St. Enoch's Lane, US, Argyll st.
St. Enoch's Square, south side of
Argyll street, opposite Buchanan
St. Enoch's Wynd, south side of
Argyll street to Howard street.
St. George's Court, 94, West Nile
St. George Place, west side of Bu-
chanan street.
St. George's Road, from Sauchiehall
street to North Woodside road.
St. James's Road, from Taylor st.
to Parliamentary road.
St. James's Street, from Melville
street to Kingston place.
St. Margaret Place, from Bridgegate
to Jail.
St. Mary's Lane, from West Nile
street to Renfield street.
St. Mungo's Lane, from Gallowgate
to Green entry.
St. Mungo Street, from Stirling's
road to Parson street.
St. Nicholas Place, from Kirk street
to Weaver street.
St. Ninian Street, Adelphi street.
St. RoUox, Townhead.
St. Vincent Place, from George sq.
to Buchanan street.
St. Vincent Street, (West) from
Buchanan street westward.
Shuttle Street, from Canon street
to George street.
Shuttle Street Lane, top of Shuttle
Sidney Court, 62, Argyll street.
Sydney Street, east end of Gallow-
gate, north side.
Sinclair's Court, 363, Gallowgate.
Sister Street, Orr street, Calton.
Smeal's Buildings, Govanhaugh.
Smith's Court, 62, Brunswick st.
and 53, Candlerigg street.
Smith's Court, 64, Jamaica street.
Sommerville Place, Monteith row.

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