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Drysdale Brothers, grocers, 12 Salisbury place
and 8 Roseburn terrace
Drysdale, Bros., cycle builders, electro-platers,
and enaniellers, 14 and 22 Sciennes
Drysdale, R. & Co., wholesale tea, coffee, and
cocoa merchants, coffee roasters, and coH'ee
essence manufacturers, 78 and 80 Potterrow ;
Telephone, 193 y
Drysdale, Alexander, carver and gilder, 48
Frederick street ; house, 8 Bangholm terrace
Drysdale, Alex., joiner and builder, 172 Easter
road ; house, EUenslea, 70 Pilrig street
Drysdale, Alexander, 30 Myrtle terrace
Drysdale, Archibald F., 3 Kilgraston road
Drysdale, Charles, 1 3 Blackfriars street
Drysdale, George, 56 Moiitpelier park
Drysdale, George, traveller, 3 Dalkeith road
Drysdale, James, fruiterer and greengrocer, 60
Queen street
Drysdale, James, lathsplitter, Balfour place ;
house, 2
Drysdale, James, 5 Kinghorn place
Drysdale, Dr James Kennedy, 22 Coltbridge
Drysdale, John (church officer, St George's), 8
Randolph place
Drysdale, Laurance, 40 Charlotte square
Drysdale, Robert, blacksmith, 13 Broughton
market ; house, 35 Barony street
Drysdale, Thomas M., 122 Braid road
Drysdale, William, 18 Lochend road, Avest
Drysdale, William, 37 St Leonard's street
Drysdale, Mrs. R., 11 Marchm out road
Drysdale, Mrs, 40 Minto strset
Drysdale, Mrs, 7a Morningside place
Drysdale, Mrs, 36 Balgreen road
Drysdale, Mrs, 28 Brandon terrace
Drysdale, Mrs, 9 Osborne terrace
Drysdale, Mrs, 3 Gladstone terrace
Drysdale, Misses, 40 Gillespie crescent
Drysdale, Miss M., milliner, 29 Elm row ;
house, 12 Ivy terrace
Drysdale, Miss Mary M., dressmaker, 52
Haymarket terrace
Drysdale, Miss, 29 Bruntsfield place
Drysdale, Ellen, ladies' and children's outfitter,
2 Clerk street
Drysdale's Dairy, 4 Blackfriars street and 273
Duckworth, John, office keeper, 10 St Andrew
Dudgeon, Alexander, 18 Grosvenor street
Dudgeon, Alexander, baker, 50 Thistle street
Dudgeon, James, chemist, 134 Duke st., Leith ;
house, 70 Ferry road, Leith
Dudgeon, J. B., 6 Grosvenor gardens
Dudgeon, John, 49 Glover street
Dudgeon, William A. (Millar d: D.), 53 Con-
stitution St. ; ho, 14 Esksidfi, Musselburgh
Dudgeon, William C, W.S., 17 Rutland street ;
house, 18 Grosvenor street
Dudgeon, Mrs Caroline H., 4 Dundonald st.
Dudgeon, Mrs, pianist for evening parties, 17
Union place
Dudgeon, Mrs, 2a Melgund terrace
Dudgeon, Misses, teachers of music and dancing,
90 Hamilton place
Dudgeon, Misses, Swedish gymnasts, 4 Dun-
donald street
Dudley, Mrs, 70 Comely Bank avenue
Duff & Kennedy, purse, pocket-book, jewel, and
dressing case makers, 105 Hanover street
Duff & Thomson, stationers, printers, litho-
graphers, etc., 103, 105, 107, 109 Constitu-
tion street
Duff, Alexander, fruiterer, 34 Morningside rd. ;
house, 14 Viewforth
Duff, Alexander, grocer and wine me]-<;hant, 59
Pleasance ; house, 6 Waverley Park terrace
Duff, Andrew, saddle, harness, and whip maker,
208 Morrison street ; house, 5 Ormidale
terrace, Murrayfield
Duff, David, teacher 47 Nile grove
Duff, David, 4 Hamilton street
Duff, D., 116 St Stephen street
Duff, George, blacksmith, 13 Belford meu^e,
Belford road
Duff, George, commission agent, 4 Upper
Gilmore place
Duff, George C, 5 Claremont gardens
Duff, H. R. , grocer and provision merchant, 93
Gilmore place
Duff, James, painter, 9 Maitland street. New-
haven ; house, 4 Lixmount gardens. Trinity
Duff, James, stationer and newsagent, 298
Gorgie road
Duff, Jas., LL.B., S.S.C. (Cumming &'D.), 50
George street ; house, ] Bruntsiield crescent
Duff, James, fruiterer (j)ost office), 6 White-
house loan ; house, 14 Viewfoith
Duff, James, plasterer, 11 Westfield road
Duff", J. C, dealer in antique furniture, 40a
Queensferry street
Duff, John 0., jiainter and paperhanger, 158
Dundee street ; house, 28 Watson ci'cscent
Duff, Joseph Bell, confectioner, 9 V/est Mont-
gomery place
Duff, Lauchlan, bootmaker, 123 Princes street ;
house, 44 Haymarket terrace
Duff, Mathew B., civil engineer (Itliddleion,
Hunter, d: D.), 42 Frederick street; house, 8
Pentland terrace
Duff', Robert, grocer and provision merchant^,
306 Morningside i-oad
Duff, Robert, 6 Hollybank terrace
Duff, Robert J. F., 104 Spottiswoode street
Dull', Stewart Kennedy, clerk, 16 Piershill pi.
Duff, Thomas, 6 Caledonian crescent
Duff, William R. (D. & Thomson), 19 E. Her-
mitage place, Leith
Duff, William S., 18 Orwell place
Duft", Mrs Agnes, 132 Bruntsiield place
Duff, Mrs A., 3 Richmond terrace
Duff, Mrs M., 5 Brunton terrace
Duff, Mrs, 5 Bellevue street
Duff, Mrs, 15 Sti'athearn road
Duff, Mrs, 90 lona street
Duff, ]\Trs, 16 Hart street
Duff, Miss A., 2 Mai'chmont street
Duff', Miss Jane, teacher of music, L.R. A.M., 15
Strathearn road
Duffes, Geo. M. (Begister J-Jonse), 16 Hillside st.
Duffus, Alan, 19 St Ronan's terrace
Duffus, James, 5 Avondale place
Duffus, Robert, engineer, 24 Duncan street
Duffus, Mrs Elizabeth, 73 Haymarket terrace
Duffus, Mrs, 118 Braid road
Duffus, Mrs, 42 Albany street

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