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Penman, John, 85 Co. merchants, 129 Ingram street
Penman, John, of John Penman ^ Co. house 95 Douglas street
PENTLAND, Robert, spirit dealer, 13 Laigh Kirk close
PERM AN, J. T. commission agent, 23 South Hanover street
PERSTON, Andrew, & Co. sugar refiners, 18 Washington street
Perston, Andrew, of A. Perston Sf Co. house Woodside crescent
Perston, Bannatyne, Moir & Co. muslin and cambric manufacturers,
183 George street '
Perston, James, japanner, 10 Greyfriars' wynd
Perston, James, of Perston, Bannatyne, Moir §• Co. house Crosspai'k,
Dumbarton road
Perston, William, victualler, 87 Kirk street, Calton
Perston, Mrs. John, & Co. I'opemakers, Main street, Bridgeton
Perston, Mrs. midwife, 4 Havannah
Perston, Mrs. sen. 7 Woodside crescent
Permit Office, 45 Dunlop street and 41 London street
PERRY, D. T. & Co. commission agents, 19 Cochran street
Perry, D. T. of D. T. Perry Sf Co. house 123 St. Vincent street
Perry, Robert, upholsterer and cabinet maker, 126 Union street
Perry, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 30 Rottenrow
Perry, Dr. Robert, 16 St. Vincent place
Perry, William, agent, Guardian Assurance Co. 19 Cochran street
Perry, William, & Co. drysalters and oil merchants. 19 Cochran street
Perry, William, of William Perry Sf Co. house 123 St. Vincent street
PERTH Baking Co. 78 Union street. Thomas Hutchison, manager
Perth Barley depot, 5 Melville place. Alexander Arnot, agent
PETER, Walter, rag and cotton waste dealer, 108 Union street
PETRIE, James, grocer, 35 Main street, Anderston
Petrie, John, baker and spirit dealer, .3 Clyde street, Anderston
PETTI GREW, James, grocer, 23 Malta" street
Pettigrcw, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 173 Main street, Gorbals
Pettigrew, John, victualler, 43 Stevenson street
Pettigrew & Ross, cabinet makers, 33 Crown street
Pettigrew, Thomas, hairdresser, and house factor, 80 Bridgegate
Pettigrew, William, victualler, .350 Gallowgate
Pettigrew, William, victualler, 86 High street
PHILPS, Andrew, builder, 5 College street, Brownfield
PHILLIPS, Archibald, liesher, 237 High street
Phillips, Archibald, victualler, 384 Gallowgate
Phillips, C. L. & Co. muslin manufacturers, 14 Garthland street
Phillips, Rev. James, classical teacher, 44 Trongate, house 2 St. An-
drew lane
Phillips, James, flesher, 70 King street
Phillips, James, spirit dealer, 11 Kirk street
Phillips, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 20 Marlborough street
Phillips & Rovvan, tea merchants, 52 Brunswick street
Phillips, Thomas, of Phillips Sf Rowan, house 21 Dixon street
Phillips, Miss A. lodgings, 44 Hutcheson street
PHIMISTER, Alexander, & Co. dyers, 12 Inkle Factory lane
PHCENIX Iron Works, Burnside, Port-Dundas
PICKEN, John, & Co. tobacconists, 129 Argyll street
Picken, James, of Morrison Sf Picken, house 19 Coburg street
Picken, Richmond, beadle, 8 West George street

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