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Mates of Postage of Single Letters in Great Britain,
From any Post- Office in England or Wales, to any place not J
exceeding fifteen miles from such office,
For any distance above 15 and not exceeding 20 miles,
, 20 ... 30
. 30 ... 50
.... 50 ... 80
. 80 ... 120
.120 . . . 170
.170 . . .230
. 230 . . .300
And so on in proportion, the postage increasing progressively one
penny for a single letter for every like excess of distance of 100 miles.
All double, treble, and other letters and packets vifhatever (except by the
penny post) pay in proportion to the respective rates of single letters;
but no letter or packet to and from places within the Kingdom of Great
Britain, together with the contents thereof, shall be charged more than
as a treble letter, unless the same shall weigh an ounce, when it is to be
rated as four single letters, and so in proportion for every quarter of an
ounce above that weight, reckoning each quarter as a single letter.
. (0








Rates of Postage from Glasgow to Countries beyond Seas.
Via London, to s. d.
France, 2 1
Italy, Ionian Islands, Turkey,
(through France,) . . 2 10
Spain, (through France,) . 3 1
Every day except Friday,
7-15 a. m.
Payment required.
Holland and the Netherlands,
Sun. and Wed. 7-\5 a. m. 2 3
Payment required.
Germany, Switzerland, Rus-
sia, Prussia, Denmark, Sun.
and Wed. 7-\5a.m. . 2
Payment required.
Sweden, Norway, Sun. and
Wed. 7-15 a.m. . . . 2
Payment required.
N. B. — Although letters for
diiferent Countries may be
addressed to go thro' France
or the Netherlands, the Post-
age to the places to which
they are directed must be
taken, and not the Hate to
France or the Netherlands.
Via London, to s.
Cape of Good Hope, Mauri-
tius, Ceylon, East Indies,
New South Wales, Vandie-
man's Land, .... 1
East Indies, via Malta, . 3
China, St. Helena, America,
(except to places which go
by the Brazil, Buenos Ayres
and Leeward Island Pack-
ets,) Sierra Leone, Cape
Coast Castle, Goree, Senegal,I 1 1
Se?it by Ships as opportunites
Payment required.
Via Falmouth.
By Packet Boats to Lisbon —
All Portugal, ... 2
Every Friday, 7-15 a. m.
Payment required.
By Mediterranean Packet —
Gibraltar, 3 1
If to go through France, they
must be sent to London,
i ' stage same as Spain,

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