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Muir, Thomas, working- jeweller, 139 Trongate
Muir, Thomas, joiner, wood lane, Gallowgate
Muir, Thomas, working jeweller, 139 Trongate
Muir, Thomas and John, woollen drapers, ISOTrongate
Muir, Thomas, grocer, 81 Main st Gorbals
Muir, Thomas, soap and candle shop, 339 High st
Muir, Thomas, merchant and manufacturer, 77 Bruns-
wick st house Muir Pai'k
Muir, William, spirit-dealer, 184 Main st Gorbals
Muir, William, calenderer, 48 Bell st
Muir, ^Villiam, wright, 48 Bell st
Muir, William, merchant, 179 Argyle st
Muir, Mrs. David, umbrella maker, 28 Glassford st
Muir, Mrs. J. grocer and spirit-dealer, Alston st
Muir, Mrs. J. pastiy baker, 146 Main st Anderston
Muir, ]\Irs. A. green grocer, 12 King st Tradeston
Muir, Mrs. midwife, 19 Commerce st Tradeston
MUIRHEAD, Alex, shoemaker, 3 New st Calton
Muirhead, Alex, surgeon, 72 King st house 23 Dale st
Muirhead, Alexander, cabinet maker, 23 Dale st
Muirhead, Alexander, Hon. E. I. Co. 33 Norfolk st
Muirhead, Alexander, ironmonger, 31 Gallowgate
Muirhead, James, currier, 39 Old ^Tynd
Muii'head, James, watchmaker, 23 Nelson st
Muix'head, James, sen. 23 Norfolk st
Muirhead, Dr. Lockhart, Prof. Nat. Hist. 3 College st
Muirhead, Michael, & Son, merchants, 37 Glassford st
Muirhead, Rogerson and Co. wine and spii-it merchants,
8 Stockwell place
Muirhead, "V^^illiam, baker and spirit-dealer, 61 North
Frederick st and 113 JNIain st Gorbals
Muirhead, Mrs. 24 Blythswood square
MuiRKiRK Iron Co. at J.'Ewing & Co.'s 131 Ingram st
MUNGALL, James, spirit-dealer, 223 Gallowgate
Mungall, Robert, spirit cellars, 11 George st Mde-end
Mungall, R. of Lilliebank, letters left at 91 High st
MUNN, Duncan, cutler, 25 Main st Gorbals
Munn, Thomas, shoemaker, 10 Clyde st Anderston
Munn, JNIrs. Neil, vintner and stabler, 38 Ingram st
MUNRO, Alexander, boot and shoemaker, Mitchell st

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