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Palace-Craig coal oflSce, Monkland Canal basia
PALMER, James, wright, 195 High street
Palmer, Thomas J. hairdresser, 13 Main street, Calton
Palmer, Wm. Commercial bank, ho. at A. M'Kinlay's, 194 Gallowgate
Palmer, Mrs. James, lodgings, 26 George street
PANTON, Alexander, M. D. 14 Stirling street
Pan ton, James, 85 Co. dealers in watch makers' tools and materials, 59
Panton, John, surgeon, 2 Fife place. West George street
PAPAR & Graham, fleshers, 445 Argyll street
PARGELLIS, Andrew, stationer, 81 and 83 Glassford street
PARK, Andrew, hat manufacturer. 111 Trongate, ho. 45 Adelphi st.
Park, Anthony, & Co auctioneers and appraisers, 6 Saltmarket
Park, David, pawnbroker, 102 Stockwell
Park, Gavin, flesher, 1 M'Farlane street, house 266 Gallowgate
Park, Gavin, starcher, 86 Blackfriar street
Park, George, manager, Hutchesontown victualling society, 14 Govan i
street, house 5 Thistle street
Park, James, spirit dealer, Dalmarnock road
Park, John, stone carver, 7 Wellington street, house 60 Carrick street
Park, John, gingham manufacturer, 94 Miller street, house 51 West
Regent street
Park, Robert B. lace manufacturer, .38 Queen street
Park, Robert, land surveyor, 7 Park place
Park, Thomas, tailor, 48 Gallowgate
Park, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 242 Argyll st. and 4 Hope st.
Park, William, university librarian
Park, William, hosier and glover, 10 Trongate
Park, Mrs. Allan, victualler, 258 George street
Park, Mrs. A. 14 Ure place
Pai-k, Mrs. Robert, lodgings, 93 West George street
Park, Mrs. grocer, 10 Spoutmouth, Gallowgate
Park, Mrs. 7 Park place, East Clyde street
PARKER, David, sheriff-officer, 79 Miller street
Parker, Dr. Francis, 296 Argyll street
Parker, James, cabinet maker and upholsterer, 99 Union street
Parker, James, baker, 40 London street
Parker, James, candle maker and flour merchant, 140 Gallowgate
Parker, James, jun. baker, 71 Glassford street
Parker, John, Bridgeton Baking Society, Main street, Bridgeton
Parker, Peter, grocer and spirit dealer, 104 Main street, Gorbals
Parker, Robert, baker, 20 Rose street, Hutchesontown
PARKHILL, William, singeing work, 18 North Albion street
Parkhill, Miss, 22 Sauchiehall street
PARKIN, W. J. & Co. silver platers, inventors and manufacturers of
the improved silver plated reflectors, 32 Brunswick place
PARKINSON, John, 27 Renfrew street
PARLANE, J. grocer and spirit dealer, 88 Jamaica street
Pavlane, Walter, collector of impost duties on ale, &c. Sandyford toll.
Letters left at M'Kirdy's, 69 Trongate
PARTRIDGE, James, spirit dealer, 24 Market street
PASLEY, Jardine & Co. merchants, 62 Buchanan street
Pasley, John, cf Pasley, Jardine §• Co. house Cumberland place

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