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M'Pherson, John, chimney sweeper, 122 Gallowgate
M'Pherson, John, teacher of writing and arithmetic, 280 George street
M'Pherson, Lachlan, at James Laird's, house 18 Thistle street
M'Pherson, Malcolm. Letters left at I Trongate, ho. 2 Clyde terrace
M'Pherson & M' Donald, merchants, 2 Royal Exchange court
M'Pherson, Neil, chimney sweeper, 118 High street
M'Pherson, William, dairyman, Main street, Bridgeton
M'Pherson, Mrs. lodgings, 50 North Albion street
M'Pherson, Miss, 22 Abhotsford place
M'PHIE, Daniel, grocer, 109 Buchanan street
M'Phie, Donald, spirit dealer, 8 Queen street
M'PHUN, W. R. bookseller, stationer and newsman, 86 Trongate, ho.
67 West Nile street
M'QUAKER, Robert, manufacturer, 51 Cochran street
M'Quaker, R. & T. merchants and manufacturers, 51 Cochran street
M' QUE EN, Alexander, 10 Green street, Calton
M' Queen, Andrew, at Thomas Cuthbertson's, house 29 Cowcaddens
M'Queen, D. & Co. boot and shoemakers, 164 West Regent street
M' Queen, F. reed sale room, 4 Wilson street
M'Queen & M'Aulay, calico printers, Shawfieldbank. Letters left at
Stewart, M'Aulay & Co.'s, 31 Stirling street
M'Queen & M'Laren, spirit dealers, 10 Green street, Calton
M'QUIBEN, Robert, grocer, 13 Malta street
M'QUISTEN, Peter, civil engineer, 4 Dunlop street, house Westfield,
near Pollokshaws
M'RAE, James, beadle of St. Thomas, 2 Hill street
Macrae, Duncan, clerk Post office, lodgings Mrs. Poe's, 1 1 Stockwel!
M'ROBBIE, John, spirit dealer, 6 Back wynd
M'RUER, Mrs. 1 Jean street, Blythswood square
M'Ruer, Mrs. 81 Bath street
M'SKIMMING, Mrs. spirit dealer, 229 Main street, Gorbals
M'STRAVICK, William, looking-glass manufacturer, 14'3 High street,
house 283 do.
M'SYMON, J. of Drew Sf M'Symon, house Allan place, Douglas street
M'Symon, John, marine victualling store, 66 and 68 Broomielaw
M'Symon, Robert, baker, 1 1 Anderston quay
M'TAGGART, A. accountant and stock broker, agent for the London
Fire and Life Assurance Office, Royal Exchange Buildings
M'TAVISH, H. o/H. M'TavishSf Co. ho. 144 Campbell st. W^est
M'Tavish, H. & Co. commission merchants, 71 Virginia street
M'TEAR, Rev. James, private teacher, 16 Sauchiehall street
M'Tear, James, & Co. surgeons and druggists, 4 George street
M'Tear, Dr. James, of James M'Tear ^ Co. 2.3 George street
M'Tear, John, surgeon, apothecaries' hall, Cowcaddens
M'TURK, George, spirit dealer, 72 Green street, Calton
M'VANE, William, Sons, & Co. sewed muslin manufacturers, 9 Coch-
ran street, or 13 Montrose street
M'Vean, Duncan, bookseller, 175 High street
M'Vean, Mrs. Dugald, grocer and spirit dealer, 170 Sawmillfield place
M'VEY, Bernard, oyster house, 80 Trongate
M'Vey, John, commission merchant, and agent for the Alliance Life and i
Fire Assurance Office, 95 Hutcheson street, house Whitevale
M'Vey, John, hosier, 97 Saltmarket

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