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Murray, Alexander, baker, 171 Buchauan st
Murray, Angus,painter, lOSArgyle st andl60Gallowg.
Murray, Archibald, joiner, 41 Miller st
Murray, David, coppersmith, Union st
Murray, George, teacher, Charlotte lane
Murray, H. shoemaker, 33 Canon st
Murray, James, merchant, 49 Maxwell st
Murray, James, shoemaker, 16 Shuttle st
Murray, James, merchant, at M'lnroy, Parker ^ Co's.
Murray, James, boot and shoemaker, 33 Union st
Murray, James, victualler, 15 Clyde st Calton
Murray, James and Co. fire-brick and grinding works,
Port-Dundas, letters left at T. Murray's, 8 Argyle st
Murray and Co. Caledonian Pottery, orders left at 8
Argyle st
Murray, John, wright, 56 Old wynd
Murray, John, tap-room, 80 Trongate & 25 Nelson st
Murray, John, vintner, 66 High st
Murray, John, spirit dealer, 66 Kirk st Calton
Murray, Jolm, merchant, of M'JBean, Smith S^ Co. ho.
15 Blythswood square
Murray and MoiFat, tailors, 142 Trongate
Murray, Mungo, grocer, 396 King st
Murray, Patrick, writer, of M' Griff or, Murray and
M'Grigor, house 10 Carlton place
Murray, Peter Lawson, confectioner, 130 Queen st
Murray, Robert, furnishing shop, 24 Rutherglen loan
Murray, Thos. bookseller and stationer, 8 Argyle st
Murray, William, coal agent, 26 New wynd
Murray, William, merchant, 49 Maxwell st
Murray, William, grocer, Monkland Canal Bason
Murray, WiUiam, putty maker, 14 Bazar
Murray, William, carver and gilder, 82 Argyle st
Murray, William, tailor, 251 High st
Murray, WiUiam, druggist, 390 Oallowgate
Murray, Mrs. John, lodgings 84 Buchanan st
Murray, Mrs. grocer, 38 Spoutmouth
Murray, Mrs. Rt. spirit dealer, 100 King st Tradeston
MURRIE, Andrew, flesher, 337 Argyle st
MUSHET, Alexander, teacher, 14 James st. Calton
Mushet, John, currier, 36 St. Andrew st

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