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Street Directory.
Maitland Street, from Cowcaddens
to Port-Dundas.
Malta Street, from Main street to
Norfolk street.
Manhattan Buildings, SO, South
Hanover street.
Margaret Street, (South) off Eglin-
ton street.
Margaret Street, from Little Ham-
ilton street to Love loan.
Market Street, from Bridgegate to
Marlborough Street, from Little
street to East Rose street.
Marshall's Close, 81 and 147,
Marshall's Court, 5 and 9, South
Hanover street.
Marshall Street, opposite the Bar-
Martin's Court, 58, Buchanan st.
Mason Street, from Castle street to
Weaver street.
Maxwell Street, south from Argyll
street to Great Clyde street.
Maxwelton Place, Paisley road.
Mechanics' Buildings, Millroad st.
Melville Lane, 4i3, Gordon street.
Melville Place, 132, Trongate.
Melville Street, from Wallace st.
to St. James's street.
Merchant Lane, from Bridgegate to
East Clyde street.
Mile-end, east of Canning street.
Sliller's Place, from King street to
Miller Street, from Argyll street to
Ingram street.
Miller Street, east end of Bluevale.
Millfield, Rose street, Hutcheson-
Millroad Street, Tureen st. Calton.
Milton Place, West St. Vincent st.
IMilton Street, from Cowcaddens to
Port-Dundas road.
Tvlirlees' Close, 100, Canning street.
Mitchell Court, 69, Mitchell street.
Mitchell Lane, 81, Buchanan st.
to Mitchell street.
P'litchell Street, from Argyll street
to Gordon street.
Bioncrieff Street, from Kirk street
to Malta street.
Monkland Street, from Castle street
to Parliamentary road.
Montagu Place, Bath street
Montrose Street, from Ingram st.
to Stirling's road.
Moodie's Court, 31, Argyll street.
Monteith Row, east of London st.
Monteith Lane, back of Monteith
Moore Place, West George street.
Moore Street, GaUowgate.
Morrison's Court, 108, Argyll st.
Morris Place, Monteith Row.
Morrison Street,, Nelson street,
Muir's Buildings, Melville street,
Muirhead Street, Hutchesontown,
from Adelphi street to Ruther-
glen loan.
Munro's Court, 63, Stockwell.
Muslin Street, Main st. Bridgeton.
Mutton Market, 86, King street.
Napier's Close, 77 and 85, Salt-
Nassau Court, 47, Main street,
Anders ton.
Nelson Street, from Trongate to
Stirling square.
Nelson Street, from Bridge street
to Morrison street.
New London Road, from Canning
street, eastward.
New Street, Calton, from Russell
street to Calton cross.
New Venel, from High street to
Burnside lane.
New Wynd, from 119, Trongate to
Nicholson Street, Carlton place.
Nile Street, (East) at the GaUow-
gate bridge, north side.
Nile Street, (West) fi'om Gordon
street to Cowcaddens toll.
Norfolk Court, 2.3, Norfolk street.
Norfolk Lane, from Norfolk street
to Bedford street.
Norfolk Street, Laurieston, from
Bridge street to Portugal street.
North Street, Anderston, fromMain
street to Bothwell street.
North Row, head of Bishop street.

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