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148 m'nair — m'neillage.
M'Nair, Col. of Greenfield. Letters left at 176 Ti'ongate
M'Nair, James, lath splitter and timber merchant, 98 Eglinton street
M'Nair, James, of Muir §• M'Nair, 33 Duke street
M'Nair, John, coal agent, 78 Green street, Calton
M'Nair, John, commission merchant, 93 Ingram st. ho. Blythswood sq.
M'Nair, Robert, accountant, 49 Virginia street, ho. Elmbank crescent
M'Nair, William, surgeon and druggist, 5 Eglinton street, house above
M'Nair, Mrs. Greenhill place, 294- St. Vincent street
M'NAIRN, Sam. grocer and spirit dealer, 56 Dale street, Tradeston
M'NAUGHT, George, victualler, 51 Main street, Calton
M'Naught, John, dairyman, 54< Wallace street. Letters left at 100
Centre street.
M'Naught, John, civil engineer, 26 Robertson street
M'Naught, John, jun. tea and spirit dealer, 100 Centre street
M'Naught, Patrick, & Co. cotton spinners, Nassau court, Anderston
M'Naught, Patrick, of P. M'Naught^ Co. house Holland place
M'Naught, Mrs. 68 King street, Tradeston
M'NAUGHTAN, Archibald, spirit dealer, 20 Rutherglen loan
M'Naughtan, Colin, 57 Sauchiehall street
M'Naughtan, C. C. at John Campbell, sen. §• Co.'s, house 59 Port-
land sti'eet
M'Naughtan, Daniel, turner, 39 Stockwell, house Main street, Gorbals
M'Naughtan, Daniel, jun. turner, 79 Stockwell
M'Naughtan D. & Son, bottlers & soda water makers, 36 Portugal st.
M'Naughtan, Finlay, grocer, 113 George street
M'Naughtan, John, spirit dealer, 23 Canon street
MACNEE, A. G. of Gibson §• Macnee, house 70 Eglinton street
M'Nee, Daniel, portrait painter, 126 West Regent street
M'Nee, Daniel, hairdresser, 45 Main street, Gorbals
M'Nee, Daniel, spirit dealer, 47 Centre street
M'Nee, Duncan, merchant, 9 Hopetoun place
M'Nee, Jas. commission merchant, 1 R. Exchange ct. ho. Springgrove
M'Nee, James, messenger-at-arms, 79 Miller street, house 49 Trongate
M'Nee, John, chandler, 271 Gallowgate
Macnee, John, of Walter Macnee S( Son, 62 Queen street
M'Nee, J. W. surgeon, 8 Clyde place
Macnee, Walter, & Son, sewed muslin manufacturers, 62 Queen street
Macnee, Walter, of Walter Macnee §• Son, house St. George's road
M'Nee, Mrs. John, Peacock tavern, 22 Gallowgate
M'NEIL, Andrew, spirit dealer, 89 Clyde street, Anderston
M'Neil, Duncan, tailor, 145 Trongate
M'Neil, D. glover, hosier and furrier, 172 Trongate, ho. 7 Park place
M'Neil, James, spirit dealer, 100 Burnside
M'Neil, John, of M'Neil 8f Sutherland, house 22 Warwick street
M'Neil, John, vintner, 4 Wood lane
M'Neil, Neil, smith and farrier, Dalmarnock road
M'Neil, Roderick, grocer and spirit dealer, 60 New wynd
M'Neil & Sutherland, plumbers and lead merchants, 22 Oxford street
M'Neil, William, at John Cairnie §• Co.'s, house 43 Broad street
M'Neil & Donaldson, Misses, dressmakers, Dale street, Tradeston
M'NILLIDGE, Archibald, messenger-at-arms, 79 Miller street, house
Bedford street
M'Neillage, Neil, spirit dealer, 9 Carrick street

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