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Street Directory.
Graeme Street, from Old Venel to
Barrack wall.
Graham Street, Dalmarnoek road.
Gray's Court, 34, Dale st. Tradeston.
Greenhead, south side of Canning
Greenhill Place, west end of St.
Vincent street.
Greenhill Street, from Greenhill
place to Bishop street.
Green Street, Calton, from Cann-
ing street to Tureen street.
Green Street, from foot of Salt-
market to east end of London st.
Green Street, Main st. Bridgeton.
Green Street Lane, west side of
Green Street, Bridgeton.
Greenside Sti-eet, hetween Hospital
street to Main street, Gorbals.
Greenvale, from Bluevale to Glen
Greenvale Street, to East Rose st.
north of Marlborough street.
Greyfriars' Wynd, High street,
opposite the College church.
Guildry Court, 137, Bridgegate,
and 23, East Clyde street.
Hamilton Court, 51, Stockwell st.
Hamilton Court, Main st. Bridge-
Hamilton Street, (Little) from
High John street to North Fre-
derick street.
Hamilton Street, (Great) from St.
Mungo's lane to Canning st.
Hanover Street, (North) from
George square to Love loan.
Hanover Street, (South) from
Ingram street to George square.
Havannah Street, from High street
to Burnside lane.
High Street, from the Cross to Kirk
Hill place, 20, Stirling's road.
Hill Street, from Duke street to
Hill Street, Garnethill, from Cam-
bridge street to St. George road.
Hill Street, from Stobcross street
t^ Main street, Anderston.
Hill Square, 79, Stobcross street.
Holm Place, 278, Argyll street.
Holme Street, from Wellington st.
to Pitt street.
Holland Place, west end of St. Vin-
cent street.
Hope Street, from Argyll street to
Sauchiehall street.
Hope street, from Main street, An-
derston, to Stobci'oss street.
Hopetoun Place, from Rottenrow
to Stirling's road.
Horn's Court, 3, St. Enoch square.
Horn's Court, 24', Queen street.
Hospital Street, from Adelphi street
to Greenside street.
Howard Street, from Jamaica street
to Maxwell street.
Howard Street, from Dale street to
Savoy street.
Hunter Street, near Barracks, Gal-
Hutchesons' Bridge, south end of
Hutcheson Street, from Trongate
to Ingram street.
Hutchesontown, so. end of Hutche-
sons' bridge.
Hydepark Street, from Stobcross
street to Anderston quaj'.
India Street, from St. Vincent street
to Elmbank crescent.
Ingram Buildings, 131, Ingram st.
Ingram Court, (East) 21, Ingram
Ingram Court, (West) 163, Ingram
street, south side, and 100, Queen
Ingram Place, 111, Ingram street.
Ingram Street, from Candleriggs to
Queen street.
Inkle Factory Lane, from Shuttle
street to North Albion street.
Jackson Street, from Stockwell to
Dunlop street.
JaflFray's Close, 14, Goosedubbs st.
Jail Square, foot of Saltmarket.
Jamaica Street, from Argyll street
to Glasgow bridge.
James's Court, 18, Rose street,

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