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from Great Britain free, are liable to a Postage of one penny only, to be
paid to the Master of the Vessel conveying the same. Newspapers, to or
from those Countries with which there is no such agreement, are liable
to a Postage of twopence each.
There is no alteration in the Law with regard to Newspapers con-
veyed to and from Foreign Parts by Packet.
Newspapers from Foreign Countries, to be conveyed at the rates above
mentioned, must be printed in the language of such Countries. No
Newspaper must contain any enclosure whatever, or any writing or
marks on the Papers or the covers other than the address. Those from
the United Kingdom must be put into the Post within seven days from
the date thereof.
Newspapers to and from the following places by Private Ships are
charged one penny only, on delivery or putting into the Post, as the case
may be: — Buenos Ayres, Columbia, La Guayra, Caraccas, Carthagena,
Bogota, Greece, Corfu, Ionian Islands, Hamburgh, Bremen, Cuxhaven,
Newspapers, to or from the above places when conveyed by His
Majesty's Packets, pass free.
Newspapers to the Colonies, S^c. hy Packets.
Printed Newspapers, and other Printed Publications liable to ike Stamp
Duties, may be sent to any of his Majesty's Colonies, or Possessions
beyond Seas, by the Packet Boats, free ; provided the same be sent in
covers open at the sides, and be put into the Post- Office, in any town of
Great Britain or Ireland, on any day within seven days from the day on
which the same shall be published, such day to be ascertained by the date
of the paper.
Newspapers, printed in the British Colonies, and brought to Great
Britain and Ireland by Packet Boats, in covers open at the sides, shall
be delivered free.
And if any other paper, or thing whatsoever, be enclosed or concealed
in such Printed Papers, or if there be any Writing otherwise than the
Superscription upon such Papers or their covers, the same will be charged
with the treble postage of a letter.
1st, The Peers of Parliament and the Members of the House of Com-
mons are entitled to send and receive letters free of postage under certain
2d, They cannot receive above fifteen, nor send above ten letters in any
one day. For excess of number, those liable to the lowest rate of post-
age are to be charged.
Sd, No letter must exceed the weight of one ounce.
4{h, Letters cannot be delivered free to a Member unless he is at the
place to which such letters are directed, excepting only those which are
addressed to the usual place of his residence in London, or to the lobby
of the House of Parliament to which such member belongs.

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