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Murray, John, merchant, of M i Bean, Smith 8f Co. ho.
15 Blythswood square
Murray, Mungo, grocer, 39 King street
Murray, Patrick, writer, of M i Grigor, Murray and
M'Grigor, house 10 Carlton place
Murray, Peter Lawson, confectioner, 130 Queen st.
Murray, Robert, furnishing shop, 24 Rutherglen loan
Murray, Thos. bookseller and stationer, 8 Argyll st.
Murray, Thomas, spirit-dealer, 24 and 62 Back wynd
Murray, Thomas, of M'Bean, Smith Sf Co. house 15
Blythswood square
Murray, William, coal agent, Miller place
Murray, William, of Monkland Steel Co. house 185
Buchanan street
Murray, William, grocer, Monkland Canal Basin
Murray, William, putty merchant, 13 Bazar
Murray, Wm. carver and gilder, 6 and 24 Queen st.
Murray, William, tailor, 251 High st
Murray, William, fish shop, 37 Great Hamilton street
Murray, William, porter house, 66 High street
Murray, Mrs. D. grocer, Main street, Bridgeton
Murray, Mrs. druggist, 390 Gallowgate
Murray, Mrs. Rt. spirit-dealer, 100 King st. Tradeston
MURRIE, Andrew, flesher, 337 Argyll street
MUSHET, Alexander, teacher, 14 James st. Calton
Mushet, James, grocer, &c. Sauchiehall street
Mushet, John, shoemaker, 60 Kirk street, Calton
Mushet, John, currier, 36 St. Andrew's street
Mushet, William, shoemaker, 14 James, street
Mushet, William, shoemaker, 34, Kirk street, Calton
MUTER, John, wine merchant, at J. Strang fy Co.'s
house 161 Stockwell
Muter, Rev. Mr. Broompark, north side of Duke street.
Letters left at Archibald Tailor's, 17 Havannah
MUTRIES & Co. fancy muslin and silk warehouse-
men, 87 Argyll street
Mutrie, David, qfMutries 8f Co. ho. 20 St. Enoch sq.
Mutton Market, 86 King street
M'ADAM & Go. commission merchts. 17 Cochran st.
M'Adam, James, tinsmith, 144 High street

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