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M'UNTOCK — m'NAIR. 147
M'LINTOCK, James, print cutter, 34 Trongate
M'Lintock, J. & A. victuallers aud grocers, 82 Kirk street, Calton
M'Lintock, John, & Co. victuallers, 42 Kirk street, Calton
M'LIVER, Colin, upholsterer, 48 Oxford street
M'Lever, Mrs. John, stay maker, 24 East Clyde street
jVT'LUCKIE, James, tavern, 66 High street
M'Luckie, Thomas, baker, 26 Main street, Gorbals
M'Luckie, Mrs. Robert, tavern, 33 Trongate
M'Luckie, Miss C. milliner, 46 Hutcheson street
M'LURE, Andrew, o/M'Lure §• McDonald, 190 Trongate
M'Lure, Andrew, Bowling Green inn, 141 Eglinton street
M'Lure, D. letterpress printei', engraver and lithoprapher, 99 Trongate
M'Lure & M' Donald, lithographic draughtsmen & printers, 190 Trongate
M'LUSKY, Francis, broker, 33 Green street, Calton
M'MAHON, Mrs. milliner, 8 Buchanan street
M'MANUS, John, & Co. brokers, 120 Saltmarket
M'MASTER, Hugh, victualling house, 32 Broomielaw
M'Master, Thomas, grocer and spirit dealer, 121 New venel
M'MICH AEL, D. & Co. check and stripe manufacts. 33 Stirling sq.
M'MILLAN, A. painter, glazier and paper hanger, 36 Brunswick pi.
M'Millan, Andrew, of Galloway ^ McMillan, 16 Monteith row
M'Millan, David, candle manufacturer, 85 Argyll street, house North
side Garngadhill
M'Millan, Duncan, block maker, ship chandler and flag maker, 216
M'Millan, John, painter, 472 Argyll street
M'Millan, J. & W. & Co. tea dealers, 5 Hutcheson street
M'Millan, Mrs. Dugald, grocer and spirit dealer, 91 Canning street
M'Millan, Mrs. James, confectioner, 135 Trongate
M'Millan, Mrs. Walter, lodgings, 40 Union street
M'Millan, Mrs. teacher of vocal music, 98 West Nile street
M'MONNIE, James, cutler, 44 Trongate
M'MORRAN, James, spirit dealer and waiter, 8 St. Enoch square
M'MURDO, D. V. collector of customs, house Provan place
M'MURRAY, George, upholsterer, 9 Maxwell street
M'Murray, Wm. wire cloth manufact. and wire worker, 43 Saltmayket
M'Murray, William, hair dresser, 3.3 Kirk street, Calton
M'MURRIN, Joseph, cooper, 38 Bridge street
M'MURTRIE, James, spirit dealer, 15 Norfolk street
M'NAB, Alexander, baker, 45 John street
M'Nab, Allan, teacher, house 7 Sommerville place
M'Nab, Archibald, cooper, John street, Bridgeton
M'Nab, Archibald, spirit dealer, 46 Broomielaw
M'Nab, Duncan, grocer, Main street, Bridgeton
M'Nab, John, flesher, 19 Oxford street
M'Nab, Peter, spirit dealer, 95 Main street, Anderston
M'Nab, R. 4 Gordon street
M'Nab, William, general agent, 57 Oswald street
M'Nab, Mrs. Archibald, 9 Maxwell street
M'Nab, Mrs. lodgings, 95 Argyll street
M'NAIR, Alex, paper warehouse, 71 Bell street, house 4 Wilson street
M'Nair, Andrew, commission agent and lace manufacturer, 85 Queen
street, house 256 West Renfrew street '

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