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146 m'lennan — m'limont-
M'Lennan, George, distiller and yeast merchant, Galloway's court, 37
Glassford street, house 10 South Portland street
M'Lennan, James, painter, 37 Kent street
M'Lennan, Simon, general agent, Galloway's court, 37 Glassford street,
house 98 South Portland street
M'Lennan, Mrs. Kenneth, grocer and spirit dealer, Dalmarnoek road
M'Lennan, Mrs. M. boot and shoe shop, 30 Saltmarket
M'LEOD, Alexander, currier and leather merchant, 30 Jamaica street,
house 1 1 York street
M'Leod, Alexander, wright, 26 M'Kechnie st> house 13 Clyde st. Calton
M'Leod, Andrew, surgeon and druggist, 5i Queen street, house 40
West Nile street
M'Leod & Co. commission agents, 135 Buchanan street
M'Leod, Davidson & Co. zebra dress manufacturers, 77 Brunswick st.
M'Leod, Duncan, shoemaker, 148 Sauchiehall street
M'Leod, Daniel, 85 Co. brokers, 28 Miller's place
M'Leod, D. & Son, renovators, 43 Stirling square
M'Leod, D. fish-hook manufacturer, 193 Argyll st. work 71 Mitchell st.
M'Leod, George, & Co. wholesale druggists, drysalters & tea merchants,
75 Argyll street
M'Leod, James, sen. surgeon, 75 Argyll st. house 5 Eldon pi. Kingston
M'Leod, James, jun. surgeon, 33 Argyll street
M'Leod, James, victualler and spirit dealer, 19 Main street, Calton
M'Leod, J. 85 J. surgeons and druggists, .33 Argyll street
M'Leod, John, boot and shoemaker. Main street, Bridgeton
M'Leod, John, coal agent, 492 Gallowgate
M'Leod, John, grocer and spirit dealer, 4 Parkhouse lane
M'Leod, John, cooper, 392 Gallowgate
M'Leod, John, bookseller and stationer, 20 Argyll street, house Poland
place, 60 South Portland street
M'Leod, John, of M'Leod, Davidson §• Co. house Dalhousie street
M'Leod, John, of Ross 8c M'Leod
M'Leod, John, spirit dealer, 99 Saltmarket
M'Leod, Malcolm, ship and insurance broker and merchant, 1 Royal
Bank place
M'Leod, Murdo, & Co. provision and spirit dealers and agents, 21 Ja-
maica street
M'Leod, Rev. Dr. Norman, minister of St. Columba's, 9 E. Bath st. -
M'Leod, J. & J. colourmen, painters, &c. 30 Oxford street
M'Leod, Roderick, grocer and spirit dealer, 135 Drygate
M'Leod, William, cooper and spirit dealer, 11 Marshall street
M'Leod, William, manufacturer, 59 Hutcheson street, house 142 Hill
street, Garnethill
M'Leod, William, spirit dealer, 56 Stevenson street
M'Leod, Mrs. victualler, 141 Gallowgate, house 41 Charlotte street
M'Leod, Mrs. 30 Oxford street, Laurieston
M'Leod, Miss A. toy and furnishing shop, 32 Jamaica street
M'LEROY, Hamilton & Co. cotton spinners and power loom manu-
facturers, 47 Ingram street
M'LETCHIE, E. & Co. wine and spirit merchants, 123 Great
Hamilton street
M'LIMONT, William, spirit dealer, 30 Coburg lane
M'Limopt,' Mrs. Robert, 103 Kensington place, Sauchiehall street

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